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So how come there are just STOP signs and no GO signs?

Oh wait! That’s not our problem, because we’re talking about oracle-type signs here. Whew! In fact, we are going to SPOT signs. Ar ar.

Watching for and noticing these is a favorite past-time of mine, partly because it’s fun but mainly because it’s so helpful.

I want to tell you about 2 of the more easy signs to spot so you can benefit too.

This post was partly inspired by Collette Baron-Reid’s blog, which I’m happy to have discovered recently. A little while back, she had written a post about using her pumpkin soup as an oracle. Yes, pumpkin soup!

It was a resourceful idea and fun to read. I commented that “… the whole world is our oracle, and it is so fun playing with it that way. So many of my spot-on intuitions come to me that way, often startlingly so.”

Well, this past week Collette wrote another oracle post offering an exercise in using our world as an oracle and asking for our results as comments.

This time I had a little more to say than would fit into a comment so I am going to share a few of my experiences here.

I have two examples of using our world as an oracle, both illustrating signs that are easy to spot. There is an awful lot to say about this topic and I will explain more in the future but for now here is a bite-size morsel.

Spotted & Spot-On: 2 Examples

The morsel I want to offer today is the idea of a sign repeating itself, i.e. an element in your environment showing up multiple times. This is usually hard to miss and is a call to pay attention.

In Vedic astrology (which is a complex oracular system in itself) this idea is known as confluence. It’s one thing to see an indication in someone’s chart once, but if you see it two, three, four or more times from various perspectives, it’s much more likely to manifest.

Well, this is a similar idea.

  1. If something shows up several times out of the blue, especially something you have no control over or is unusual, then pay attention.
  2. Or if a synchronicity shows up (something appearing more than once but as a set of related elements, a type of coincidence), then pay attention to that, too.

Example 1: Synchronicity

The day before I read Collette’s most recent oracle post, I was researching something about my early days of channeling. I was looking at a document I’d written four years ago.

What I was doing wasn’t related to oracles, and the document I was looking at wasn’t about oracles, but the document included a really neat example of an oracle.

The next day, I saw Collette’s post where she asked for an example of using an outer oracle.

So you see where the idea of an example of an oracle showed up twice in unrelated and unexpected ways. This is a simple example of a synchronicity.

At first I was going to do the exercise as Collette suggested, but I noticed the synchronicity in this. I decided the synchronicity was a message to me to write about this particular example of an oracle. It all feels right and I’m kind of excited about sharing it. So here I am!

How Do You Know When Synchronicities Are Relevant?

Any or all of these work. Ideally you want a few of them at once.

  • You notice it
  • Either one or both elements are unusual
  • The elements have an unusual connection
  • There is more than one element or connection (this can play out in any number of ways)
  • It feels significant
  • You feel a sense of excitement about executing the guidance (doing what you think it’s guiding you to do)
  • It just “feels right”!

An especially interesting and thorough book about the power of synchronicity is Deepak Chopra’s The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence.

Example 2: Multiple Occurrences

This example is the oracle I referred to above, that I experienced and documented four years ago. It’s a situation where something showed up at least 3 times.

To briefly set the stage, I was experimenting with a precursor to my channeling. I would ask a question and “get” an answer however it showed up.

My question (about my intuition) was:

Q: How can I best hear/see/feel/connect so I have confidence it is happening?

The answer was:

A: Follow through on what you “get” and you will see.

This was fine, but I wanted more. So I probed:

Q: Please give me something I cannot doubt.

And the document continues:

The following just then came to mind; not especially related to questions:

Use your hands (and I saw fire coming from my palms)

and then I for some reason put my hands on my heart, and put my awareness in my heart too.

Regarding the answer to “give me something I cannot doubt”, here’s what unfolded:

– I went to the big, old piñon out back to let the crystals soak in water in the solstice sun. A little bug flew down onto the rock in front of me. It turned around and watched me. It flew away, came back, same thing! So I talked to it and asked it if it had a message. It rubbed its little hands together and they stopped in a prayer position. He stayed that way. (I took it to mean I ought to pray more.)

– A little later (~ ½ hr.) I was in my office and heard *clunk* in the living room. My white chocolate angel on the buffet had fallen forward on her nose! (The cooler was on, but this has never happened before). She is praying.

– Dana got home about ½ hr. after that. He brought me a gift from my friend. It was an ANGEL statue!! It’s holding a red rose in the heart area.

So prayer – prayer/angel – angel. (And even the bug had wings.) All with hands over heart.

The Nice Thing About Multiple Occurrences

1) They are so obvious as to almost knock you over the head!

In this example, there is no way I could have possibly missed all the similar and related objects and events.

2) Their message is clear as a bell.

In this example, it gave me a crystal clear answer to my first question about how I can best connect: to pray and to connect with heart and/or “angel” energy, which to me is quite high frequency and I have techniques for doing that.

3) They can give you confidence and trust that you are “getting” it.

In this example, it gave me something I could not doubt, just what I asked for in my 2nd question/request! The prayer and angel symbols showed up in my real world 3 times within an hour.

So ultimately, what these can do for you is strongly encourage you to trust what you get. And then that will help you act on it, which in turn will help you benefit from the message!

These Apply to All Areas of Life

One final word: I hesitated to use this example because it’s so angel/prayer oriented. Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😀 but I don’t want you to get the impression this just works with airy-fairy stuff!

Heck, answers or messages can pop in when you’re grocery shopping to help you pick the most healthful or yummy foods, when you’re making financial decisions, developing relationships, choosing careers… Anytime for anything! It just so happened that my example related to my wanting to do subtle energy work, so of course the answer is in that realm too. Plus, I was guided to use this example by a synchronicity, remember? 😉 And I have learned to pay attention.

And remember to ask sometimes, too. That helps!

OK, now I know some of you have some great stories! Please share your examples! And of course, questions are welcome too.

Or did you need a YES today? Think this was it?

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    Too many examples to mention as, like you, I live my life constantly open to and aware of signs. So, I’ll just describe a very recent and silly one … to show how mundane but fun signs can be.

    Our walk-in closet had been driving me NUTS. Clothes were all mixed up, overflowing and totally unorganized. I finally got annoyed enough to haul everything out onto the bed. Only then did I realize how huge a job it was going to be to put it all back. I was only half way through when I started to despair. Fortunately, at that moment my husband told me dinner was ready.

    At supper time we work our way through a TV series. We are currently working our way through the old series Home Improvements. I settled down in front of the TV and guess what the show was about?

    Yup, Tim was trying to convince Jill to clean up the overflowing unorganized clothes closet. After 30 minutes of laughter about organizing closets, I headed back up to mine in much better spirits.

    There are over 200 episodes of Home Improvements. At the exact moment I wanted to call it quits on my closet, I get the episode about closets. Coincidence? .. I think not 🙂


      Wow, and I’m sure that was the universe telling you it was horrified at that closet and it really REALLY needed to be cleaned out. Just kidding — but apparently you were getting support to keep at it! Cool! And thanks for the fun story!

      And I have to say it perks up my ears too cuz lately I’ve been reading lots of closet talk in the professional intuitive circles, all about “coming out of the closet” and actually *gulp* admitting to the public that we do this. Also, guess what I just was doing before I read this? Getting some boxes out of the shed to sort all my clothes into (some to give and some to store for the winter). Kind of funny!

      Thanks for visiting!

      (And readers — treat yourself to a visit to Eliza’s site! It’s wonderful and her writing is out of this world!)


    Thank you Patti. I loved this post. I’ve have several of Collette’s books and find them fun. I know that besides soup, she also uses herbs in the bath as an oracle too! Thanks for showing us that the answers are everywhere if only we look!


      Hi Angela,
      I don’t have her books but I’ve heard her on HayhouseRadio.com. And that’s neat, herbs in the bath — and you’re probably in a perfect state of mind then to be able to divine their meaning. Thanks for sharing that!


    Hi Patti,

    Boy this one hit home with me. Kara (of Conduit of Joy) and I did our first podcast last night and we talked about just this thing. You really do have to be aware of what comes in front of you when you ask the Universe for a sign. They’re always there, but you have to take action and “see” them. I never think they are coincidences – I know better. 🙂

    Great, great post!


      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks! And what’s the scoop on this podcast? I was at both your and Kara’s sites yesterday and didn’t see a peep about it (or maybe I missed it.) Will you be announcing so we can hear it? Please do tell!
      Thanks for visiting!


    I really like your images. They are fun.


      Oh, look who visited! Thank you!! xoxox
      (And look at those numbers in the timestamp. I feel another post coming on!)

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