Oct 142010

Whatever could toilets and sacred moments possibly have in common, you ask?

A lot, actually, and your day will be all the better for knowing what. I promise!

Have you been appreciating how profoundly precious life is lately? If you’re like me, you forget every now and then.

Well, here’s a beautiful story that might jog your memory periodically, at least for awhile while it’s fresh in your mind. And maybe, like me, for long afterward.

Today I read a post by Kara of Conduit of Joy! that I found very touching. It in turn reminded me of something I’d read by Denise Linn that I still think of often, even though I first read it 8 months ago.

Essentially Denise shares what transpired between her and a friend who had just received the devastating news that she only had about 5 more days to live. (And I think I have problems?!)

I would not be able to do the story justice by piece-mealing it here… I think you would love reading the whole thing yourself (it’s short and quick, and don’t miss her p.s.) But I will share two potent quotes that I’ve taken away from it that enhance my life whenever I am fortunate enough to remember them.

In speaking of her friend:

“She said that she has realized that her entire life she’s been more afraid of living than of dying…”

WOW. Well. I can identify with that one. Can you? But it doesn’t really make sense to live that way, does it?!

And her friend said of knowing she only had a few more days to live:

“It makes every moment precious. When I go to the toilet, I know that there is only a limited number of times that I will be able to do that . . . and it makes it a ’sacred toilet moment’. When I go to sleep, this makes it a ’sacred sleeping moment’. Every bit of food, every conversation, and every moment . . . no matter how seemingly mundane, is precious. I’m cherishing it all. Really we should always be doing this.”

I absolutely, unequivocally loved this! It’s just perfect. Did you know a toilet discussion could be so, well, poignant? Holy? You may beg to differ, but anything that can make such a mundane thing so inspirational is good, grounded spirituality in my book! Gotta love it.

It also makes me aware of how blessed I am to be able to live fairly simply and to have the space and time to experience and appreciate without being overwhelmed. It’s common for me to be in awe of even simple things — which I quickly see are not simple at all, but totally miraculous!

And thanks in part to gentle reminders like these two posts, I get to appreciate yet again just how precious life is.

What is it that prompts you to do that?

Thank you for reading and sharing this virtual space. I guess I can enjoy the sound of one hand clapping, but two is so much more fun. Blessings to you!

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    Thanks for the reminder again! I constantly need reminding about how fantastic life is, particularly the “simple” things.

    I had some more beautiful bitter-sweet moments like that today….I had the privilege of helping out at my child’s pre-school today. Just to see the absolutely unfettered expressions on those little faces as they learned and experienced things, the absolute and utter joy of the kids jumping in leaves, and feel the incredibly unconditional love my child had for Mommy coming to share the day at preschool…made me feel like the luckiest person on Earth.



      Hi Kara,
      Awwww, sweet! Thanks for sharing that. Such innocence, huh?
      And I’m always happy to hear about kids who are lucky enough to have their moms feel lucky! 🙂
      Thanks for coming by!


    re: You may beg to differ, but anything that can make such a mundane thing so inspirational is good, grounded spirituality in my book! Gotta love it.

    A wise, beautiful older gentlemen once stated simply “Life is 80% mundane”. Being the mercurial Gemini that I am, this horrified me at the time. Holy crumpets, you mean by the time I’m 80, 64 years of my life will have been mundane? I think I was in my early 30s at the time.

    I am now 47 and understand why this gentlemen made this statement with a blissful smile on his face. The mundane is incredibly sacred.

    Even going to the bathroom.


      Hello, Eliza,
      Thank you for sharing that. Yes, aren’t we lucky as all get-out to get to appreciate the mundane for exactly what it is, which is more than it may appear at first glance. 🙂
      I’m so glad you came by!

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