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Now that I know channeling so intimately, I’m aware of how misunderstood it is. And I should know, because I used to misunderstand it too.

Since I get so many questions about it, I thought you might like an insider’s view of what it really is. As a professional channel, I can explain it from my perspective.

Most of you will find that it’s not what you think it is at all, but something quite normal that can be helpful to you in your everyday life, whether it’s done for you or you learn to do it yourself.

Let’s take a look first at what it’s not, and then at what it is.

Common Misconceptions About Channeling

1. First, channeling is NOT talking to ghosts or dead people, or letting them talk through you.

That’s called mediumship. I suppose you could say that’s a sub-category of channeling, but relating channeling to that just confuses the issue.

2. Channeling is definitely not something that’s just practiced by nut cases.

It’s a normal activity that we all do to some degree. (Yes, you likely do it and don’t even recognize it.)

This doesn’t mean that everyone who says they’re channeling is actually doing it to the extent they claim. Just like any skill, people practice it at different levels of expertise. Developing it to be used consistently and reliably takes time and attention.

And yes, this means that if you wanted to develop your channeling skills, you could.

3. It’s not always done in a deep trance, where an entity “takes over” someone’s body.

I’ve read about and even know some people who channel like this, but it’s not typical.

More often than not, the channel is what’s called a “conscious channel” and goes into a barely noticeable altered state that is more receptive than our more typical, alert state of mind.

So What Is Channeling Then?

Really, channeling is simply a means of accessing information. (And sometimes energy, but we’ll stick with information for now.) It’s information that you always have access to but don’t usually tap into or notice.

The significant thing is that this information is relatively free of your own clutter and subjective opinions. It may not reflect your own opinions at all.

Sometimes the information comes through with such crystal clarity and is so unexpected that it can make you gasp out loud.

The tricky thing about channeling is that it’s more an art than a science. Even when we get information, it’s not written in black and white. There’s a bit of finessing that needs to happen as it’s very subtle and nuances can easily be missed. So it’s essential to get experience with it before relying on it for important issues.

How Does Channeling Differ From Intuition?

Well, actually, channeling is a form of intuition, but it’s a unique mode of receiving the information.

It’s almost like it’s one level removed from your own intuitive impressions. It’s more objective in the sense that you don’t have to actually “feel” it or understand it. It just sort of drops in and there it is.

So there’s less processing to channeling, and not much (if any) interpreting involved. It really is more like you are just a channel for the information to come straight through.

At least that’s how I experience it. It seems a little more pure to me than intuitive impressions.

I would also say that channeling has a more continuous, connected flow to it, almost as if someone is talking to you. It just keeps coming and has a speed to it (sometimes fast and sometimes slow.)

When I channel, I find that my intuition definitely gets activated, but it’s obviously very different. It’s both a different way of receiving, and a way of receiving different information. These impressions come and go during the channeling session, somewhat alongside it, sometimes more a relevant part of it.

But Don’t You Have To Channel a Being? What About Guides?

There’s a long and a short way to answer this question. Right now we’ll do the short way.

(I personally don’t think there’s anything even outside ourselves at all, and that this is all us. But that’s a whole other discussion altogether. ;-))

You can channel a being, but you don’t have to.

Even so, I’m not sure “being” is the right word. For those who do mediumship, they are connecting more with what we think of as a being than those who channel beings.

That said, it’s helpful to think of what you’re channeling as a being. I sometimes connect with particular healing guides and/or energies that are quite powerful and amazingly helpful.

But let’s enjoy a little irony here and see what one of my channeling guides said about whether they are beings or not. (I would like to quote directly from the audio, but most of them are not transcribed and are hard to search. For now, I’ll paraphrase what I remember.)

When asked about this, they explained that what they are is less a “being” and more a particular grouping of energy and information that can be tapped into for a particular purpose. Which grouping gets tapped into is dependent on the channel and on the purpose for each channeling.

When asked for a name, they will give me something that I think of more as a “handle”, or a way to be clear about who/what I am intending to connect with if I want to do so again.

Some people channel the same being or entity (most will say they are a group of entities) every time they channel.

I have a few whom I connect with often, but have always continued to meet new ones, depending on the situation and need. If I channel for someone else, I find it most productive to tap into energies and information specific to them and their concerns.

More Questions? Comments?

This is first in a series of what I foresee as quite a few articles about channeling. I’ve already got a long list of topics to cover, including answers to questions from my newsletter subscribers.

Still, I’d love to hear what questions you might have so I can be sure to address them too. Just put them in a comment here, or you can email them if you’d rather. (I know how it is! ;-))

Or maybe you’ve got some helpful knowledge or experience with channeling yourself. If so, that’s great; please share!

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    Hi Patti,

    Before I read your article, I too had the same misconceptions of channeling.

    So if you are not channeling “beings” or “spirits” then would it be safe to say that you are channeling answers from some “super computer” of sorts? That’s why you tap into different groups like tapping into different categories? How is this different from the Akashic records?

    Haha, I am out of my depth here.

    Thanks for sharing this article! I look forward to more articles on this intriguing topic. 🙂

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving,

      That is a really good question!

      The way I understand it, the guides or “beings” that are chanelled do have a consciousness but they are not beings like we are used to thinking of them. Your super-computer analogy is great, I’d just add in a little “Hal”, since it’s as if the guides have a personality. So, ultimately I think the answer is that they are being-like, and we can think of and relate to them as beings.

      As for the akashic records, my understanding is that they are related to (if not the same as) the zero point field, and of course we all have access to that all the time, as do the guides, anyone who channels, and *you*. So yes, I do think that comes into play and information from it is accessed. But it’s not the same as the channeling guides. (This place of pure potential, of light and information, is what I interact with when I do Matrix Energetics as well.)

      Another thing is that the channeling results in suggestions (and energy, which I didn’t get into with this article) which have a different feel from the kind of information that might come from a purely factual information source. Very loving and in-tune with what’s going on today, instead of “here’s how it is.”

      Thanks so much for contributing here with your question! Scientifically, I don’t know that I actually answered it, rather this is just from the understanding I’ve gleaned over the years. Hope I made some sense. 😉

      (I just realized, I asked for questions for further articles. This answer is almost an article itself, isn’t it? Hmm, maybe it will become one… Thanks again, Irving!)


        Don’t worry Patti,

        The answers made sense to me, especially the energy bit. After all, divination is my passion so I have familiarity with getting answers from unconventional sources in unconventional ways. 🙂


          Ya, it’s funny… After answering this I got thinking I’d write up a post about the Akashic records and the ZPF and how they relate to channeling/intuition, but the fact is that altho I love reading about quantum physics and have always leaned toward scientific in the past, that’s not what turns me on these days. (And I’m happy to give links or refs to books, etc. but I surely don’t want to write about it.) I just love doing it! And, I guess, explaining how to do it so other people can benefit too.

          So, I’ll see where I go from here. But thanks for all this! It was a great exercise for me and hopefully interesting for you.

          Thanks for coming by, again!


    Yes, Yes Yes! YES! This is exactly it. As someone who channels pretty well, I can say from the inside out that you’ve caught it exactly. Describing something in words that exists mostly in energy is a tough translation. But you got it.

    I think so many people believe what they see in movies and that is often presented as scary (for drama’s sake, of course) and that’s too bad because so much amazing information comes through when you learn how to do this and it’s not scary at all. It’s quite empowering, actually.

    FTR, I agree with you about it all coming more from us than from “out there” but that one’s even harder to truly get, you know?

    Great post, Patti. I’m bummed that I didn’t write it! LOL


      Thank you, Lisa! And not just for confirming what I’m saying, but for adding your own — powerful — two cents.

      It’s time we begin to speak out (well, some began a long time ago but not me), it’s time people hear it, and you’ve said it perfectly. All of this gets such a bad rap in the mainstream. It’s no wonder people think what they do, and as a result, miss out on how helpful it can be for real issues.

      I also love hearing your experience of it. Most of my friends who channel do it similarly to how I do as we all came from the same egg, so to speak. Fun hearing it from someone who came to it differently than us.

      Thanks so much, and for coming by!


    Great article on channeling. I think most people (even other intuitives) think of channeling as trance channeling or channeling a being. Yes, everyone can do this. @The vizier I think of channeled information as a download from the super computer! Thanks for posting this. Great read.


      Hi Pamela, and welcome!

      Ha, yes, it is like a download from The Vizier’s supercomputer, that’s right! What a perfect analogy! I’ve heard people talk about downloads but not in the context of channeling. Thanks for making that connection.

      Glad you came by, Pamela, and hope to see you again!


    Hi there!
    I’m so excited!

    I agree with all of this! Channeling IS a way of accessing information and it doesn’t have to be a ‘superpower’ or any being ‘taking over’ you. It’s been quite a fun way to access information, too, if I might add.
    I’ve had quite the same message as you regarding channeling Spirit Guides. It’s indeed more of a grouping of energy you can tap into for purposes. While I’m one that enjoys talking with Guides as individuals, that’s usually the way it feels and goes when I ask for answers and insights regarding issues.
    Still, I also feel that they are ‘seperate’. They do display different personalities and behaviors and are quite pleasant to interact with, but when it comes to the ‘guiding’ part it’s indeed more like it’s from a ‘source’ rather than a individual.

    This was a sort of confirmation for me. I’m so touched that I feel like crying! Your take on channeling, what it is and ‘how’ channel SG’s is really just like how I’ve seen it, too!

    Thank you!



      Hi Sol, and welcome!

      What a great addition you’ve made with your comment. I really like hearing your experience of channeling, and I’m sure other readers do too. I, too, find that usually there is a sense of a personality at the other end of the channel (tho not always), and it so often matches just what the person being channeled for needs. Yet the message itself is free of the subjective clutter that a personality might add.

      I’m glad this offered confirmation to you, and you offered confirmation to everyone reading this, too. So thanks for that, and for coming by!


    Hi Patti,
    I have a friend that used to do some channeling for me. It was always very loving and positive. It was when my four daughters were teenagers, driving me crazy and I had too many fears they would be too much like me! LOL
    If all of our answers are found within why do we go outside for our answers through channelling? Hope this question makes sense.
    Love your new look.


      Oh, Tess, you’re so funny! If only they would be so lucky! But I hear ya… teenagers are scary creatures! My son saved it all up for me til he was 16, then let it fly. Whooooie!

      Thanks for the great question, I’m actually very excited about answering it — in a post. I appreciate the contribution.

      And thanks for the compliment on my new look — I am designing a new header as we speak. Too fun.

      Love to see you, always! Thanks for coming by.


    Thank you very much for posting this. I have worked with a channeler/energetic healer and it was life-changing. It’s good to have an understanding of what she does.

    I’ve started to tap into energies myself, and will often get hits that come at me, like, “don’t pursue that opportunity, it’s a waste or your time,” or “you are loved, there is no reason to stress.” But I also feel like I have encountered negative energies, who don’t always go away when I ask them to. Is there a book or other resource that could help me work with this? I am new to your blog, so if you could even point me to a few posts that would be helpful.



      Hi LAP, and welcome!

      Thanks for your comment and for mentioning how helpful working with channels and energetic healers can be. I agree. You might not expect how what seems like a simple idea or change can make such a big difference.

      And great question! To do it justice, I really want to answer it more fully in a post, and I can’t point you to one since I haven’t addressed this yet. But for now, I would recommend that when you want to “tap into the energies” as you put it, you set the intention to connect consciously with your higher self. There’s nothing negative about that and you will get amazing information and energy.

      I can also recommend a great book called Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide (Sanaya Roman). IMHO that’s all you need.

      Thanks for coming by, and I hope to see you again. (It shouldn’t be too long before I get to that post…)

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