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Ah, release and movement at last!

Have you noticed, for about the last 4 months, that try as you might, making progress has been slow going? Especially when it comes to taking advantage of new opportunities? Well, if so, you can breathe a sigh of relief for that ought to be letting up just about now. Jupiter has been in its own sign of Pisces, very happy there, and considering it is a planet of great abundance, expansion, opportunity, and grace, this is a good thing, right? Right!

But wait, not so fast. There’s been a modifying factor and that is that Jupiter’s been under the strong and opposing influence of Saturn, and Saturn tends to slow things down. It can either add an element of caution or it can throw flat-out delays into the mix. Considering it’s in the sign of Virgo right now, this could indicate that there are simply a whole lot of little details to tend to.

Just a Little More Perseverance

Fortunately, this limiting situation will soon be a thing of the past. Starting a few weeks ago, the influence of Saturn on Jupiter has been letting up little by little. That means we should already be beginning to feel the shift toward more easy movement toward our goals.

So, if you’ve been starting to feel discouraged, or like maybe you are barking up the wrong tree, take a moment before you give up. Breathe. Breathe again… Is this something you want? Will it add value to your life and others’? Well then, perhaps it’s worth another try. Jupiter can be an awesome ally when it comes to moving things along, especially things that feel purposeful. (If you know your sidereal ascendant, then look at which house Pisces falls in. This is the area of life where you will feel this helpful boost especially strongly.)

Time to Shine: Spotlight or Laser Beam

For about the next month, it’s a great time to shine by either expressing yourself or taking care of  details, or both.  As mentioned in last month’s post, Mercury, the planet of communication, has been in Sun-ruled Leo, a sign of inspired and sometimes dramatic self-expression. It’s no longer retrograde so will be projecting its influence a little more predictably than it had been.

The Sun, in turn, happens to be in Mercury-ruled Virgo as of a few days ago. This is a special relationship (called a Parivartana Yoga in Jyotish) between planets when they are in each others’ signs, connecting them both in a strong and significant way. Even after Mercury goes into its own sign of Virgo on the 30th and we no longer have the Parivartana, the Sun and Mercury will still be connected because they will be together in the same sign. Not only that, but Virgo is Mercury’s sign of “exaltation”, meaning that’s its favorite sign in the zodiac since it can express itself most perfectly there.

What this means is that we are being supported in expressing (Mercury) who we are (Sun) right now. We may be inspired in a big way (Leo). We may find that this mode of expression fits perfectly with something that is practical (Virgo, an earth sign, thus “down-to-earth” practical). If you are getting ideas that might combine any of these elements, it’s a great time to go for it since the planets are supporting you.

Seize the day!

Step-by-Step Detailed Activities Pay Off

One more thing about this. The Sun is — and soon Mercury will be — in Virgo where Saturn is. This is a sign of meticulous detail. And Saturn is a planet that is slow but steady, showing eventual gains through making a commitment and then moving step by step toward that goal.

So again, if you’ve been doing that and perhaps not making as much progress as you would like, then be aware that this area of activity is about to get a boost from some quick-moving and inspired Sun and Mercury influence, and things may even move a little faster.

Some Passion to Fuel Our Creativity

And finally, another bit of relief comes from the fact that Venus is no longer “debilitated” (i.e. in its least favorite sign) but is now in its OWN sign of Libra where it’s quite happy! It will be here until December, and since Venus is a benefic planet of delight, love, affection, art/creativity, beauty, etc., this is very good news. (In fact, Jupiter and Venus are our best benefics and both are treating us to spectacular dispays in the night sky this month. Where I live, in the high desert with its crisp clear night skies, Venus has been taking my breath away.) Besides that, Mars has been there with it, giving it a physical and fiery element which helps fuel passion in action! So again, if you are feeling inspired to express yourself, especially in artistic or affectionate ways, you may want to go ahead and do it or Mars may make a fuss. It’s much better to channel Mars’ energy in a conscious manner than to suppress it. That just causes it to sort of explode when you’re not looking. Not pretty.

What’s Your Experience?

So, I’m curious to hear if any of this clicks with what you’ve been experiencing! It does for me, since I have been experiencing quite a lot of opportunity but it’s as if the moment I get in the door, things come to a screeching halt. I’m excited to see what the next few weeks and month will bring.

Or if you are not clicking with any of this, and it’s not your experience, maybe your own chart shows strong influences that override these. Keep in mind we can always run your chart and do a reading specifically for you and get much more detail about working with the influences in your life.

In any case, I’d like to hear what you have to say about any of this. So how about you? Clicking?

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    Please add me to your e-mail list–not sure how I was supposed to do the double or triple opt-in bit, so this is the best I could think of. Thanks.


      I will do, thank you! And sorry for any confusion, it’s hard keeping up with all this techie stuff! I will try to make sure these things are really clear as we move forward.


    Hi Patti,
    I love the look of your site. I’m also an avid astrologer. I really enjoyed this article! Thank you so much for this insightful post.


      Thanks, Angela! Thanks first for the site compliment. It’s a work in progress so it’s especially great to get feedback (either pro or con.)
      And hmm, that’s right, I seem to remember something from your blog about your interest in astrology – so we have several common interests, don’t we?
      Thanks for the comment, and probably next time I’ll see you at “your place”. 😉


    What a relief to hear this! I (and I know Lisa has too) been frustrated lately by the lack of movement. So I’m glad to hear astrologically that the energy will be more supportive now.

    I don’t know lots about astrology, but in the last year I have really become aware of how much easier it is to work WITH astrological energies, instead of against them.

    Thanks for the article!



      Hi Kara,

      Yes, I agree… I’m feeling it slowly but surely.

      And I like your observation about working with the energies instead of against them. Well put! Now to learn the tricks, huh?! Oh fun! 😛

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