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Oracle decks can provide great insight and movement when you’re feeling stuck, or a revealing foray into any topic you choose if you just want to expand your awareness.

And two of my very favorite decks are available to use online for free.

They’re the two Osho decks and you can find them right here: The Osho Transformation Tarot and the Osho Zen Tarot.

The Zen and Transformation Tarots

The Zen Tarot is based on a traditional Tarot deck, i.e. 4 suits, the major arcana cards, etc., although it has its own suits and well, its own everything. 😀

But the Transformation Tarot is not a Tarot deck at all. (I think the word “Tarot” is commonly mis-used in place of “Oracle”.) It’s a collection of 60 cards with no hierarchy or groupings.

They’re both written by Osho and have a wise perspective and a depth to them that a lot of decks lack.

I discovered the Osho Transformation Tarot first and what I love about it is that each card not only has an “insight” but it has a parable that goes along with it. Together these two elements make for a great tool of self-discovery and I always come away with something useful.

I had seen the Osho Zen Tarot recommended by a lot of people for its beautiful artwork and I whole-heartedly agree. It’s breathtaking. It’s art that’s evocative as well, so when you look at a card, it calls up something from deep inside which is the whole point of these oracle cards, after all. They’re unusually beautiful and because of that, this one’s possibly my most favorite deck of all.


Both decks come with substantial books that are valuable in their own right. They include instructions for using the decks for various purposes along with some unique and useful spreads to use.

Even when you use them online, you can choose from among several different easy to use spreads.

Short on time, or like to keep things simple? Just pull one card, I’m sure that will be plenty! (Did you do it? What did you get? I just got Exhaustion from the Osho Zen Tarot. A part of it says “Life isn’t a business to be managed, it’s a mystery to be lived.” Perfect.)

Never Worked With an Oracle Deck Before?

Eliza Fayle over at Silver & Grace just released her brand new e-guide Developing Our Intuitive Self: Tarot and Oracle Card User Guide. She let me have a sneak peak and I have to say, you just might want to run over there and snag one. (For under 5 bucks you can download a copy immediately.)

It’s beautifully designed and features the fascinating Faerie’s Oracle deck by illustrator Brian Froud. In her lively way, Eliza teaches you all you need to know to get started doing your own oracle card readings, and then some.

I especially liked her section “Asking the right type of question” where she elaborates on “The goal of using cards to develop your intuition is to problem solve, not receive yes or no answers.” She uses lots of real life examples so you really get a feel for how to work and play with the cards.

And if you are so brand new to this that you don’t have an oracle deck, you can use her book in conjunction with one of the online Osho decks I recommended.

Your Turn

Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, using oracle decks can add a new dimension to your experiences. Oracle decks can fill a need all the way from help through a serious crisis to fun exercises that stretch your intuitive muscles.

[And just so you know, I’m not an affiliate for any of the products I mention in this post. I just want you to know about them.]

Do you have any favorite decks? I’d love to know what they are.

Or did you go to the Osho site and try a spread? Want to share your reading?

Did you like the decks and/or Eliza’s guide? Anything else?

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    Hi Patti,

    First, thank you so much for the review of my guide. Huge hugs!

    Now to answer your question about favourite decks. I have 5 decks. Two of them are traditional Tarot decks: Rider-Waite; Crowley Thoth. I used Rider-Waite a lot when I was studying Tarot. Crowley Thoth I save for really deep seated problems. They are extremely powerful in terms of their energy. So much so, I get a headache, but still worth reading if I am really stuck.

    I have a Celtic Tarot. Again, I used to use it a lot, but haven’t ever since I was introduced to my ultimate favs … Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle, and more recently his The Heart of Faerie Oracle. Stunning artwork and it speaks to me. I use both decks for my intuitive mentoring as well.

    That is the trick with picking a tarot or oracle deck. It needs to speak to you. And it is okay to move onto a new deck when the one you have is no longer providing you with answers. I just set them aside. I know someday I’ll be back to them

    Thanks again!



      Oh wow, it’s the author. Hi Eliza. As you know I think your e-guide is great.

      Thanks for sharing your faves.

      I’m a huge Brian Froud fan. He sort of hangs out with the faeries, doesn’t he? I remember a book he did on the Runes according to the faeries, or something along that line.

      Like you, I sometimes use the Crowley Thoth (beautiful and very symbolic) — used to have two of them and gave away my large format deck which was just too big for my tastes. I also got the Rider-Waite at some point because that’s the one used in my Jung and Tarot book (by Sallie Nichols). Excellent excellent.

      Thanks (and on behalf of any readers here) for the extra tips about finding and moving through decks. And I agree… we do have our cycles, don’t we?

      Best of all good things with your guide, Eliza! Thanks for coming by.


    Hiya Patti,

    Ah you are using the Osho Tarot decks. When I began my spiritual journey, I did find Osho’s insights helpful. But I never used his tarot decks before. One thing I always loved about Osho was the great amount of parables he told to illustrate his points. He was a marvelous story teller and it comes as no surprise that his transformation tarot should have a parable to go along with the insight.

    I have never really been drawn to tarot or oracle decks. I prefer the I-Ching instead. But when I did try out the Tarot cards all those years ago, I used the Rider-Waite deck and I like Joseph Vargo’s Gothic Tarot for its dark imagery even though I am not a fan of Twilight haha!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving,

      Hi! I haven’t seen you in awhile. Thanks for sharing, it’s so nice to know these little tidbits about you.

      I’m not familiar with the Gothic Tarot but I can sort of imagine, I guess… And I didn’t know Osho had a thing about parables. Well, not other than this deck, that is.

      Yes, I like the I-Ching too. I actually like all kinds of oracles. I’ll write more about them sometime but I’m trying to learn to do bite-size pieces so I (and my readers) don’t go away gorged instead of satisfied or better yet, wanting more. 😉

      Thanks again for being here and adding your comments. Always a pleasure, Irving.


    I went to the Osho site, those cards are incredibly beautiful, and what a lovely story to go with the card.

    I got yet another reminder of how I am instructed at this point in time to merge with the Divine, and about love. “Love is God” and “God is Love”. This is the third time I’ve gotten this message in three days! (I guess I will listen…)



      Hi Kara,
      Oh, really? Did the card(s) you pulled give you that message? In any case, that’s pretty neat. Especially that you are listening. 😉
      Thanks for coming by!


    Hi, Patti! I enjoyed this post. Never knew you could do cards online. I will be checking that out in a bit.

    My favorite cards..actually the only deck I have at the moment are the Animal Medicine Cards from Jamie Sams, David Carson, Angela C. Werneke. I have used them for myself and to read others.

    Off to try the online Osho cards. Thanks for the links!

    Peace and Light, Linda


      Hi Linda,

      Welcome! Yes, these are the only cards I even know of online, but they’ve been there for years like this so I figured it was safe enough to do a link that won’t go away anytime soon. Aren’t they fun?

      Oh, I’ve eyed that medicine card deck you mention — thanks for sharing that recommendation with us. I love animals but have a hard time justifying another deck, I have so many. But I do have lots of animals around me (I live in a remote canyon) so they are my living oracle for now, sometimes in conjunction with the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

      Peace and Light to you too. Nice to meet you!


    A little P.S.

    Just did the Osho Transformation Tarot…got Enlightenment…speaks volumes to where I am at this moment! Of course, we all knew it would, right?!

    Love and Light…Linda


      Hi Linda,
      Ya, lol, of course it speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing, oh enlightened one! 😉
      That’s pretty cool, actually!
      And I got exhaustion, not fair. (The word didn’t match so much, but the text was really relevant.)
      Thanks again.


    Such a nice reminder, Patti, to use the online cards again. I go through phases when I use them a lot and then phases (like now) where I completely forget about them. I guess that’s alright – usually I forget when things are humming right along.

    My favorite cards at the moment are the Archangel Oracle cards. I got them years ago and still love them. I’ve also had a Crowley Thoth tarot deck forever (it seems), but haven’t used it in a while. Maybe I’ll have to dig it out again…

    Thanks for the reminder!! Love, Silke


      Hi Silke!

      Ya, even tho I actually have them in my closet, I sometimes like to just grab a card on the internet. So easy. And such a convenient way to put off what I’m supposed to be doing, lol. But, like you, I usually use cards when I have an “issue” of some sort, and otherwise don’t give them a thought unless I’m feeling especially in the mood to play with oracles.

      And thanks for telling us your favorite cards — I assume that’s a Doreen Virtue deck?


    P.S. Just drew a card from the Osho Zen Deck and got No. 25 – Intensity. So very right on for me at the moment… 🙂 Love, Silke


    Oh, I know of the elusive Oracle cards indeed.. They travel in tribes, and rarely meet other tribes unless some fanatic gets the Shopaholic disease on Amazon.

    Yes, alright.

    I’ve been using Tarot and Oracle decks a lot lately. They give me insight when I don’t want to spend time listening to my subconscious interjecting thoughts every second. I can give you a recent example. It went like this:

    I am in the process of manifesting something and it’s so close that I don’t even feel like visualizing it anymore. I have been seeing synchroncities abound and I even got a direct question from some stranger about it. However, this said person was drunk, but I don’t really put much weight on that.
    So I’ve asked the same question daily: “What can I DO today to manifest X?”
    I asked the same question today, and I kind of realized it’s going to happen in very near future and my job as of now is just to stay positive.

    So… I guess that decks are good when we don’t trust our dear intuition to provide us answer in our monkey – mind!


      Oh, Sol, you’re so funny.

      I loved your example.

      And what I find is that the deck isn’t so much a substitute for my unprompted intuition, but for me a card may just trigger something new, or make me aware of an idea that I might not have otherwise. Like a flashlight shining on something I might not have seen without it.

      And for people who want or need to strengthen their intuitive muscles (not you, I think ;-)), cards are a fun way to exercise them.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts!

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