Jul 062011

If you want a way to lift your own spirits and lend a helping hand at the same time, then here’s a quick and easy way to do that.

I don’t know about you but I’m often humbled and touched by the good hearts I see around me in the blog-o-sphere.

Tess Marshall of The Bold Life and Lance Ekum of Jungle of Life are two such hearts.

They took it upon themselves to put together a substantial e-book for you. It’s a collection of favorite posts hand-picked by over 60 writers, all meant to add a touch of goodness to your life.

And it’s free for the taking, if you’d like.

But the really great thing is that in creating and offering it they make it possible for all of us to easily make a contribution to a good cause, thus letting us express our good hearts in the process.

And what is the cause?

It’s the tornado-devastated city of Joplin, Missouri. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Heart of Missouri United Way to help the people of Joplin.

Some of us were lucky to be able to contribute articles. As for you, when you pick up your copy of the e-book, you can easily contribute dollars if you’d like. (And no donation is too small, any amount is appreciated.)

It’s an excellent way to give and receive at the same time.

So if you’re interested, you can check it out here. Grab a copy of the e-book and/or make a donation. It’s easy!

And if you’d like you can also help out by letting people know about it. You can get the graphic here to put on your site — similar to the one in my sidebar — along with a link to the e-book page. (And kudos to Sue Alexander of Inspired Type, for the attractive graphics and beautiful design.)

Thanks to Tess and Lance for making it so easy to lift our own spirits and help others at the same time.

And thank you, too!

And please spread the word by tweeting this post. It would be much appreciated!

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    Wonderful! I hadn’t heard about this, so thank you for passing it along. I’m going to go donate & get the book now!


    Thank you so, so much for the love you have given to this project. It is truly because of amazing people like you that this book came to be. It’s an honor to have your words in this book, and I’m humbled today as I read this piece you’ve written here.




      OMG, you give me too much credit! Given that my efforts were soooo much less than yours on this project, I can only take solace in the idea that even small acts of love are infinite. And then, as I think about that, your obvious labor of love resulting in a beautiful e-book and $$$$$$ for Joplin, add up to infinity x lots, I guess! 😉

      Thank you for coming by, plus plus. Namaste.


    Hi Patti,

    Your contribution to the ebook and this post tell me you have a huge heart. There are no small acts of love!
    Thanks so much for your part in making this project a success. I appreciate you! xoxo

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