Mar 312011

Tapping into some “magic”  just won me a valuable and exciting new learning experience.

A few weeks ago I entered a contest to win Hiro Boga’s course How to Rule Your World. To enter we were to write a post about why we are ready to rule our world.

Well, I’m excited to announce that I won the contest!

And a touch of “magic” played the starring role.

Everyday Magic

How it all happened is a perfect example of using our own magic — this time in the form of intuition and play — in our everyday lives.

I’ll show why it can pay (literally, as this course I won goes for $250, and will surely lead to even more opportunities) to listen to our hearts and intuition instead of just our heads.

Some Head Talk

Are you an intellectual? Rule-follower? People-pleaser? Want to be part of the in-crowd? I admit I can be any or all of these in any given situation.

For this contest, I automatically assumed I should write strictly about the topic suggested. I had very definite rules in my head about how I was supposed to do it.

But see that word “should”? And even “supposed to”? Well, first, I’ve learned to be wary of my ideas where a “should” is involved. If nothing else, it’s at least good to be aware that I’m using a “should” so I can make a more conscious choice. (They’re pretty sneaky, those shoulds.)

And you have to follow the rules to win, right? That’s what I was taught and believed most of my life.

But life itself has shown me otherwise. Rules don’t always deliver on their promise. And they have their place, but we’re not automatons.

An Alternative Source of Wisdom

So regardless of my should-y and rule-following subconscious and rational thoughts about it all, this time I was inspired to get my direction straight from my heart.

Since this contest involved posting my entry on my blog, and my blog is about metaphysics and the subtle realms, I decided to ask for and listen to a subtle message from the “spirit” or “soul” of my blog itself.

Some Heart Talk

So I asked. And I heard.

And what I heard didn’t match what my head was saying at all.

Often and ideally, the head and heart will mesh. But not always. In this case, they definitely didn’t. I didn’t expect the answer to be so out of synch.

The message I got was to write a post about a Deva. Huh?

Deciding whether to do this wasn’t a no-brainer. I really did deliberate for awhile about it. I mean, I really did want to win. That was the reason I was even writing the post to begin with.

My rational mind argued that writing about Devas was not a smart move. Not at all.

But ultimately, I made the decision to follow the heart/guidance. In truth, I didn’t make even that decision from just my head, but more from all of me. I could even say I simply felt compelled, and just quit thinking about it and did it.

So… I proceeded to enter my post about Devas. It tells you how to connect with the Deva of your current creative project for guidance and assistance, and I talk a little about my decision-making process there too.

And as of right now, I see it’s the most popular post on my blog — another bonus for listening to my heart!

Head or Heart?

In retrospect, I see that there was a handful of factors that came into play as I made my decision.

When you’re trying to decide between your rational mind and an intuitive urge, asking yourself these questions may help you make the best choice.

1) Did the intuitive message come through clearly and strongly?

If so, that’s a good sign that paying attention to it is a good idea.

Ironically, it’s often because it’s very clear and very strong that we assume we must be making it up. This is where it takes trust and practice to recognize that it is wise guidance.

2) Do you value your intuitive wisdom and do you want to honor it?

This may be the key to what decision you make. If you worship the god of intellect above all else, then of course you will feel safer doing what your head says.

But if you recognize that we all have innate, intuitive access to much more information than our minds could ever possibly grok, then a good step in strengthening your access to that information is to honor it.

That means to respect it and exercise it when practical.

As you do this your appreciation of it will grow since  more often than not it will lead you in a delightfully positive direction.

3) Are you willing and able to let go of your vested interest in a particular outcome?

If you are, and if you do, you can be more assured that the guidance you get is more trustworthy.

In my case, as much as I wanted to win, I wanted more to enjoy the moment, put out a post I liked, and play with my intuitive skills. So I decided to treat it as a lark. Whether or not I won, I was going to have fun entering. And I did! I very much enjoyed every moment of writing that post.

4) Are you willing to engage the spirit of play?

If you are, you have 3 advantages:

– You’re able to access your intuition much more easily.
– It’ll be easier to value and honor your heart’s guidance instead of just your head’s.
– You’ll likely enjoy the end result no matter which path you choose.

See if you can enjoy responding to life in each moment rather than try to control it or follow rigid rules.

When you play, you open to wherever it may take you. You joyfully enter the flow of life where lots of fun surprises inevitably drift your way.

Can you do that? Do you want to?

I’m certain that my willingness to play in this situation is what allowed me to make the choice I did.

5) Can you hedge your bets?

This is allowed. No rules, remember? There’s almost always a way to play it safe — but still play it.

In this case, I did two things.

First, everything in me insisted on writing a post that had a point and was helpful; one that didn’t merely indulge my whims. This made too much sense not to do it, so I wrote with these things in mind.

And secondly, since it was a contest entry after all, I simply added a section to the end answering the questions that I was supposed to answer.

And even with all my good advice about intuition, I guess it’s possible that without that section, I wouldn’t have won the contest.

Who knows?

Of course, following our hearts doesn’t always lead to a “win”. But whether or not it does, it’s been my experience that at some level it leads to something good for me as well as for the world at large.

In this case, though, it did lead to a win, and I’m taking it as a confirmation. Not only that is was a good move for me, but that it’s something worth sharing with you.

Will that lead to another instance of magic, this time for you? You tell me. 😉

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    Oh, I love this post, Patti, as well as your Deva post! Wonderful – it reminds me of how I started to do art and blogging – not a decision I would have ever started from my head, but a decision that changed my life! Thanks for reminding me to check in with my heart… Love, Silke


      Hi Silke! You’re “back”! (I was at your blog the other day – great pix.)

      I’m glad you like the post and that it serves as a reminder. You are a shining example of the beauty and joy that can come from following your heart. We all get to benefit from your doing that.

      I can usually find a little more overlap and honor both head and heart, but I guess sometimes we gotta let the heart win regardless, huh?

      Thanks for coming by! xoxo


    Congrats on you win Patti! That’s fantastic! It’s great advice too!


    Congratulations, Patti – you deserve the win. I love this post, but I have to admit that it was the Deva post that prompted me to schedule a channeling session with you. I actually have the Deva post printed out so I can refer to it each time I begin working on a project!


      Hi Patty,

      Oh, that is so cool! I love that you liked the Deva post so much. I didn’t know that! I bet your Deva is all excited about all those improvements you’ve been making to your blog!

      And it occurs to me… From what you said, that’s yet another unanticipated gift from my Deva/intuition. First, you are using the info… And that will lead (or is leading) you to share your wisdom and talents more fully. And 2nd, we got to connect for a channeling (which I think we both got a lot out of, I know I did and I so much enjoyed it). LOL, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

      Thanks for letting me know that and especially for sharing it here.


    Hi Patti,

    Congratulations on your win! I have learned that there are no fixed rules in our lives. We determine our own limits with what we can or cannot do. Growing up, I was taught to listen to my head and to value rational logic above all else. After all, Singapore where I come from, has achieved its success in the 40 odd years of its existence because of its adherence to logic. and pragmatism.

    But logic alone is not enough. There are many things that logic alone cannot know. This is where intuition comes in. We have the ability to sense things that we cannot know through logic. If we dismiss this, it is akin to living life with one hand tied behind our backs. I love the questions you have shared with us to help us decide how to make good choices.

    I personally like to blend logic with intuition. I would do all I can to plan and prepare for something. Then I would use divination to back me up. If it is a no go for whatever reason I back off. If I still wish to go ahead, I go ahead with awareness and open eyes.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving,

      I’m not surprised that you, too, were raised with an emphasis on rational mind over intuition. When I was a software developer I got to work with lots of very bright people, many Chinese among them. Brilliant race. And something to be very proud of and even more, to embrace the gift of! Of course! I definitely agree.

      Ideally we use both our heart and mind together. In everyday life, like you, I use both, and like you, I sometimes let my own preference win out in the end regardless but yes, with more awareness. With my Vedic astrology, it leans toward analysis with some intuition… With channeling I just get out of the way and it’s almost wholly intuitive. In fact, I have to set aside my own judgement completely.

      So I think, depending on the context, we work with them in different ways but oh I love both my good mind and my fascinating intuition. And together, they create a synergistic faculty that can’t be beat. 😉

      Always a pleasure to hear your thoughts. Thanks!




    As someone who tends to get stuck in her own mind a lot, what you’re writing is interesting. I’ve been mulling over what to write on my blog for days and then getting stressed and worried I’d never write something. I ‘should’ write about this and I ‘shouldn’t’ write about that.

    I have so many ideas, but when I start to write.. I hit a wall. Then I realize I am keeping myself in a thought – prison. I’m too stuck in the details. Too stuck in the traditional way of thinking. Thinking back, I’ve been much more satisfied with the posts that I have started writing without any ideas or thoughts about what I ‘should’ write, even though the post doesn’t always make sense to my rational mind.

    Indeed, intuition seems to be found more in feeling than in our mind. Maybe because we live in such a left – brain ‘think – logically’ world. I do think, however, that the mind is a good tool to channel intuition, and especially in writing, as you did in the post about Devas. Ideas may seem amazing to you when they float around in your head, but when you put them to paper and alll you see is the alphabet, you see the importance of making the two work together.

    Take this comment as an example: I see a post and I want to contribute with a comment, but I can’t think of anything to write that could be useful. Still, I just write and believe that what I write is helpful in one way or another!

    Human beings have so many resources to help us to a better life – let’s make them all work together!


      Sol: I earn my living as a writer, and absolutely relate to what you are saying here, especially the parts about being in a “thought prison” and feeling the urge to comment on a blog post and not knowing exactly what to say.

      For me, reading your comments made me feel less isolated as I search for the right words at the right time. Knowing that others share my same struggles is comforting. And that is a very useful message to share.


        Hi Patty, (and Sol, if you want to reply to Patty’s comment you can click on the reply right under it… there is a heirarchy)

        I know your comment was to Sol but I want to pipe in and say “me too!” Now there are 3 of us! And of course we’re the only ones in the world but at least we have found each other. Tee hee.

        But ultimately, thanks to both of you for sharing that. I’m sure others can relate and that is always helpful.


          It’s wonderful to know you’re not alone, isn’t it? I really admire you for earning your living as a writer, as it’s something I aspire to do too.

          Thank you for youor kind words.


      Hi Sol,

      GREAT comment, thank you! LOL, I do the same thing with my blog posts. I’m overflowing with ideas but as I sit to write I freeze up. (Hmmm, I shouldn’t even say that –oo there’s that should again — Let’s just say I used to do that. ;-))

      It’s a balancing act to use our rational mind and our intuition and make it come out to something we are happy with, that says what we are intending or “flowing” and is useful and makes sense at the same time. Like your comment is an example, this very post is an example too! I started off just wanting to announce the win and point out that it was because of following my Deva’s guidance that I won. But somehow it grew, and then I needed (should? but sort of want) to make it “useful” so I saw I could break out some bullet points. But they weren’t really cohesive. Still aren’t. I couldn’t even think of a title because it was so rambling. I almost tossed it.

      But I am trying not to be such a perfectionist, which I find is tied more to my rational mind than to my intuition. So even if it’s not all logically laid out and making just one point as I would prefer, I published anyway. Oddly, I find that the posts I just kind of spit out there really are the ones that get the best response, too. There may be various reasons for that, but I do think it’s interesting.

      But yes, I do the same thing when I write. Maybe we’ll get more fluid as time goes by and what we want to say will flow out into perfectly sensible posts. Ya think? In the meantime, I think your comment has a wonderful mixture of heart and mind and I’m so glad you shared these interesting thoughts with us.


        A balancing act it is. Tapping too much into each may either lead into the post not being understood by other people, or the post losing its feeling and – in some cases- message.

        Yeah, I’ve been there with the rambling. When I’m sitting down and writing I usually off on a tangent and then wonder: “what was I supposed to be writing about?”. I guess it’s better to intend that whatever you’re rambling about will turn into something, well, useful.

        Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me. You know, this actually gave me on something I could write about.

        I have one more point, however: Whenever I stress about not having written and published on my blog and how more useful content will attract more people and so on (you know, the typical blogger – trap), it’s always useful for me to remember that it’s not about how much I write, but the quality of my writing.

        In a way, I comfort myself with the thought that 16 billion posts about hotdogs and how they relate to spirit guides will be less helpful than the post I wrote about fairies.

        See.. now I’ve gone off into the forest, again!


          Hi again,

          Thanks for the further comments and additions. Good points. I get you about the quality too, but for me, that’s what often freezes me into perfectionism. I have to be a little more about “this is good enough.” But that’s just me.

          And I’m so thrilled about the discussion going on here between/among us all. Thanks for that (& to everyone involved.)

          Finally… I meant to comment on your blog the other day (I love oracle cards) and now I go back to a whole new post, and then get curious and have to read your about, etc. You write beautifully! Love your “voice” and charming sense of humor. Whatever combo you’ve got going, it works, IMHO. Thanks, Sol, you’re an inspiration.


          Aww, thank you!

          You know, writing authenticly and being ‘me’ is something really important in writing.
          Thank you again for the compliments. I love visiting your blog. I never thought I would spend so much time here and writing comments at that, but it feels good. I am satisfied. Everything is as it should be!


    Patti, this is such a great post. I took on the wordpress post a day challenge to become dedicated to writing each day. Your post helps me to be my authentic self when I am writing. “In this case, though, it did lead to a win, and I’m taking it as a confirmation. Not only that is was a good move for me, but that it’s something worth sharing with you.”
    Congratulations on the WIN! 🙂


      Hi Jackie,

      Nice to meet you! Welcome! I’m so glad this post lends some encouragement to you being authentic. I have no doubt that you have something unique that noone else in the whole world could possibly contribute in the same way that you can. And wow, writing every day!? You oughta get to that authenticity pretty quickly that way, I’d think. Otherwise, that might be kind of painful!

      Your comment here, and in relation to what you quoted of my post, gives me even more confirmation that I was on the right track. There’s a chain reaction of good stuff going on! And now, the chain continues at your blog too. 🙂

      Thanks so much for coming by and leaving your thoughts.


    Congratulations Patti! Definitely sounds like a great award to win. And glad to have come upon this blog. I’m always looking for those with a whole lot of inner peace going on, on the inside.


      Oh hi there, and welcome! Thanks for the congrats… Ya, pretty neat, huh? And I’ve got the course in my hot little hands now and am digging in. Pretty great so far.

      Thanks for checking this blog out and for leaving your mark. 😉 I look forward to more interactions with you!

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