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Potent mediSometimes our healers show up in the most unexpected places.

Several years back, I found myself grieving deeply after suddenly losing our 6-year old yellow lab, Zak, to cancer. I knew I needed to heal and was searching desperately in all the conventional nooks and crannies, but to no avail.

I’m sure you’ve been there, to some degree. You don’t need to be on this planet for long before you experience loss of some sort. We look around for something, anything, to help fill that hole, to help us feel complete again. And sometimes we give up even looking because we’ve grown so discouraged and apathetic.

Fortunately, healing doesn’t require our looking in order for it to quietly enter our lives and begin to work its magic.

Out of nowhere, something mundane and ordinary happens.

And there it is.

Or rather, there it was. Because often, we don’t even know our healing has begun until we’re whole enough to recognize it.Kelsey

My healer came into my life in the form of a 14# bundle of fuzzy-faced love. And there I was, thinking she was just a puppy. Silly me!

And little did I know I was about to embark on a healing journey that would guide me out of the depths of despair and lead me dancing into the sunshine.

The cure that helped bring light back into my life was discovering the joy of fostering rescue animals, in my case dogs.

I’m thinking about this today because my first guest post has just been published on that very topic. It’s about The Rich Rewards of Fostering Dogs, and you can read about my healer Kelsey, as well as Rosie whom I also mention in my entry below.

It just so happens that the healing I experienced through fostering is touched upon in a few short journal entries I have from those days (I’ve kept diaries for 42 years now).  I decided to illustrate a bit of my experience by sharing them with you.

Here they are, and I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Journal Cover

Black journal with cover photo of Zak's grave

Journal entry

That was the last entry in the black diary.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that the healing juncture I’m telling you about happened in the junction between two diaries #26 and #27?

From the black and gloomy to the colorful and bright.

Journal cover

Journal entry

This was a major turn in the road for me.

So you see how remarkable the healing power of fostering animals can be? Not only do you get to experience the open heart I refer to in my guest post, but getting out of ourselves and being of service has great value, too.

And somewhere in that mix is where the healing occurs.

Note: Many thanks to Barbara Barth of Confessions Of The Unfaithful Widow for inviting me to guest post and share a little of what I know about the joys of fostering dogs. Visit her blog and also check out the gorgeous premier edition of her online dog magazine Writer With Dogs. It’s amazing! (Pssst: This is the only time it will be free, so hurry!)

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    You and your blog are beautiful! This is such an inspirational message. One of my dearest friends became my friend as she fostered my guide dog when she was recovering from surgery two states away. It was so kind of her and was part of her healing as her dear dog had recently died. Thanks for sharing your beautiful messages. I’ll be coming back 🙂


      Welcome, Becky!
      Thank-you for sharing your touching story about your friend. I never thought about that kind of thing, but what a need you all filled for each other. Beautiful. Interesting how things like that can have such a lifelong effect.
      I like your blog and your recent post is just perfect. I left you a comment there.
      Thanks for coming by (and for the compliments; I’m glad you enjoyed my post). It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I’ll see you again, here or there.


    This is just so doggone (!) lovely, Patti. Really touched my heart. Your journal writings sound just like mine. 🙂 Pets sure have a way with healing, I think. I know mine do. I have two cats and a doggie and am thisclose to adopting a beautiful girl doggie named Sandy. Our neighbor does the fostering and I fell in love with her immediately.

    I think this entry is my personal favorite of yours.


      Hi Lisa,

      Awww, I’m with you. We had a cat too, for 13 years, but he’s been “gone” for about 5 years now. He was a gorgeous Norwegian Forest cat and I miss him so. And do let me know about Sandy, and if/when you get her. Lucky girls, both of you!

      And gosh, that this is your personal favorite means a lot to me. Really. I’m experimenting with different kinds of posts. So thanks much for that feedback.

      I see from your comluv that you and Kara are back at it again?! Cool! I’ll be by!

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