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On July 1 (this Friday), at 4:38 AM EDT, we have the last eclipse in a series of 3 that have taken place over just this past month.

This one’s a partial solar eclipse and it takes place in Ardra Nakshatra, at 15°16′ Gemini.

The first thing this says to me is that maybe we’ll get rain!

Wordly Affairs

This eclipse is in a nakshatra that’s related to rain and storms, and that makes me hopeful.

Our last eclipse took place in a fire sign, and with the Moon being eclipsed by Rahu (whose direction is south-west), I commented on the fires in the south-western U.S. They continue to break records both in number and size.

Some good news about rain would be more than welcome.

But in reality, this one probably won’t have much impact on wordly affairs at all.

Eclipses have their strongest effect where they’re visible, and according to the NASA Eclipse Website, “This Southern Hemisphere event is visible from a D-shaped region in the Antarctic Ocean south of Africa. Such a remote and isolated path means that it may very well turn out to be the solar eclipse that nobody sees.”

Ardra and the Great Power of Storm Energy

But as individuals, we can still work in harmony with the general energies of the eclipse by looking at Ardra nakshatra where the eclipse takes place.

The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop or raindrop, and it’s ruled by the wild and thunderous storm god Rudra who is a form of Shiva the Destroyer. And just like thunder can physically shake your world, the power of Rudra can shake you to your core emotionally.

And although this star represents the ferocity and power of the “storm” itself, it also relates to the aftermath.

It represents the sense of cleansing and renewal that we experience after a good cry, or that the environment benefits from after a good rain-storm.

Of course, to get there from here, we need to go through the turbulence of the storm or the cry, either literally or figuratively.

So beginning this Friday and for the next few weeks, you may notice this idea playing out in your life in one way or another. And if not for you specifically, then maybe with someone you’re close to.

In the Eye of the Storm

If and when an emotional storm presents itself, it can be powerful to allow yourself to just be in the midst of it.

  1. As soon as possible, get away to a quiet place where you can be alone. (Noisy and crowded can work too, if you can be focused.)
  2. Give your emotions permission to express themselves to you with as much freedom as you dare — just like the wild animals that Rudra also rules.
  3. Now allow them to move through you deeply and passionately.
  4. As they continue to touch you, observe them. Watch. Listen. Sense. Intuit.
  5. What are they telling you?
  6. If it’s not obvious, you can probe by asking them what part of you they’re trying to protect. Do you feel threatened? Do they indicate something you want? A pent-up passion? An unexpressed way in which you want to shine your light? A frustration? (You’ll know better than I do what questions are most helpful.)
  7. Feel the message in your heart. (Don’t get too mental because that will cut you off from the message-carrying emotion). Stay with it if you can, as several revelations will likely be forthcoming once you’re in this open heart space.
  8. Acknowledge the message and thank yourself for revealing it and for paying it attention.

The Rainbow After the Storm

If you’re willing to be in the storm instead of avoid it, you’ll find there are many rewards, including:

  • You’ll be in tune with your spirit. Almost always, your emotions are telling you something you’re not aware of yet so that you can process it and move forward more integrated with all levels of your being.
  • You’ll know your next steps. Guidance is often revealed along with the messages during the listening process. You just know what you have to do.
  • Things are suddenly clear. Sometimes the sense of clarity you gain is nothing short of astonishing. What was muddled and hazy before is now crystal clear.

Appreciate that all of these rewards are a direct result of the storm — or more accurately, of your courage and willingness to step into the eye of it.

So pat yourself on the back — you deserve it.

A Good Time to Apply Yourself

Each nakshatra has a particular shakti, or power, and that of Ardra is yatna shakti, or effort — especially effort for making gains in life.

This can give a great enthusiasm for making strides in whatever you are working on right now. This would include progress in any emotional work like I just mentioned in the previous section.

So over the next few weeks, if you’re willing to hold a persistent focus and make a determined effort, the rewards can be significant.

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    It’s not always easy to be “in the storm”…often my first reaction would be to suppress & resist the emotions, but I’ve learnt that I actually feel so much better when I allow the emotion to be and then let it go – after all, what you resist persists!
    Thank you for all your tips and guidance, very helpful 🙂


      Hi Cristina,

      Yes, so true! I think it’s pretty normal to to just try to ignore it and focus elsewhere. It doesn’t always feel good during but like you said, you “actually feel so much better” afterward. I didn’t even think to list that as a reward of doing this, but it’s one of the nicer ones!

      Thanks for adding your experience to the mix. Nice seeing you!


    Oh, such great posts, Patti!

    I was actually just e-mailing with a friend about this and using this exact terminology. I notice how there’s so much going on all around me, much upheaval and some emotional turmoil. Yet … Daniel’s and my summer feels so calm and rested and easy for a change.

    I do know about the ups and downs of life and so I am really, really enjoying this time to the fullest! We are in the eye of the storm or maybe even not in the path of the storm at all for now and I love it!!

    I’ll let you know after Friday if that’s still the case… 🙂

    Much love to you!! Silke


      Hi Silke,

      Yes, I’ve been to your blog and happily noted that you two are enjoying your time. That’s wonderful! And chances are, most of us won’t feel too much with this eclipse, but Ardra is such a powerful nakshatra when it comes to the cleansing benefits of a storm that of course it’s good to be aware of it — just in case! Not a bad thing at all, is the point. 🙂

      You’ve also reminded me how some storms (e.g. tornados) can tear away one home and leave the one next door untouched. Then the strong ones can help support the ones in need. That’s an aspect of this Ardra energy too.

      And speaking of storms, last night we had the first rain we’ve had since October or so (only one or two small snows all winter) and you’d have thought we won the lottery or something the way we reacted! Didn’t last long, but still. A good storm. Gotta love ’em.

      Thanks for coming by. And hi to your summer buddy for me. ♥


    Wow, my first time here, looooooove your blog!


      Hi Sheila,
      Welcome! Glad you love my blog and I hope you make a habit of visiting!
      And as soon as I find a moment, I’ll head over and see what you’re up to, too. 😉

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