May 052011

chrysalisToday, I’m thrilled to finally announce a new service I’m offering.

It’s called a Holographic Emergence Session, where I act as a catalyst to facilitate a shift in whatever area of your life you’re wanting to focus on.

It could be an area where you’re feeling stuck, or where you want improvement, or where you want any kind of change.

Any kind of change you want, we can activate it and sometimes make the complete shift right then and there.

When I do these sessions I access a special state (for lack of a better term) and then I open to whatever’s called for in that moment. Almost always my intuitive abilities will come into play too, and we work together (although you don’t have to “do” anything) while

I facilitate the emergence of the whole you into this world,
unencumbered and magnificently expressed.

Thus the name Holographic “Emergence” Sessions. 🙂

And the changes I facilitate in your life are directly related to your emergence. Intimately. As you truly emerge into the world, you affect everything. For you don’t stop at your skin. It’s all you.

There is no “out there” out there!

Kinds of Changes

We can shift things in any area of your life. Yes, any area.

It can be related to:


  • your job
  • your interests and/or vocations
  • money
  • relationships
  • emotions
  • health
  • spirituality
  • your traits or abilities
  • your habits
  • your environment (home, family, co-workers, pets, property, spaces, etc.)
  • issues from the past
  • concerns about the future
  • specific upcoming events
  • spaces you’ll be using/inhabiting

you name it.

Nothing is off-limits.*

I inevitably find during a session that whatever’s being worked on runs like a thread though several areas of life anyway. It’s kind of amazing, actually. Connections might be brought to light that you weren’t even aware of but that suddenly seem obvious.

The Results

Now, what’s interesting about this is it doesn’t guarantee that things will change how you (as a personality) want them to.

But things will change, and for the better — often, even better than you imagined.

It also doesn’t necessarily work on your timetable.

Sometimes things will happen immediately, really obvious things. Sometimes they unfold over time and you may not even recognize that they’re the solution to your problem or issue but in retrospect you see that they were.

So Holographic Emergence Sessions set things in motion. They shift a pattern in consciousness and depending what it is, the change may or may not manifest quickly or in the way you might expect.

How Holographic Emergence Sessions Work

Holographic Emergence Sessions are based on my training in Matrix Energetics, but I’ve adapted Matrix Enegetics to what I do best. And this is as it should be, because Matrix Energetics is adaptable by nature.

It’s not really a technique.

We’re actually using something that’s available to everyone all the time, which is the zero-point-field and consciousness.

It’s just that we’ve learned how to access it to make shifts in our everyday reality. (If you want to get mind-boggled and amazed at the same time, go see what Matrix Energetics is all about.)

I’ve been doing this since 2007, and have done hundreds if not thousands of sessions.

in flight

Most recently, some volunteers from my monthly newsletter list received complementary sessions in exchange for their feedback, to help me hone how to package these.

“I want to update you on what’s been happening. Things are going very well! My energy has definitely shifted, and lots of good stuff is popping up. [Here she talks about 4 new job prospects.] I think your session definitely helped this energy shift happen and so I want to thank you again for your good work.Keep doing what you’re doing, because the world needs more insightful, helpful people like you!”

Since then, a few clients have already had sessions too, and one had several since she noticed such positive changes.

“I had the most incredible healing, Patti, I can’t wait to tell you about it. You’re incredible, I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, I never have been through anything like this.”

Without exception, they had noticeable, positive results.

So I decided it’s time to hang out my shingle.

Because I’m so excited about this, I’m starting with a very affordable fee. I’ll probably raise my rates fairly soon, so if you’re eager to make some positive shifts, now’s the time! Just contact me to schedule your session.

More About Holographic Emergence Sessions

Over time I’ll fill in the blanks, and write more about what you can expect, i.e.

  • How to prepare for a session
  • What happens during a session
  • What you can expect after a session
  • Is there any followup, and why
  • Examples of sessions and/or results

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments about this new service, you’re welcome to put them in the comment section, or contact me directly.

* I get such wonderful clients and I’m sure it’s not even necessary to say this but I’m going to anyway: I don’t work in areas that feel unethical to me. At the same time, I’m not judgemental about how you choose to live your life. That’s probably enough said, and we can discuss specifics if we need to (but I don’t expect it will come up).

If you think your friends might benefit from this service, I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word. (That’s exactly how it is that I get such wonderful clients!) Thank you!

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    Now that is certainly interesting!
    Makes me want to order a reading with you, even. That is a compliment! Anyway.. The first two words that come to me are ‘shifting perspectives’, perhaps for both the client and yourself?

    I wish you luck!


      Hi Sol,

      Well thank you! For both the compliment AND the wish for luck. I appreciate it!

      You hit it right on with the “shifting perspectives”. A lot of people throw the word “paradigm” around these days, but even with all the amazing things I’ve seen and major changes I’ve been through, there are only 2 things I’ve run across that truly do involve a paradigm shift… and this (Matrix Energetics) is one of them.

      Thanks for coming by. I always love seeing you.


    Hi Patti,

    I will be looking forward to your coming posts regarding your Emergence Sessions. This certainly sounds intriguing and I am curious to hear more. Thanks for doing this.


      Hi Todd,
      Welcome! Yes, Matrix Energetics is nothing if not intriguing! It was really challenging trying to find the words to describe what it is, and as you notice, I didn’t exactly describe it. That’s why more articles… Maybe if I throw enough words at it, some mixture of them somewhere along the line will hit the mark. 😉
      So glad you came by and especially that you took a moment to comment. Thanks!


    sounds like you are doing great work with people Patti. I look forward in the coming weeks to hear more about it…. 🙂


      Hi Beverly, and welcome!

      I’m glad you find this interesting, because I could probably write forever about it… partly because it’s so hard to explain. But I’ll do my best to cover the relevant info. As to my good work with people, I’m looking forward to watch how all that develops. Very exciting!

      Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to see you again!


    This is fantastic! It reminds me a bit of Resonance Repatterning – which I think is awesome!! I know you’re going to help a lot of people with your wonderful gift! What does it say in A Course in Miracles: A miracle is a shift in perspective. You are facilitating miracles!


      Hi Angela,

      Oh wow, I don’t know anything about RR but I’m curious so will probably check it out. Ok, I just did. LOL. It does sound similar… At first it seems that Matrix Energetics is a superset, but on the RR site it mentions Quantum Physics which is what Emergence is based on too. Also, they used to call it “Holographic Repatterning” and for awile I was calling this Holographic Emergence (because the hologram does come into play). So, hmm. Maybe they are similar! Thanks for mentioning that, it’s on my radar now.

      And thanks mostly for coming by with your good energy. I feel it! 😀


    I never thought of it this way before:
    For you don’t stop at your skin. It’s all you.There is no “out there” out there!
    Now that is some powerful stuff. Then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from you!
    I’ll be waiting to learn more…


      Hi Tess,

      Ya, this is some kind of far-out stuff, which over the years has become the norm for me. It’s all just light and information. Fun fun!

      I wouldn’t know where to begin (or even want to) trying to actually explain it, but you will get some articles about applying it.

      I was thinking today about how I used it to fix a DVD player (no kidding) but right now I have a headache I thought I’d play with… Even tho Richard (or Dr. Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics) might ask me why it is I even think I have a head. LOL.

      Thanks for coming by! 🙂


    I see it’s all females here. If you didn’t know, magic is as old as the hills. Don’t think for an instant ME isn’t a streamlined reworking of that, at least in fundamentals. Also, be careful what you invoke or ask into yourself. This includes your higher self. You shouldn’t have to ask your HS INTO you…and something else may be waiting to jump in as you open your crown etc. This by the way is as old as the hills to. Look around – and see what this kinda stuff has done. That is, society, where one half plays while the other starves to death. Ah balance!


      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, magic is as old as the hills. I’m curious about your ME remark, have you actually taken any seminars? Because my experience is that it’s much MUCH more than magic!

      Also, did someone say something about aking their HS “into” them? I don’t see that anywhere so I’m confused why you’re saying what you are about that.

      Thanks for coming by.


    No I threw that in about hs’s. There are schools out there that opine that only half the populace even has a higher self! I’ve got Bartlett’s ME Experience kit. I understand what you mean about going beyond magic. That would be approaches like ceremonial magick etc. The 2 pointing thing is interesting.


      Hi again, Marc,
      Thank you for answering my questions, I was curious.
      And yes, interesting it is! (The 2 pointing.) Often, that’s all it takes.
      Thanks for coming by!

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