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I just did a quick and easy exercise that’s given me vital direction in an area where I’ve needed it, and I already feel a lot more enthusiastic and positive as I move forward.

I thought I’d pass this simple but powerful idea on to you.

Awhile back, I wrote about discovering the Deva of my blog. It was initially inspired by an audio interview with Hiro Boga.

Well, yesterday I was perusing her site again and came across an article that quickly got me back in touch with the essence of what I am doing here. (Thank you, Hiro!)

I rediscovered this important touchstone when she mentioned the qualities of her business (a theme in many of her posts, actually).

I’ll show you how I got direction, and then outline how you can too in 5 easy steps.

It should work with anything at all that you’re working on right now.

The Essential Qualities of Our Creations

I love the idea of considering what qualities my blog/business has, so I took a moment to jot down a few that are important to me with regard to Lightspirited Being:

Spirited & Fun
Integrated (w/holistic, harmonious, connected)
Encouraging (including the heart element as in the root “coeur”)
Evolving (flexible, flowing, responsive, alive)

Ah yes, alive! (So funny because my very first post was “It’s Alive!” How did I stray so far?)

I also noticed that to best express or channel these qualities, I need to:

Be a little gutsy

Okay, I think I can do that.

My list is a little long and over time I will pare it down so I can have a laser focus on just a handful of these qualities. But it’s a good start, and it’s useful already.

Doing this quick little exercise and then being open to the guidance that resulted from it confirmed something for me in a very obvious way.

And it’s something that feels kind of big.

Amazing for such a simple idea.

It’s Time to Express Those Qualities

It’s been recommended by people who know that I make sure each post is super useful. This is excellent advice that’s proven to help get a blog actually read.

But when I use that as a main intent, I find I get bogged down. My posts get really long. I don’t enjoy writing them as much as I could, then I belabor them, and as a result I don’t post as often as I’d like.

And in the meantime, all kinds of little things that I’m excited about and want to spontaneously share languish in the corners of my mind and never see the light of day.

I’d already been toying with the idea of writing a different type of post than I’ve been.

More alive. More in the moment. More spontaneous and vibrant with the life of whatever process I happen to be experiencing that day or week.

This exercise made it crystal clear that that’s exactly what I have to do.

And I think the usefulness will flow naturally from the fact that I’ll write about things that are relevant and useful to me… But I won’t know for sure ’til I try; until I let it unfold with my newly recovered qualities in mind.

Guided in an Obvious Direction

So! I’m going to try something new here on my blog.

Beginning with this post and for the next little while I’ll be sharing snippets of my life as it relates to the topic of this blog, i.e. intertwingling metaphysics, energy, and consciousness work with everyday life. So as I apply these things (whether experimental or productive), I’ll share that with you.

And I won’t be working on a typical post for hours anymore. (Agh, thank God!) So my posts may not be as polished as they could be, but there will be a little — or maybe a lot — more life to them, guaranteed.

I hope you’ll like this change as much as I already do! (I’m really enjoying writing this today!)

5 Easy Steps to Powerful Guidance

So now that I’ve demonstrated what this simple idea did for me, I highly recommend you do this exercise too.

1.  Choose one of your creations — a business, a blog, a project, a relationship, your family, etc. (I bet there’s already one calling to you — I’d start with that one. ;-))

2.  Close your eyes and get in touch with the Deva of your creation if you want; I’m sure that would be helpful. If nothing else, just get quiet and tune into your-heart-your-self.

3.  Ask your Deva (or your-heart-your-self) what qualities s/he or you want to (note: want, not should) exercise and/or bring into the world via this creation. Which match your values? Which feel essential and integral to it?

4.  Listen. Feel. Let the answers flow and jot them down.

5.  Now consider them… Is this the quality you are expressing and magnifying? Or is it time for a slight change? Or a big one?

If you do this, I’d love to hear what you find. Any surprises? A new theme? Or are you a wonder-child and already consistently on track? If so, how-ever do you do it — really!?

Thanks for reading today. Namasté.

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    This is AWESOME and I am definitely going to do this – starting with my blog.

    I can’t wait to see your future posts. I bet you’ll feel so much happier writing your articles when they’re just coming from your heart and you’re not poring over every tiny detail and worrying about it being “useful”. I always figure if there is one person who enjoys or benefits from my post, then I’m happy too.


      Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you so much! You don’t know how much your support and encouragement means to me. It really is/will be helping fuel me as I begin to work with the new mindset I wrote about. Yay!

      And I’ll be interested to watch your blog too and see if doing this makes a difference. I’ve seen quite a few changes there already since I started visiting so it seems you’re already pretty in tune.

      Thank you!!


    I love this idea. I think we ideas flow better when we’re relaxed. If we think we have to stick to some rigid formula it stifles the flow of our writing – at least it does for me. I always find your posts informative and I learn something new every time.


      Hi Angela,

      Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts on this since you do such an amazing job on your blog. I’ve done a few posts that have simply flowed but most just never even get started at all.

      Thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom. Much appreciated! ♥


    Hi Patti,
    I believe it takes some time to find out our voice and who we are in relation to our blog. For the most part I write about what inspires me and I hope will inspire others.

    I would also like to know what topics other people are interested in so I could write about that. My blog is primarily about sharing ideas, insights and helping people on a spiritual level.


      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for those words of wisdom. Every now and then I realize that my hangups appear when I compare myself to the super-people who hit the ground running, or a blog I admire only to find out it’s been cooking along for 3 years or so. 😀 When I think about it, I’m fully enjoying my own process of discovery, with all its twists and turns. Thanks for the great reminder of that.

      Also, very good point about responding to what our readers want. I could do better at that myself, I think.

      Thanks for coming by. It’s always nice to see you. I’ve been touched by how supportive you are in your comments around the blogosphere. You seem to walk your talk.



    When I was younger than I am now, I was often told by my teachers that dreams were silly jokes and they get in my way. Still, the dreams were what kept me fighting through the day.

    Some would say that they’re born to lose, and some would say that we’re born to win. If we’re ‘born to lose’, would it be beneficial to just walk away? I don’t think so. You can always find renewed purpose. I’ve found renewed purpose in my blogging, and it keeps me calm and happy. No pressure. I’m just thinking more clearly. Seizing the day with all that’s offered, the good and the bad and the clear and the haze. Embracing it all and never walking away.

    Keep the fire burning, Patti. Or the water flowing. Or the air blowing.. or.. I don’t know what to say about the earth. Keep steady?

    As for my blog, I focus on making people think outside their box. I hope to be able to help people expand their logic. I hope to bring more colour and more original thinking. Might come with being an Aquarius, but hey.

    I look forward to your posts, Patti. Know that you’ll always have my support!


      Hi Sol,

      Thank you! As a fellow traveler along this path we are walking together, I really love hearing your input on this. I think you are a wise soul in many ways, and I appreciate your generous promise of support.

      I think you and I are both outside-the-box people (do you know one of my first ideas for a blog title was “Life outside the box”?) which may be why we have trouble finding our place with this thing called blogging every now and then.

      Here’s to lots of blessings to us all as we enjoy our journeys — of whatever kind.



    Speaking of all of those qualities, I was (trying to) read your latest post when my 3 year old came along and popped me over to this one. Apparently he liked the picture (or clicking!). Either way, there’s nothing more lighthearted than a 3 year old, so I think you can take that as a good sign 🙂

    I do not see the point of blogging if the writing is no fun. I believe that we are all somewhat plugged in to each other and a lot of times I just write about what happened that week, because (1) it’s generally guided anyway and (2) someone else is bound to be led to me because they needed to read what I was writing or experiencing, for their own benefit. In fact sometimes I clearly experienced what THEY needed to, but since they didn’t, and I wrote about it, they got there anyway. Point is, have fun with it and your readers will come to you because they’re being sent here in one way or another.


      Hi Julie,

      Thank you! I love the story about your little boy, and I do take it as a good sign! Thanks for sharing it!

      In fact, as I read your next paragraph, I realized how much I love intuitives. 😀 I so appreciate people like you who see the connections and synchronicities in all of this, and in everything, actually. It’s how I live — have to live — and it’s so helpful to get input from other birds of a feather.

      Thanks so much for those several good points you made. It’s very encouraging and I will stay on my new track. It already feels so much better, anyway, it’s got to be right.

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