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I’m barely squeaking in here on time with regard to tonight’s total lunar eclipse, but eclipse energy can be tricky so I want to tell you how you can best work with it, along with a few other current influences.

So read on to find out about the astrological (Vedic) indications of the:

1. Lunar eclipse
2. Solstice
3. 2-week period in-between eclipses
4. Solar eclipse in January
5. Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the same day

It’s helpful to know how to take advantage of all these special influences.

So here we go.

Solstice – Increase of Light

The sun will be farthest south in Earth’s sky Dec. 21 (tomorrow) at 10:47 a.m. MST, marking the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this begins what is called Uttarayana, the time from winter solstice to summer solstice. Its energy is similar to that of the waxing moon (from new to full), with an increase of light and a brightening of our perceptions. This 6 month period is a good time in general for auspicious beginnings.

It relates to the movement of prana (vital energy) up the spine, from potential at the base to full actualization at the top. It’s very good for creating and manifesting as well as for spiritual realization.

Solstice day itself is auspicious as it signals a return of the light and is a nice day for celebrating the arrival of new spiritual energy for the year. It’s a day when the mind naturally becomes more still than usual. Prana enters your central spinal channel (the shushumna) and can be more easily used for inner transformation than usual. It’s a very good day for inner or spiritual actions and not so good for ordinary activities.

Total Lunar Eclipse – Quiet Time

The total lunar eclipse on Dec. 21 is especially well placed for observers in North America. The eclipse begins tonight at 11:33 p.m., the total phase  at 12:41 a.m., the greatest eclipse is at 1:16 a.m., the total phase ends at 1:53 a.m., and the eclipse ends at 3:01 a.m. (all times MST).

Eclipses indicate periods of transition and change. The actual day of an eclipse is not a good day to initiate major events or plans. However, it’s an especially powerful day for resting, quite time, and for spiritual or inner focus. Note that Vedic astrology considers each day as going from sunrise to sunrise, so technically, today is the day of the eclipse in the MST timezone.

This eclipse takes place at 5°28′ of sidereal Gemini in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira. If you know your chart positions, see if your Ascendant or any planets are at this degree. If so, you will want to take special care in areas represented by that planet for the next 2 weeks especially and the next 6 months in general.

The Time Between Eclipses – Completion

Eclipses almost always occur in pairs, and the 2 weeks in-between them is not the best time for beginning new ventures. We are also in the waning phase of the Moon, which is always best for inner work and finishing things.  So do take advantage of this and take a short reprieve to polish off 2010.

In fact, these next two weeks are an excellent time for finishing up old business, and this includes things like cleaning house and letting go of old baggage.

After the 4th you will likely feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm indicating that it is finally time to move forward and jump in with both feet.

Partial Solar Eclipse – Your Inner Self

The solar eclipse takes place on Jan. 4 (MST it is 11:40 p.m. on the 3rd) with the time of greatest eclipse at 1:50 a.m., and finishing at 4:00 a.m. It takes place at 19°43′ of sidereal Sagittarius, in the lunar mansion of Purva Ashada.

Again, if you know your chart positions, see if your Ascendant or any planets are at this degree. If so, you will want to take special care in areas represented by that planet for approximately the next 6 months. This eclipse is not visible in the United States (for more info go to this NASA site), and when an eclipse is not visible somewhere that means its effects won’t be felt as strongly.

Consider that the Sun represents our self and how we shine in the world. It will be a good day for inner/spiritual pursuits, especially to take some time out to investigate, recognize, and honor our own selves and who or what we are.

For more information (from a jyotish point of view), Liz Durkin consistenly writes fascinating articles on her blog. Here’s one about these two eclipses with some mythological background of the eclipsors Rahu & Ketu, etc.

Likewise, Christopher Kevill is a neo-jyotishi who specializes in market indications, and he has a good article about the current influences as well.

(You can always find both of these blogs in my blogroll in the right-hand sidebar.)

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction – Opening

On the exact same day as the solar eclipse, Jupiter and Uranus will be at the exact same degree. (This only happens once every few decades.)

These planets together indicate surprise and sudden opportunities, so try to be ready if something positive comes out of the blue that you can benefit from taking action on. This happens in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, so this opportunity may be related to water or to “other worlds” (e.g. travel, dreams, altered states, foreign or very different environments).

Interestingly, the deity of the lunar mansion in which the solar eclipse takes place is Apas, representing the cosmic waters. It will be interesting to see if there is an unexpected world event involving water around that time.

The flip side of this expansive conjunction is that it may makes you crave freedom so much that it’s hard to want to buckle down and be responsible. On the world stage, this often indicates reform and change, perhaps that which began in Sept. when these two planets were first conjunct.

The New Year – Beginnings

At this special time of new beginnings, you might want to consider getting a Jyotish Reading or Channeling Session. They both provide practical guidance and direction, help with decisions and making effective choices, and offer insight into a situation or a new point of view.

Both modalities are based on spiritual or unseen principles yet they provide practical results for your everyday living.

Channeling Sessions are uplifting and fascinating. They vary according to what you need in the moment and it’s possible you may experience the benefits of profound healing energies. Sometimes my training in Matrix Energetics is called for, which results in a beneficial shift in your energy patterns.

Or treat yourself to an informative Jyotish Reading! They are based on your personal chart and are fully customized to whatever type of guidance and insights you are looking for right now.

Note >>> I’ll be following my own advice and taking time away from blogging and from the hubbub of worldly pursuits until the 4th of January. It will be my own break, vacation, time of review, of going inward, etc. Wonderful is another word for it. 😉

Thank you so much for being with me as I initiated this new space! I wish you happy holidays and that your upcoming year be your best one ever!

Many blessings and I hope to see you again soon.


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    Very, very, very interesting as always! It sort of goes hand-in-hand with what I’d been planning for the next couple of days. It’ll be a little more quiet and inward in the Powers household until the 5th, when Daniel’s new term starts. Enjoy your little break from blogging!! Love, Silke


      Hi Silke,

      Nice to see you here!

      Gosh, I just bet you could use a little quiet. With all your recent adventures, I imagine that collapsing into a little heap for a good siesta might be just perfect. 😉


    This was fascinating. You certainly do know your eclipses.That’s an area I’m weak in so I’m very glad I read your article. Especially since I have 8 degree Gemini mid-heaven and Mercury & Saturn in Sag very close to the degree of the partial eclipse in Jan. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us.


      Hi Angela,

      Hmm, interesting… Are those your sidereal placements? You’re probably aware that sidereal astrology is about 23 degrees off from tropical, which is used in Western astrology.

      In any case, your Mercury and Saturn together is probably part of what gives you the good analytical ability you seem to have (I’ve found that combo to indicate that, anyway).

      Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the tweet!

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