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Beauty can lighten depression, cure the doldrums, and uplift a heavy mood.

If you’re already happy, it can burst your heart wide open and send you soaring to new heights.

Whenever I make a list of things that are important to me, beauty is always right there at the top. I don’t know if I could live without it — or if I would want to.

To me, beauty is as vital as the air we breathe.

I see it with my eyes as I look around this beautiful red-rock canyon where I live in the high desert of northern New Mexico. I hear it with my ears as I listen to the birds singing, or our sweet dogs crunching contentedly on their nightly biscuits before bed.

I see it over and over as I browse around in the blogosphere. You boggle my mind with your amazing talent at expressing yourselves so beautifully, either with your words or your creations.

And I feel it as I digest your messages and appreciate the beauty of your spirits.

Sharing Beauty is Awesome

And now I get to share some beauty with you.

I was recently touched to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Christopher Foster of The Happy Seeker. Thank you, Christopher! It’s especially welcome coming from someone who is himself so beautiful. He offers up such a nice space that I find myself drawn to return again and again.

As a condition of receiving this award, I’m asked to:

  • Share 7 things about me that you probably don’t know
    (easy since I am pretty new here)
  • Pass the award on to 5 other beautiful bloggers
    (easy even though I am pretty new here)

Here goes!

7 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I had a near death experience when I was in my 20’s. I didn’t die all the way and come back like some people do, but it was remarkable and something I’ll never forget. Indescribably peaceful.
  2. I’ve had a diary (aka journal) all my life, and still do. It’s a real-time record of my hopes and dreams, struggles and triumphs. I’m sure I will incorporate some of it into this blog when it’s helpful. At one point I laughed noticing that if anyone read it they would think I had a horrible life, because for awhile I used it as a way to work out my issues, and it got ignored when things were going well.
  3. I used to think astrology was ridiculous until it actually helped me through a rough patch, and with flying colors. I wondered how it could have possibly been so accurate and helpful and got so fascinated trying to answer that question that I jumped right into a serious study of  it. And here I am now, a certified Vedic astrologer!
  4. In fact, I’m an avid do-it-myselfer. I’m endlessly curious and I love to learn. Combine that with my natural frugality and most of the things I think I can benefit from frequently I just learn how to do myself. That was the story with my astrology and channeling, and it’s been true of my holistic healing modalities and dozens of other things as well. Right now I am in the throes of learning about blogging and I enjoy the learning so much that I barely have (okay, make) time to actually DO it!
  5. I haven’t washed my hair in 3 years. Really! But it’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise. The book Curly Girl became my hair-care “bible” and I learned to not use detergents (aka shampoo) on my hair. I do use conditioner mixed with water and lemon to wash my scalp and I do clean my hair but with water and conditioner, bla bla bla. I’ve never had more compliments in my life.
  6. I’m a born catalyst. I had a past life reading a few decades ago, and was told that being a catalyst is one of my main roles this time around. I soon began to notice how obviously true it was (even before the reading) and continues to be even today. I have been THE impulse for major life change for lots of people, some of whom are close and some of whom have just passed through briefly. It’s very rewarding.
  7. I’ve gone without T.V. but prefer to go with it. I very much enjoy good films and good comedy. I lean toward foreign and independent, not so much blockbusters but I am taken by these new 3-D movies. (Did I mention I used to love hallucinogens?) I can hardly stand that Project Runway is over for the season (so FUN!) and I think they blew it big time by not recognizing the über talented Mondo as the CLEAR winner… agree?

And now I get to pass on this award!

5 Beautiful Bloggers

Here are some beautiful blogs and even more beautiful bloggers — how else could they be expressing such beauty?!

Breathe these in…

  1. The very first blogger I thought of because she so epitomizes the word “beautiful” with her blog was Cristina Colli of Positively Beauty. Everything about her is uplifting and her blog is a luscious treat. Cristina has the most beautiful photos and her design series is phenomenal!
  2. Another beautiful person with a beautiful blog is my friend and sister-in-law Silke Powers of Metamorphosis. I almost didn’t list her here because not only does she already have 27 blogger awards but one of them is this one! But that was from waaay last April, an eternity in the cyber-world, so I think it’s time it comes around again. 😉 If you go take a look, you’ll see why she is so beloved. Her whole blog, including her artwork, knitwear, and photos are so beautiful, and I can testify that she is too — inside and out. (Yes, her husband Daniel is my very talented brother. Daniel’s work is awesome!)
  3. And then there is Eliza Fayle of Silver & Grace. This is now an e-magazine but I discovered her with this post and I was hooked. Don’t you agree she and her blog are beautiful?! I just love this movement of embracing the aging process not to mention the resultant product (yes, that’s us!) Yay!
  4. Kara Thompson of  Conduit of Joy is a beautiful spirit and her blog is wonderful. I returned often to keep up with her fascinating interview series “Coming out of the Psychic Closet”, and now she’s a happy habit. I also enjoy running across her thoughtful comments which seem to be sprinkled all over the web!
  5. And finally, there is Michelle at The Creative Healing Studio. I’ve only just recently discovered Michelle but as with the others the beauty of her blog and the parts of her that shine through it have attracted me, so I will be a regular visitor for now. See if you agree — her artwork alone is worth a look!

And so, congratulations to these 5 ladies and all of you creative beauty-bearers who are reading this right now! Thank you and may you continue to share your abundant good work for as long as it fulfills you.

And now, please share these beautiful links with others — and do leave a little of your own beauty behind for us here in the comment section!

The world is a more beautiful place because of you.

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    Thank you, beautiful Patti!! What an honor to be included in this list of all things beautiful and to receive this award for the second time… I’ll love passing it on in the near future. It was also fun reading about the things we may not know about you – I learned a few new facts as well! Much love to you!! Silke


      Oh, you’re welcome, Silke! It’s nice to have a vehicle for honoring your active little (not so little?!) world you’ve got going over there, always full of fun little surprises!
      I love you!


    Thank you so much for this beautiful post and the beautiful blogger award. I am so glad you found me so now I have found you! I am so intrigued and plan to dive into this wonderful blog of yours and learn so much! Thank you again!


      Hi Michelle,
      You are most welcome! Nice of you to pop by and make your acquaintance. 😉
      Have fun passing this on — it is the funnest part!


    Thank you Patti for the award and the lovely words on my blog – I’m honoured!


      Hi Cristina,
      Oh, you are very welcome… You have earned it, that’s for sure! What a major contribution you make. Have a beautiful day.


    Thank you so much for the award! I’m so happy to have found your blog, and I was certainly unaware that you are a blogging newbie. You are blogging like a pro 🙂

    I’ll share here 7 Things About Me:

    1. like Patti, I have not washed my hair in years … as in chemical shampoos. I use a baking soda scrub 1 or 2 times per week and rinse with apple cider vinegar.

    2. I have a tattoo on the inside of my right wrist which I designed myself based on ancient stone carvings in Scotland.

    3. I have a pet rat. I have had pet rats all my life and they are awesome affectionate creatures.

    4. I know all the Quebecois swear words. After all, swear words are what you learn first in a foreign language 🙂 (I moved to French speaking Canada 3 years ago)

    5. I have a belly button ring. I got it to honour my little belly that insisted on showing up once I moved into my forties.

    6. I have not had a near death experience, but I used to see dead people as a child. Now I just feel them.

    7. I am in long term relationship number three. I finally got it right this time. Very right! *grin*


      Hello Eliza! WOW, first, thanks for the compliment on my blogging. It’s especially coveted coming from you since you are one of a handful (well, half a handful) of blog writers I aspire to. Some day!!!

      And oh I LOVE seeing your list! I hope lots of people read the comments here and see it cuz it’s great. LOVE LOVE LOVE #5! And your #1 has me thinking I should get out of my rut and try a few “recipes” that are in my Curly Girl book. I could comment on all of them but I won’t… Kisses to your rat, really, I am nutty about animals. They have opened my heart like nothing else.

      Thank you, and blessings!



    Well, that is just so much cool information about you! What a free spirit you are! (And not just for the hair washing thing which is pretty interesting all on its own!)

    I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years on my personal blog ( and was amazed at how much there was to learn about blogging for business vs. blogging to whine about your life. LOL I’m like you – I love to learn! That’s one of my favorite things in the world! It’s putting that learning into practice that I’m working on!

    And isn’t Kara a darling? I love her so so much!!


      Hi Lisa!

      Thanks for sharing your other/personal blog. I checked it out… VERY FUN! What a creative lady!

      And ya, until recently I didn’t even realize there were blogs other than personal, and now those are the ones I go to the most because I find something of value there. And yours is one of those — so thank you!

      Since you love learning so much (and are into blogging), you might want to check out this weekend and sign up for the first week of their next bootcamp which they are offering for FREE. I can’t say enough good stuff about this group of people and what they offer. Maybe I will “see you there”!

      Thanks for coming by!

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