Aug 072010

Hello! Welcome everyone!

For those of you who have been frequenting this site for awhile while it was still a simple website, thank you for your patience during the redesign.

"It's alive!"

"It's alive!" Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein

You are used to seeing a static home page describing the services I offer, with menu items that go into more detail. You can still access all that same information here, but the site is much more alive now with the addition of a blog element right here on the homepage where I will be making frequent posts and where you can easily comment. (And if you are here for my Jyotish downloads, access to those will be here shortly.)

I have also expanded greatly upon what I am sharing here, and I think you will like it!

I will be sending my monthly newsletter out next week to those of you on my list. It will include the latest Jyotish information for August, plus more! I will also post the information here ahead of time and create a link to the newsletter.

Stay tuned! (That means please check back — or subscribe — for frequent updates!)

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