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My favorite nakshatra book by mythologist and jyotishi Kenneth Johnson

Have you ever met a sour-puss who has everything they could possibly want, but all they do is complain?

And then there’s that sweet person who has hardly anything, but is happy and grateful all the time?

Which one do you see in the mirror? Do you even know? Have a suspicion?

Just like in those examples, how you experience life and how happy you can be depends much more on how you subjectively perceive and interpret your life than on what the objective facts are.

Would you like some insight right now into your own subjective tendencies and attitudes?

It’s a great insight to have because knowledge is power.

Your Subjective Moon

In jyotish (Vedic astrology), it’s the Moon that relates to your perceptive mind and how you perceive your life. It shows how you experience or interpret your world at an emotional, intuitive, or instinctive level.

Because so much of your life experience hinges on these subjective perceptions, jyotish considers the Moon a pivotal planet of interest and gives it utmost importance.

The Revealing Lunar Mansions

Perhaps because of the all-important Moon, also of great importance are the Moon-related constellations known as the nakshatras, or lunar mansions. They’re called lunar mansions (or mansions of the Moon) because the Moon travels through approximately one per day.

There are 27 of these small constellations around the zodiac, superimposed on the 12 zodiac signs we all know and love. Just like each one of your planets is in a sign, they’re also in one of the lunar mansions.

Each lunar mansion has its own unique energies, is rich in mythology and symbolism, and gives much insight into any part of your life that it influences.

The Mansion of Your Moon

So if you want insight into how you perceive life and your aptitude for happiness, it’s fascinating and helpful to look at which lunar mansion your Moon was in when you were born.

If you’ve had a jyotish reading from me, I’m sure we discussed the implications of your Moon’s nakshatra at some length.

Your Vedic Chart – Free

But if you don’t know your Moon’s lunar mansion yet and want to do a quick investigation on your own right now, here’s how. Use this easy chart generator to enter your birth information and find out instantly exactly where all your planets were at the moment of your birth.

Jyotish is very exact so you need your birth time in addition to date and location. (But the software is friendly so at least you don’t need coordinates. It looks them up for you when you enter your city.)

Once you enter your birth information, it will return with your planetary positions in a table and as a chart. (Note that these are the sidereal positions used in jyotish, not the tropical positions used in Western astrology.)

In the first table, 3rd row down, you’ll see your Moon. The 3rd column over gives its nakshatra.

What Does Your Moon’s Mansion Tell You?

Once you have that, you can go to this great website and look up your Moon’s nakshatra.

You’ll be reading about you and how you perceive the world.

Much of this will be illuminating. It sheds light on your tendencies and inclinations as well as other areas of your psyche that you may not be consciously aware of.

Being more aware of these gives you insight and clarity so you can respond more consciously and make better decisions in all walks of life.

Your Moon Sheds Light But Is Not the Whole Story

It’s sometimes startling how well your Moon’s lunar mansion describes you. But remember, there are lots of other influences and they all intermingle. No one chart indicator can ever give you the whole picture.

Hopefully, you got some useful insights from the links I just gave you, but if you want even *more* insight and guidance, you can always get a full jyotish reading with me. I do hours-worth of analysis ahead of time so we only use your time discussing what’s relevant. Please contact me if you’re interested or have any questions.

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Also: Today I have a guest post about some specific lunar mansions over at Silver & Grace, hosted by the brilliant and laugh-out-loud funny (and sexy–we can’t forget sexy) Eliza Fayle. It’s an online magazine especially for women over 40 which I enjoy regularly and highly recommend. (And there are sometimes articles there for you too, dude.)

Which Goddess are you? Are you The Maiden or The Crone, and why should you care? Pop on over to my article and find out!

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Did you look up your lunar mansion? What did it say about you? Was that useful?

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    I have heard of Vedic astrology, and I am so going to try out that free generator, but… it asks me to insert longitude and latitude. Alright, let’s see if I can fix this.

    ..Alright, found a site that can calculate it for me. Let’s hope it’s correct.

    Oooh, I got.. Kri .. *looks at spelling* Krittika as my Moon Sign (I really hope I entered the correct longitude and latitude here, because the site didn’t fill them out). Taurus is my Moon Sign in ‘regular’ astrology, so I wonder how they relate.
    I don’t identify that much with the description, but I guess that since it’s the Moon Sign those things aren’t clear as the day even to us, are they? My Sun Sign appears to be Dhanista, too. Hmm, I’ll go read that up.

    Krittika (sounds so alike critic), it says that’s fiery with a sharp and critical tongue. Also mentions the Pleiades and.. oh, fast metabolism and good digestion, that’s a plus!

    Honestly, I don’t quite know what to make out of this… yet, but I’ll get there!

    Thanks for the article as always, Patti! I’ll come back and contribute with something useful later!

    For now, adieu!


      Hi Sol,

      Oooo, I’m glad you tried it out! Sorry you had to hassle with coordinates… Maybe the software doesn’t have a real detailed atlas. (If you want me to double-check for you, just send me your birth info in an email and I’ll get back to you real soon.)

      In any case, sounds like you were persistent, and lol, that sounds like a Krittika person! Determined and tenacious, and also quite bold! It’s called the “star of fire” and its shakti, or power, is to burn or purify. This gives you intense emotions and makes you a spiritual warrior. You inspire people. It also helps you assimilate and “digest” things, and not just literally. You can be very penetrating–meaning you can often see right through people and also get to the heart of things. It gives a pretty sharp mind.

      But yes, if you look up at night and see the Pleides, that’s right where your Moon was. Krittika is partly in Aries and partly in Taurus. The Moon is exalted in the Taurus part of Krittika, meaning that’s its favorite place in the whole zodiac. This is especially good!

      Bob Dylan and Frida Kahlo had their Moons in Krittika — oh, and Mick Jagger too! It’s a pretty passionate place and if your Moon is in the Aries part, you may feel a strong urge to help out the underdog. On the Taurus side, it gives great artistic gifts and an appreciation of beauty and sensuality.

      I notice that website is not as well-rounded as it could be in its descriptions. There is really so much information for each it would be hard to summarize in one paragraph, so they just give some of the essence. Hope it wasn’t too confusing — that sure wasn’t my intention.

      Thanks, Sol, for “playing” and for sharing your thoughts!


    My apologies for the double – post, but I just remembered that I once saw a Tarot card deck called Mansion of the Moon! It was quite colorful and varied – like Vedic astrology, perhaps?

    So, reading your post again… is my Moon Sign how I perceive the world at a subjective level? I’m feeling a little confused here, so I’d be happy if you could clarify. By the way, I read your guest post article and I’m pretty sure I am the Maiden in this case!

    Again, sorry for double – posting and I wish you all a wonderful day!


      Hi Sol,

      First, don’t even think of apologizing for commenting again. That’s why I have a blog, so we can discuss things. I love it and appreciate that you’re interested enough! So, thank you for commenting twice!

      Yes, jyotish is very colorful and varied. Quite complex, actually. And yes, the Moon shows your subjective mind (among other things.) You mentioned your Sun in your first comment: that shows how you “shine” in the world, i.e. how you interact and contribute. Your ascendant or lagna is the degree/nakshatra/sign that was rising at the moment of your birth and is actually the MOST important indicator in your horoscope. I sure couldn’t tackle all that in one article though. Seems even looking at the Moon can get confusing. Gives me an appreciation for this amazing art/science with all its amazing complexity.

      And finally, on that Silver & Grace post, surely you are The Maiden. You’ve still got your life ahead of you! I didn’t discuss the Maiden much… Maybe some day, here.

      Thanks so much, Sol. I love your enthusiasm. (Oh! That’s another Krittika trait. ;-))



    I looked up “lunar mansions” and your site came up around the 4th result I think. The external link on the nakshatra is quite accurate and I liked it, just a little short to sum me up.

    I think vedic astrology is quite handy when it comes to moon sign; as for sun sign, I prefer tropical. The bhava system in vedic astr is too complex. Also I think the bhava and presiding lords generalization doesnt hold water.

    Again, I am really glad to come by your side. Wish to learn more from you


      Hi Cleal,

      Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by!

      Interesting hearing your thoughts on the Moon/Sun/Bhava etc. I’m wondering if you’re referring to a different bhava system than the one I use since it’s actually much more simple than Western, with each house delineated by each sign, regardless of the Ascendant degree. I know there are others where the houses get adjusted from that point … But still, we do all have our own preferences that’s for sure.

      As to tropical vs. sidereal, I just can never quite get how tropical can make sense, but as an entire system in itself I understand it all gets adjusted to be coherent.

      The only other comment I’d make is I do agree that any generalization has to be taken w/a grain of salt. There are so many factors to be considered, which is part of the fun of it.

      Sounds like you’re pretty knowledgeable. Thanks for adding your comments and I’ll look forward to more interactions!

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