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Ok, maybe you don’t get burps (or maybe you do), but did you know there is often some indication when you are processing or healing something? And just to be clear, I don’t mean signs like running to the wine cabinet or grabbing a bag of potato chips. 😉

I bet if you start to pay attention, you’ll notice your own version of healing burps.

Last week, my husband and I attended a memorial service for a remarkable woman who contributed greatly to our little mountain community. It was held in the zendo at the nearby Zen Center and the house was packed, as they say.

Partway into the ceremony, I found myself having little burps. Then bigger burps. (Of course I was very discreet, sweet thing that I am.) Just then, I noticed my husband doing the same thing. (Although on a manly scale. Enough said. Just kidding.)

I looked at him and we kind of smiled at each other. Of course we knew what was going on. We were “processing”. Who knows exactly what. Who cares?

It was a good thing.

Examples of Processing

Have you ever paid attention to this? I never used to, but now it’s so common I can’t miss it. I’m not sure if it’s because I process more now or if it’s just that I notice it more now. I think it’s a combination of both.

Especially if you are empathic, you will often do this for others. It happens in situations like that memorial service where processing is going on at many levels. Or it can happen if you’re talking to a friend on the phone who’s going through a rough patch.

I always do this when I do an Emergence Session. It happens during and it happens quite a lot right afterward. It’s kind of like when you jog and then stop — there’s something moving that keeps moving even though you aren’t anymore.

It often happens during my Channeling Sessions too.

When I learned Reiki many years ago, my Reiki Master insisted on having her clients sign something before their session saying they would not get embarrassed and suppress their bodily activities during the session. Burping and farting were encouraged! She did a lot of burping herself, as I recall. (And she was good, what powerful sessions!)

Same with my channeling teacher. Lots of burping.

And it happens a lot in everyday life. I’m not talking about the times when it makes sense to burp because of something you just ate or drank. It comes out of nowhere when processing is obviously going on.

Here are some things you can watch for.

Processing Situations

These vary widely from formal “healing” sessions to everyday activities.

They can be things like:

Sessions with clients
• Consciousness shifting sessions (like Emergence Sessions)
• Healing sessions (like Reiki, massage)
• Counseling situations (like intuitive sessions, channeling sessions, etc.)

In my experience this doesn’t happen so much when I’m “in my head” or very focused (e.g. during a jyotish astrology reading) as when I am in a softer space and more open intuitively. Do you have a different experience?

Contact with loved ones
• Open hearted in-person discussions
• Being near or with someone who’s having difficulties
• Phone calls
• Just thinking of that person

Once you get good at recognizing the signs, you’ll realize that it’s a reliable signal that your loved one is going through something, and you can offer your support, either directly or indirectly.

Random contacts
• Group gatherings (like the memorial service)
• Being in public (this doesn’t happen much for me because I’m usually in my head and relatively less porous)
• Crowds

Your own stuff
• When you’re doing something that is evoking emotion (e.g. writing in a journal, listening to music from when you were a teenager, etc.)
• When you are open intuitively to access personal guidance
• When you are intentionally working through something

Processing Indicators

There’s a range of these and I have had or done most of the following. I find that they each have a somewhat specialized purpose, but in general they are still “processing”.

You will have your own indicators, with one probably being most common.

They will always relate to some kind of movement.

Here are some common ones:

• Burping
• Yawning (very common! can also indicate changing state of consciousness)
• Sighing
• Sweating
• Tummy or intestinal rumbling (more common in healing modalities)
• Farting (ta da, I said it!)(also more common in healing modalities)
• Sudden sleepiness (this can also be an avoidance tactic)
• Sudden heat in your body (this happens a lot when I do Reiki) And believe it or not, this can even be valid for menopausal women. Start to watch what’s going on when you have your hot flash. It can be very revealing.
• Crying (duh)
• Hiccoughs
• A quick shiver or chill (sometimes this acts as a confirmation more than processing, but can be both)

This isn’t an exhaustive list and I’m sure there are more. But I know from experience that these things help process. When I have healing burps, my clients can feel things moving and so can I.

Lots of you work in similar fields as me and have clients of your own. Do you do this? How does yours manifest (if not toooo embarrassing)?

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    Hi Patty,
    I also believe that after a healing our body begins to relax as we are no longer holding onto negative emotions. Once we stop contracting naturally our body will release whatever it was that we were holding back.

    Your list is spot on. 🙂


      Hi Justin,
      What an interesting idea, I’d never thought about it that way before. It makes sense that the relaxation (at all/any levels) would allow that release. Thanks for sharing that!


    It takes the form of music in my head to me. Yeah, I’m that special snowflake, y’know? Haha, just kidding.
    Physical signs include dizziness and restlessness. I’ve not thought about it a lot, honestly.

    I’ve never paid much attention to the ‘healing’ aspect of intuitive and spiritual development. Guess it can in itself be a sign that some things need healing deep down inside, hmm?

    However, the list is interesting. I actually found myself reading through the whole post the first time. That is, I didn’t skim it before reading it a second time!

    I have to compliment you on getting out articles in such a timely manner. I am still working on my personifications ones! You kind of start… and then you stop. But you continue on!
    Good job!

    Anyway, time to spread my wings!



      Wow, you covered a lot of ground here, Sol! I want to go in order…

      First, you are indeed a special snowflake. Perfect way to put it.

      When you mention dizziness I remember how when I was first starting to channel one of my guides, I got headaches and even ringing in my ears. It was part of my body’s adjustments to the new energy. That wasn’t exactly healing/processing but in a way I think adjusting really does overlap with healing. I wish we had a word for whole-ing. Integrating is close but not quite it. (Which I think is related to your comment about ‘healing’.)

      And thanks for the encouragement about my post frequency. Like you, I’ve got some in the pike too, more than I can count, actually. I’m trying to be more free about it, which is kind of funny because by nature I’m a tad uptight, to say the least lol.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Love seeing you — and your beautiful wings! 😉


    Here I thought I had terrible digestive problems all my life. I’m famous for my burps. lol My mother took me to a gastro-enterologist when I was 13 for my digestive problems. I had several appointments through high school and the doctors could never find anything wrong with me. Hmmm. How fascinating.

    I do yawn also but, that hasn’t been a bother like the burping has.


      Oh, Angela, that is so funny! I wonder if those are processing burps?! I’m not privvy to your tummy but I would guess, knowing you, that most of them are! So now you can just feel good about it. 😉

      My husband knows people who yawn as processing but for me it’s always a part of changing to a new level of consciousness. I yawn and immediately get a quick little shiver. (And then yawning is contagious besides. Just writing about it here just made me yawn!)

      Thanks for coming by!


    Yes, yes, YES! I love this article!

    During Reiki I always tell clients not to get embarrassed when their tummy starts rumbling or they have sudden, jerking movements or burp! Without fail, one (or all!) happen during every session. I also get the heat waves during reiki sessions. I sometimes get chills (but warm ones, if that makes sense) when doing readings for clients, too.

    I love your sense of humor. You just shine right through in this post and I enjoyed it!


      Hi Lindsay,

      Oh, that’s all great to hear! This is even funner than writing the article, getting to hear what all of you experience during sessions or even regular life. It’s not the kind of thing that comes up at “cocktail parties” lol.

      And thanks for the compliment. As you probably know, I’m experimenting with this blog a bit so it’s great to get feedback.



    Hi Patti,

    I never paid attention to my healing burps. I guess if any healing were to take place with me it would be with a good cry to let out all the tension that I keep stored inside. I don’t think burping or farting is quite as healing for me as crying. Haha! Not the most manly of things to say, but this is what happens when you are an INFJ.

    I don’t really schedule sessions, sometimes I might just be drawn to a sad Korean Drama or moved by a scene in it that has personal meaning for me and the tears flow and I feel better later. I guess this also happens with loved ones who are going through a rough patch or something like that.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving,
      I’m with you on the good cry. That’s what works best for me — unless I’m doing work with Matrix Energetics or even channeling for myself, I’m in a somewhat a-emotional state where tears just aren’t around, and there it goes! But yes, crying can be great for releasing tension.

      Funny you mention scheduling sessions… I assume you mean crying sessions? When I did The Presence Process (AMAZING and I highly recommend it — and knowing you, I think you’d like it [BTW, we’re enjoying the heck out of season 2 of Fringe!]), that’s when I first realized how often, when those feelings well up, we just shut them off because we’re busy, or in public, or just would rather not. So helpful to take advantage of them asap and go for it.

      Do I sound hard up for fun, or what?

      Thanks for sharing, Irving!


        Season 2 of Fringe was great! 😀

        But if you really want a good cry, I highly recommend Korean Dramas. They always tug at my heartstrings and having watched shows from different cultures I would say Korean Dramas are best at moving people to tears. Do give them a try if you can. The stories are usually moving and it is a hot commodity exported from South Korea to many parts of the world.


          We just finished season 2 last night. What a cliffhanger! And I hear it’s all but impossible to get the first episodes of season 3 if we missed them (which we did.) Agh!

          Thanks for the pointer about the Korean Dramas. I just may be in contact with you about these important matters. 😉 Thank you!



          You can check out the Korean Dramas at drama crazy and watch them online for free.

          I loved Secret Garden. It was very moving for me and had me out of sorts for a week.

          I heard my friend say that You’re Beautiful is good too.

          Always happy to pass on my addiction for K Dramas to others hehe. 😉


    Hi Patti,

    Many thanks for a very helpful and interesting post. It renews in me a love and respect for my body and all it is offering to make it possible for me to live and breathe and contribute to this world,

    A very strange thing how we have determined that some aspects of our body’s necessary and healing and creative functions (farting, for example, thanks for sticking your neck out:-), are somehow not quite proper.Let me be a real friend to my body and pay attention to what it is saying to me.


      Hi Christopher,

      Oh, thanks for saying the “f” word (the other “f” word, that is) along with me. It’s good to have company. 😀

      But so true! I guess we wouldn’t be here without our bodies, or at least not in the same way. Such gifts! Every now and then (not as often as I could) I remember to love and appreciate mine. You’re helping with that right now. Thank you.

      And thanks for coming by. Always love it.


    I have experienced this since the early 1990’s and have several friends that do this during times of healing and it happens indiscriminately whenever someone may need healing or help getting freed from unwanted or low energy. Thanks for shedding more light on this rather unusual phenomena.



    On a Tuesday this past summer, I had myofacial (sp?) release where I got frustrated at the pressure the t was using. Assuring me that it was heat from within and not pressure, I remained unconvinced, especially when the pain lasted into the next two days. On that Thursday in breath therapy, we began in that place, and immediately the heat and pressure elevated so much that the t told me i was pressing too hard, but i assured her, just like the massage t has assured me, that i was not applying pressure. The heat was absolutely intense, and the chest pain very real. When she had me back off of it i sat up and became re-grounded, until I stood up. My chest hurt so powerfully. I couldn’t straighten up, and began walking around to walk it off. Then I started burping! I literally burped for 40 minutes. At one point we evaluated whether I was having a heart attack, but were convinced this was inner healing. That night my chest opened up and my breath was released! The burping, sighing and yawning are clearly a part of my healing. Found this post by searching “healing and burping”. Wanted to confirm what my insides already knew!!!

    People have always commented on how much I sigh. You are spot on with this post!!! Last night my husband asked me to stop belching after a breakthrough. I did out of respect, but this morning I am alone belching my little spirit into joy!!!!


      Hi Susan,
      Very interesting story, thanks for sharing! I’m durious if you find this happens more with emotional healing vs. physical or vice versa.
      Thanks for visiting.


        Hi Patti,
        My healing is emotional/psychological/spiritual. Opening and moving the energy has been an incredibly fascinating experience — the up side of a very devastating journey. I’m in a healing profession, and forever people have commented on how much I sigh! The burping was a funny surprise!!


          Hi Susan,
          Hey, thanks so much for coming back by and answering my question! Funny, just this morn I was massaging my husband’s shoulders and I started burping. I bet that doing it as a profession, you get to do it all the time. Fun fun.
          Thanks again!


    I’m fondly referred to as Mamma Bullfrog…not particularly flattering to the man in the street, but I like it!!! I burp and yawn a great deal when I am doing healing work, pray or even just think about my own spiritual evolution. I am on a happy journey, but some does the increased level of activity/change, demand on our physical bodies tires me 🙁

    Thanks for sharing this space of love!

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