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I’m sure you’ll agree that as we make our way through this journey called life, we inevitably run into bumps in the road. On occasion, we might even get hopelessly lost. When these things happen, being open to help even from the most unexpected sources can sometimes be the key to getting back on track.

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I walked away from high-stress software engineering careers in the San Francisco Bay Area, sold our home, packed up our belongings, and moved to a remote red rock canyon in the high desert of northern New Mexico. We needed to chill.

But right from the beginning, everything started going haywire. And I mean right from the beginning. As we got into our car in the driveway in California for the 2-day drive, the outside door handle of the driver’s door just pulled right off. Talk about an omen.

We didn’t notice at first but over the next month or so, more and more difficulties came up until it became painfully obvious that we were being buried in unresolvable issues. The movers lost some of our things and damaged others and would not reimburse us. The contractor building a bridge for us began to falsify his records and neglect his commitments. We were in escrow on our new property and everything was taking inordinately long and costing much more than had been indicated. The lady at the title company was apparently in cahoots with the seller’s realtor and we had to watch like hawks for bogus charges she occasionally put on our contract. And on and on.

One day, I saw a pattern: California smooth, New Mexico bumpy. When we lived in California, things went pretty well, and when there were difficulties they resolved fairly quickly. But here we were in New Mexico, with more stubborn issues in this short time than we had ever had in California over a 20-year period.

What was going on? Was it this place?

Well, as it turns out… it was.

Here’s how we confirmed it and where our help ultimately came from.

Someone With A Bird’s Eye View

Around that time I was talking with my brother about our ongoing issues here in New Mexico, and he told me he had gotten something called a Locational reading from a Vedic astrologer.

“A what from a what?” I asked, even as I thought “Oh, give me a break.” and rolled my eyes. The extent of my familiarity with astrology was reading sun signs in newspapers when I was a girl. Not helpful, and a little too woo-woo, even for me.

No, really, he assured me. He and his wife were considering a move and had gone to an astrologer who was able to use their charts and see how they matched certain locations. He said it was really helpful.

With nothing to lose, my husband and I made an appointment with this fellow. Let’s just see if he can tell what’s going on, we figured.

And as promised — but as we barely dared hope — the charts revealed to his trained eye a much bigger picture than we had from our perspective. He saw some significant underlying dynamics that were completely hidden from us. He could see how our unique patterns harmonized or clashed with those of this exact place.

The information we received was enlightening, to say the least. Not only was the astrologer able to point out what was going on, but he was able to give us some great guidance about how to work with the situation to make things go more smoothly as we moved forward, as well as information about timing.

I couldn’t believe it! This was really helpful! How did he do that?

Ultimately, I found it all so fascinating that I just had to look into it. Before I knew it, I was involved in a serious study of this complex art & science known as Jyotish (Vedic astrology.) Because I had been involved with Eastern spirituality for some time, I resonated perfectly with this form of Indian astrology and its integrated philosophies.

The very astrologer who did the reading for us became my main mentor & teacher and I soon became certified in this fascinating field.

It’s Not About Signs & Planets: It’s About YOU

Much to my chagrin, I had discovered that astrology wasn’t foolish after all — but I had been! On the contrary, it was powerful and comprehensive, practical and helpful, and even kind of fun! It really is enlivening learning what your chart reveals for you.

I am so glad I made it past my contempt prior to investigation and tried it out.

As I look back, I really don’t know how we would have been able to make sense of what was happening or know what to do without this amazing tool. In fact, if I’d known then what I know now, I’d have gotten a locational reading before buying property and moving.

And I didn’t have to know or care a thing about planets and signs and all that. I left it in the hands of my capable astrologer to use those things himself to reveal patterns in my life, which was all I really cared about. And to that end, it worked like a charm.

There’s a Place for Jyotish in Your Life

I love it when I get to watch people dancing through life, naturally confident of their direction, aware of all the nuances of what is influencing them, and unconcerned about what is developing. However, that’s pretty rare!

More often than not, we can all use a little insight and guidance. And Jyotish can provide that.

It really is like having a road-map of sorts. And haven’t we all learned it helps a heck of a lot to have a map?

Get Your Road-Map Here

On my Jyotish Articles page, you can find an article about what Jyotish can help you with. Not only can it address locations (oops, no pun intended) which was so helpful to my husband and me, but it can help with your career (including fulfillment and money), relationships, health, psychological tendencies, and last but not least, your spiritual nature.

Over the years since then, I’ve really enjoyed being able to offer this service and watch how it positively influences peoples’ lives. My clients are from all walks of life, and all find it valuable in their own way.

If you think this might be helpful to you or if you just want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here — yes, still in this lovely red rock canyon… and making the best of it!

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    Very intriguing–I’m so glad everything worked out and you are still in the “lovely red rock canyon”. I will definitely find out more!


      Oh, how sweet of you to come by and comment, Beth! I guess at least two of us are having wild Saturday nights, hey?!

      But seriously, as you “find out more”, be aware I will be making the links in this article more informative as I find the time. For now, they will have to do!


    I think it is important to pay attention to location. It’s part of living an ‘aware’ life. I went back to school in my mid-thirties and knew that upon graduation I would have to move to either Ottawa or back to my hometown of Toronto. Toronto didn’t ‘feel’ right and when I drove into Ottawa to check it out, I KNEW I was home.

    Later, when I had to find a place of my own due to a long term relationship breakup, I checked out several apartments until I walked into a 1930s apartment right on the canal. Every molecule in my body sighed with relief. I knew I had found the perfect place to mend my broken soul.

    When I met Marc, and walked into his house for the first time, I had barely stepped through the door when I had a flash that this was the place I was going to live a happy and peaceful life.

    I realize your post is more about charts and location was the example, but that sparked the above train of thought. So, back to charts. I strongly believe in using tools to guide our awareness. I work with oracle cards. I do not question how they work, I just know they do. And they are an invaluable tool for proactively living a life of awareness.

    Great article, Patti. Thanks!


      Hi Eliza,

      Interesting! And talk of location’s perfect — I think a lot of people are not aware of the subtle levels it affects us on. I like hearing of your experiences and how you pay attention to your gut feelings (and your oracle cards), and I’m especially glad you’re in a good place now. That’s always a good thing!

      I will say that one thing I learned about location (& charts, I guess) is that a particular place might be good for one thing but bad for another. This might seem obvious stated like that but it’s not something we often think about in that way. When people ask about locations, we always need to prioritize what’s most important to them: their own well-being, their career, relationship, or what? Some lucky few can find a place good for all. Myself, well, this place has continued to be difficult for so many things but fantastic for others, including my personal/spiritual growth and getting in touch with who/what I am. I am pretty sure (!) it was all worth it.

      Thanks for visiting and adding so much to the conversation!


    Hi Patti – I had to come over from Silver & Grace and check you out. This looks great! Wanted to say Hi – now I have to start reading here. Barbara


      Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for popping over and saying hi. Some day I’ll have to tell you how much your beautiful & inspiring article on Silver & Grace influenced me, and all for the good which is a nice thing! Well, let me just say now, that it helped me resolve an ongoing identity crisis I’ve been having with this blog (tho that’s been okay, I just had to start). Changes are a brewin’!
      We will definitely be in touch. So happy to make your acquaintance.
      Love the photo BTW… My but you’re a cutie!


        LOL I had to come over and see what Barbara’s pic was. I mean, I know she’s a hot lookin’ woman, but the ‘my you are a cutie’ had me intrigued.

        Barbara, once again, you crack me up 🙂


          Ha ha, I’m with you. I can’t even think of the name of her book without admiring her… what is it… spunk? (For those of you who don’t know, it’s The Unfaithful Widow. Interest piquing, no?)
          Thanks for the intro to her, Eliza! I’m forever indebted, really!


    One perspective is that each of us resonates an energetic map based on vibration. Love how we attune and make choices that align with self-acceptance or enable us to deviate from that path and experience something else. Its all about expansion, raising self-awareness and choosing to make the most of where we are. Blessings! Always feels good to visit here. The energy emitting is powerful and uplifting. Namaste!


      Hi Liara,

      Thanks for your thoughts about the energetic “map”. That’s what’s fascinating about charts: you can read peoples’ energy almost like a map (which I guess, was the point of my article.) And like you say about choice, where we choose to travel on this map is up to us, contingent on our awareness. If not aware, well, it’s anybody’s guess where we end up since somebody or something has the steering wheel.

      In any case, here’s to enjoying the journey.

      Thanks so much for coming by again!

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