Mar 122011

Have you ever found yourself stuck or confused about how to move forward with a project, or feel like it’s lost its vitality altogether?

Then here’s a simple idea that can produce impressive results. I’m experiencing the benefits myself, and they’re pretty amazing!

I’ve been blogging for about 7 months and doing my best to bring what I have to offer to you, but have continued to flail around with one idea or another.

But someone recently reintroduced me to the soul of my blog, and that has made all the difference.

That someone was Hiro Boga, and I discovered her on the top of a red rock mesa in the high desert of New Mexico.

I was climbing around up there with my dog and my little digital audio player, listening to Danielle LaPorte interview Hiro about her new home study course called How to Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership.

And when she talked about the Deva or soul of our business, it stopped me in my tracks.

Of course! I knew instantly that that was the element I’d been overlooking.

A New Beginning

Consciously connecting with the Deva of my blog (and business) has been a turning point. And as I continue to walk hand in hand with her, there’s a lot of movement and a lot of progress.

New ideas are popping in left and right. This is nothing new but for the first time these are ideas that I just know are right. They feel different. There’s an energy behind them and a definiteness to them. They are decisions almost more than they are ideas–answers to my questions–and they are wonderful and exciting! They shift the energy I’ve been putting into waffling into energy to move forward confidently.

I also finally know how to present the “face” of Lightspirited Being, and it’s only because we’ve finally met.  (You’ve already seen some of the changes and there are bigger ones on the way.)

I’m led to take steps that seem small but end up yielding substantial rewards.

Besides all that, support continues to turn up everywhere I look.

What Is a Deva

I was already somewhat familiar with Devas from my experience with the Perelandra gardening workbooks and from how I work with certain animals. And my ability to connect with them seems to be helped by knowing how to channel.

But in its simplest form, if you haven’t worked with Devas before, you can think of them as the soul of something. And if you’re in the process of bringing something new into the world (and who isn’t?) then it’s the soul of that.

You can also think of a Deva as the pattern in consciousness or in energetic form that is wanting to manifest into this physical world.

By participating in a particular project, you work in partnership with its Deva. Being conscious of this relationship is powerful.

In her interview, Hiro mentions that a Deva comes complete with all its connections. They already exist as part of its pattern. So as you work with the Deva, you’ll find that support begins to appear where you might least expect it.

How To Connect With a Deva

Here is a simple process for connecting with the Deva of your project.

It’s actually quite natural, and so seamless you may not recognize that you’ve actually made the connection. Typically it’s as soft as a whisper. If you sense the whisper of your Deva: trust it. Trusting it is the hardest part. 😉

1) Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax.

2) Think of your project. Not a lot. Just enough to bring it to mind.

3) Know that it has a Deva, or it wouldn’t be manifesting.

4) Intend to connect with that Deva. Ask that Deva to make itself known to you.

5) “Listen”. Sense. See if you can get a feel for the actual essence or soul of this project. What you sense will likely be very subtle. It won’t knock you over the head, but if you still want more, it can help to recall what first touched you when you initially thought of doing your project.

6) Say hello. Indicate however you’d like that you want to join together to bring this project into the world.

That’s it! Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be. The Deva wants to connect with you as well and will do its part to help. For you two are partners with the same goal.

Walking Hand in Hand

Every Deva has its own energy and you may even experience it as a personality. So how you relate with it over time will be dependent on that. Play with it!

Remember that you are helping this perfect, beautiful pattern come into being as form, and willingness to be of service to it rather than trying to wrangle it to serve you is the best approach. You’ll find, in the end, it’s the same thing.

But do remember to check in with it from time to time, whenever you think of it. This is what keeps the process fresh and alive.

Notice that once you’re working in partnership, change and movement seem to happen more quickly and enegetically than before.

Ask for guidance and express thanks for the movement that occurs because of your conscious agreement to work together. Whenever you’re at a decision point, ask what is trying to happen. What will further the project?

You will get an answer. Sometimes it will be in the form of knowing, or sometimes it will be a visible sign. But it will present itself to you one way or the other.

Side Note: This post is part of a contest (see below) and I intended for it to be entirely different. But as I sat down to write, I checked in with the Deva of Lightspirited Being and she said “Tell them about me.” That was not what I expected and it made me a little nervous, but I did it anyway. As you see, I’m beginning to trust her nudges.

Update: Yay! I won the contest! Many thanks to Alexis and Hiro for hosting it. As I said in reply to Hiro in the comment section:

However, I’m still a little nervous about the fact that this post is primarily about the Deva and NOT exclusively about what the contest rules required. …  Anyway, I’ve gone with the Deva’s recommendation and trust that whatever the outcome, all is well. 🙂

I really think it’s important to not judge the outcome, but the fact that I won by listening to the Deva’s nudges even though my intellect didn’t see the logic of it is very validating of exactly what this post is about! Thank you, Deva!

In any case, I hope you enjoyed it and find it helpful.

Do you have experiences with Devas or working in a similar manner that you’d like to share? Was this process helpful?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This post was prompted by Hiro Boga and Alexis Neely. How lucky was I to catch the tweet?

As part of their contest to win Hiro’s home study course How to Rule Your World, I’m to write a post about “Why you are ready to Rule Your World and what will be different for you when you do.”

I’m ready to rule my world because some inner change is needed in order for me to lead and influence on the outside like I envision. I feel compelled to step up to the plate and take my work to a new level, but my inner world includes a few gremlins that trip me up. I’d love to understand how to apply my sovereignty (as per Hiro) to make them my partners in growth instead of my saboteurs. I know doing the course would help me turn the corner, and I think the chapters on intention and dealing with resistance will be especially helpful.

What will be different is that I will contribute to the world with my unique gifts 100%. No more holding back. I will fully birth this offering and if I do it right, the world will be a better place because of it.

I’d be thrilled to win this generous prize and would love to work with Hiro. She’s already inspired and helped me and I’m convinced that she’s part of the support that the Deva is bringing in. She’s got a uniquely helpful blog and some audios that are a treat to listen to. If you don’t know of Hiro yet, then head on over there and check her out.

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    Patti, hooray for meeting the Deva of your business, and sharing its presence with us in this post! 🙂

    xo Hiro


      Oh, Hiro, how nice to see your shining face here! (I just found your comment in my spam folder or it would have been approved much sooner.)

      Anyway, yes, it’s like I’ve gotten a big boost of energy and support all of a sudden. These Devas are powerful, aren’t they?! And much of this new relationship is thanks to you — you’re an amazing facilitator.

      However, I’m still a little nervous about the fact that this post is primarily about the Deva and NOT exclusively about what the contest rules required. Rules. Rule. Time to rule my own world, maybe? Anyway, I’ve gone with the Deva’s recommendation and trust that whatever the outcome, all is well. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and for helping celebrate.


    Hi Patti,

    This is indeed something different. I have come across the word Deva before, but I have never thought or knew about applying it in such a manner. I have never worked with a Deva before, but I can see how useful it would be to connect with the soul of a project. By doing so, there will be greater harmony as I become one with it. The process of connecting with a Deva looks simple enough and I can see no reason not to give it a shot. After all, I could always use guidance and inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving,

      Oh, cool, I’m glad I could introduce this idea to you. And you’re right, it’s about slipping into that hamonious place. For me, one of the biggest keys after connecting is remembering to ask what is trying to happen here, instead of being “in charge, dammit!” 😉 That, alone, is a significant shift for some.

      I’d love to hear how it works out for you, if you’re so inclined.

      Thanks for coming by!


    You have such a fresh-blooming spirit Patti and it is a joy to share it. I can tell you this right now. Your blog is aready a tremendous success because it is an accurate reflection of your own truth. It’s the way forward for all of us — being humble enough not to assume we know what should happen but listening always to what the soul at the heart of all being has to say.


      OMG, Christopher. Thank you! You know, it was soon after Leo’s review (can you relate? huh? can you?) that I decided to quit pussy-footing around with it. Time to declare who I am and what this blog was intended for – for all the world to see. I’m glad to know at least some of the world finds it enjoyable! And now that I’m unleashed, who knows where it will take me. Wherever the Deva and I dance to next, I guess. Right?

      But mostly: I love your words: “listening always to what the soul at the heart of all being has to say“. I think you’ve just said it all, Christopher. We can both retire our blogs, now. 😉

      Thank you very much for coming by.


    Thanks for sharing this process Patti, very interesting! I’m going to give it a try.
    Best of luck with the contest 🙂


      Hi Cristina,

      You’re very welcome. It’s so simple I could barely justify even making it into steps but I wanted to make it clear just how simple it is! Something tells me you are already pretty aligned with yours, I wonder if you’ll even feel a difference. You and your blog have beauty in common. (LOL, it sounds like I’m buttering you up, but I always think that about you!)

      Thanks for the good luck wishes, too. I’d love to win — of course!


    Thanks for the introduction to Devas (in general – and to yours in particular), I’d never heard of them and am now quite excited to meet mine!

    I love how you spoke of making your gremlins “partners in growth instead of my saboteurs” – such a heart-opening way to look at relating to our gremlins (as opposed to the harsher one I often hear: stuff ’em in the closet or bop ’em on the head!).

    Glad to “meet” you, I saw your link over on Bridget Pilloud’s blog!


      Hi Karen,

      Nice to meet you, too. And I like the name of your blog. I can relate!

      I’m surprised how many people haven’t heard of Devas, and happy to introduce them to you. I think I’ve lived in my own world with my own square-peg friends enough that I think it’s the norm to know. But maybe that’s what this blog is for? I’d love to hear about it one way or another when you do meet yours.

      And as for the gremlins… Yes, they can help me grow even if they make me kick and scream, or confuse the heck out of me. But amazingly it’s often the case that my very worst issues become my biggest transformers. Thank God. 😉

      So glad you came by. Thanks for the comments!


    Oh, I love Devas!

    I must admit I haven’t been in contact with a lot, but it’s really.. the ENERGY of the deva (or forest, or waterfall or.. well, you get it) that gets to me, if that makes sense. There’s so much accumulated experience in that energy, so much to draw from. I also enjoy the variety of Devas. Not all of them are related to nature or the cosmos as written – some of them can even be music!

    Devas are, indeed, souls and patterns.

    Oh and congratulations, Patti! 🙂


      Hi Sol,

      Thanks for coming by again and for adding your comments. I appreciate how you broaden the “definition” of deva and point out it is all that and more. And not that I’m an expert… But what you’re saying is my experience too.

      Here’s to our continued exploration of them!


      Hi Sol,

      Thanks for coming by again and adding this idea. I appreciate how you broaden the definition (as if there can be one) of what a Deva can be. I’m not an expert, but I agree it does encompass all that and more.

      Here’s to our further exploration!

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