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Have you ever wanted to be more alert, creative, inspired, intuitive, or even more sleepy?

Well, you can! At your very fingertips — literally — lies a powerful tool that can help you with that. It’s a natural method that affects how your brain functions and lets you choose your state of mind.

And it doesn’t require you to take anything or invest huge sums of money in some fancy machine.

It doesn’t even require any extra time or attention on your part except to get it set-up so it can act in the background.

All you need is a way to play and listen to stereo sound, and you’re good to go.

This tool is known as brain entrainment, and you have easy access to it right now; it’s only a few clicks away.

(Oh geez, this sounds like an ad doesn’t it? It’s not! Just this really cool thing I want to share. Read on…)

Easily Enter Your Desired State

A popular use of brain entrainment is to help you either boost or switch over to whatever particular state of mind or state of consciousness is helpful for your task at hand.

From my own personal experience I can confirm that it helps significantly with creativity, energy work, intuition, meditation, and even falling asleep (yes, ahhh!)

A Quick Lesson on Brainwaves

Scientists have determined that when you are in a particular state of mind, most of your brainwaves fall into one particular freqency band corresponding to that state.

Here’s a list of the frequency bands and their matching mind states.

Gamma ( 38 to 90 hz) and  Hyper Gamma (to 100hz)

Harmonizing and unifying thoughts, self awareness and insight, simultaneous processing, produced during hypnotic states.

Beta (12 to 30 hz) – Alert & Analytical

Normal waking consciousness, relaxed yet focused, aware of self and surroundings, analytical, mental processing, peak performance.

Alpha (8 to 12 hz) – Creative & Intuitive

Relaxed state, common in focused meditation, creative, resourceful, calm, at ease, whole brain integration, and beginning of higher levels of awareness.

Theta (4 to 8 hz)  – Integrative

Threshold of subconscious between waking and sleeping, dreaming, access to altered states, intuitive, creative, imaginative, “oneness”, “knowing”, can be drowsy.

Delta (.1 to 3.5 hz)  – Restorative & Healing

Deep, dreamless sleep, non-REM sleep, trance, deep intuition, unconscious.

Flip it Around to Entrain Your Brain

Scientists have also discovered that you can use this idea the other way around.

That is, if you expose your brain to a particular frequency, you will encourage that state of mind to occur. This occurs naturally due to a principle called the frequency following response.

Using brainwave frequencies this way is called brain entrainment.

You’ll also find that if you use a certain entrainment frequency frequently (sorry, couldn’t help it), it’s easier for you to slip into that state at will — naturally, and without any help.

Binaural Beat Audios

The tricky thing is that brainwave frequencies are too low to be detected by the human ear.

To get around this, technicians use the fact that waves are additive and subtractive (remember high school physics?) This enables them to use two sound waves that are within our range of hearing, but whose difference equals the wavelength of the desired brainwave frequency.

You listen to one frequency in one ear, and the other in the other ear, and the end result is that your brain “hears” the difference, which is your desired brain wave frequency.

Because they are created with two separate frequencies, these are known as binaural beats.

You Have Easy Access to These

In recent years these special audios have become easily accessible to us. They are spattered all over the internet.

Here are some sources I have personal experience with.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is one of the pioneers in making these available to the general public. He has a whole series of them which, according to the reviews, people find very helpful.

I have a few of his CDs myself and have gotten a lot of use from them. (I use the Gamma or Hyper Gamma sometimes when I want to be in a Matrix Energetics state (for which I’m trained), and I also have the Delta which definitely helps me sleep when I’m having trouble.)

Even more cool is that you can download 30 min. segments of various binaural beats for a mere 99 cents each, and you don’t even have to wait for a CD to arrive. I got one of these to experiment with Alpha (which helps with intuition) and I must say, it works great.

And finally, Jerry Whiting at JetCityOrange has created a range of binaural beat audios that he generously encourages us to download for free! Most are 10 min. long and some are longer. (Surprisingly, these are plenty long to get a sense of the frequency since time stretches out in an odd way when you are listening, especially to the alpha and theta levels.)

He even provides a few that use the Schumann resonance, which is the underlying vibration of Mother Earth. (I really like using these.)

And if that doesn’t do it for you (and if you’re a techie nerd like I am sometimes), there are even programs out there, some of them free, that you can use to create your own.

Further Information

I have learned a lot about all this over the last few years. I have several case studies I’ve done with these audios and more detailed suggestions about various ways to use them to facilitate one state or another.

I’ll be sharing some of that over time — so watch this space :-).

Note: I’ve since written another post about brain wave entrainment, this time with isochronic beats. You can check it out here. But be careful — it links back to this post so don’t get caught in an endless loop! 😉

(I’m also developing a product that includes an audio with a guided exercise that uses binaural beats; stay tuned for that!)

Your Turn

In the meantime, if you are at all interested in easily boosting your functioning in any of the areas I mentioned, you may want to give these audios a try. Remember that you either need to be between two stereo speakers for them to work, or using some type of MP3 player with stereo headphones such as an iPod.

Note: These are a pretty powerful way to shift your state of mind, so be sure to use common sense in how and when you use them. For example, you don’t want to use Delta (for sleeping) when you are driving, or you don’t want to use Beta (for alert analytical work) when you want to unwind.

Have you ever used any of these? Do you find them effective? Can you see how these might be useful? Please share!

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    Patti: Really interesting information. I had never heard about these different frequencies an the ability to tap into them to improve how your brain functions and state of mind. Thanks for all the great information. I will definitely have to check out some of those CD(s). I am always looking for a peaceful state of mind 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


      Hi Sibyl,
      Welcome! I’m glad to be able to iintroduce you to these, I think almost anyone can benefit in some way or another. Alpha and theta are both peaceful (and you can get different subsets within each range) and I think some of the CDs are created especially for certain mindstates such as “peaceful”.
      Thanks for coming by!



    Great selection of audios! I’m going to check them out tonight when I get home. I’ve used some of these before and it’s so cool to see how things just sort of take off while listening to them.

    Thanks for the article – really helpful!



      Hi Lisa,
      Yes, it’s true, they do sort of “take off”, don’t they? Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s almost like turning on a switch. Well, not quite so abrupt, but relatively quick and obvious.
      Glad you found this helpful. Have fun!

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