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Does your intuition lie limp a lot of the time?

Want to keep your intuitive muscles primed and get regular feedback from other involved intuitives?

Here’s a fun and useful way to do that.

Animal Communication

If you have pets or are an animal lover, you can connect with animals and exercise your intuition at the same time.

What a great combination.

I’ve had pets since the late ’80’s (not counting the numerous animals we rescued and nurtured when we were kids), and as an intuitive I’ve naturally wanted to be able to connect with them intuitively and energetically.

When I first ran across the T.V. show on Animal Planet called “The Pet Psychic” (no longer on the air), I thought it was nutty. But once I’d “accidentally” 😉 watched it a few times, I decided it was fascinating. How ever did she know those things?

It wasn’t long before I was studying and practicing animal communication myself. For those of you unfamiliar with that term, it’s an intuitive practice of two-way communication with animals (or any other sentient being).

How Online Practice Works

One of the things I did that was invaluable was to join a Yahoo group that was created specifically for the purpose of practicing. We had a great moderator who kept us on track … You had to qualify to join (it was just for people with training) and participation in the exercises was mandatory.

Someone would sign up to host a pet or animal (some hosted farm animals or neighbor’s animals) every week, post a photo and a handful of questions, and then we all would do our animal communicating and write up what we got for all the questions, and other impressions if we got any. The host would then provide feedback for each communicator as to their accuracy.

It was a safe and non-judgemental environment. We were all there to increase our skills (not because we were already supposed to be *perfect*) and many for our love of animals. Intuitives are a great bunch of people, I keep finding. 😉

Benefits of Online Animal Communication Practice

Participating in an online practice group has lots of benefits and learning opportunities.

• It keeps you practicing regularly which is the magic ingredient for strengthening your skills

You learn to connect with a broad range of different types of animals

You’re exposed to a broad range of circumstances the animals are in or were in in the past

You get to see how other intuitives interact with the animals and you can try new methods

You get to see how other intuitives interpret their impressions and you learn from that

You learn how to summon up the courage to “put it out there”, which is a biggie

The non-judgemental feedback you get helps you hone your skills

You apply your lessons immediately because the next animal is ready before you know it

• When you have a “hit”, it feels great, it’s encouraging, and you learn from it

• When you’re off target, you can often glean what it is you were picking up and how you could interpret it differently — or you learn how to tell when you’re getting false information

The instant feedback keeps you involved — and accurate or not, you get right back “on the horse”

You’re in the loop about online classes and such (free and otherwise) by skilled communicators

If you have an animal that you host, you get lots of interesting and sometimes helpful info about them

• If you have animals of your own, you all benefit from your improved communication skills

I highly recommend doing something like this if you’re at all inclined.

It works especially well if you’re simultaneously using some other training materials to learn or grow your skills, since there’s no actual teaching or even coaching that goes on in the group itself.

Recommended Online Groups

Unfortunately, the group I was in ended after I was in it about a year and a half because the moderator couldn’t keep up with it.

But here’s another that was recommended by our moderator at that time. Just like ours it’s about practicing, and participation is required (not for every single animal, but they want relatively active participation).

A few others I found as I did research for this post are more for animal communication information and stories than for practicing, but that might be a fun place to start if you’re not real familiar with doing this yet. Both of these are fairly active groups.

This one looks big as there are over 2000 members.

This one’s smaller with just over 500.


Example Practice Session

Just for fun, I’m including an example of a Q&A session with a brilliant communicator who was in my practice group. It’s from a few years ago when I hosted our boxer, Jasmine (Jaz), for group practice.

Note that s/he knew nothing about me or Jaz and only had one photo of Jaz to go on.

It’s a great example of how a light-hearted, playful approach to opening to your intuition lets it flow and serves you well.

My responses are indicated with “***”. (Most practice reports are not this long. I had a lot of optional questions for people to pick and choose. This communicator did them all!)


Q: What are your first impressions, feelings, knowings, sensations, etc.
A: Jasmine is a cool, no nonsense type of dog. She is calm, dependable and likes things to be a certain way.
*** That’s right. And she’s grown into her calmness beautifully.

Q: Does she want to talk?
A: She wants to walk with me, we walk for a while then she shows a pole in red dirt and says I tether myself down – when really freedom better suits my nature. I remind her this is about her, not me but I appreciate her wisdom.
*** Ha, that must have been your pole as she’s never tethered. There was a point where Zak (our other dog) had a broken leg but wanted to be out so we put a curly stake in the ground in the red dirt for him. She probably remembers that.

A: (cont.) Yes I love freedom to travel and just wander around and we agree, walking around in nature is the best. She draws my attention to an eagle.
*** We have 6 acres, fenced, and she is free to run. We also take regular walks in the bountiful nature around here. Never on leash. There are eagles around here, and/or perhaps that was symbolic.

A: (cont.) I notice she is limping a little on her back right leg and she tells me this is how it has always been, but she is ok.
*** YES, her back left is what is actually affected and she does limp (tho it’s sometimes hard to determine which side a limp is on from watching.) And YES, this is a condition she was diagnosed with very young (only 1 or 2) . She’s been very good with it.

These I know the answer to (or have at least observed and can get close):

Q: Describe her personality, at least the most prominent aspects. How does she view the world?
A: Life is an adventure to be lived, she takes me through a wall back in time – soldiers, horses ? Wild west I am unsure. She flashes many pictures at me and It is quite overwhelming. I feel like Jazzy is way better at this AC than I am. She laughs and tells me she has been doing animal communication much longer than I have.
*** She does seem to enjoy life immensely. It’s a little like the wild west where we live, complete with cowboys and horses. YES, I have known since beginning AC that she is my partner; she essentially told me this, and is very intense about communicating to us when she wants something.

Q: How did she come to me/us?
A: She came as a very young dog, after a few other homes – but yours has been her only true home.
*** RIGHT. She was 6 mos. old when she joined our family and had already been returned to her birth home about 5 times after failed placements.

Q: She had an unusual birth. Can she tell you about it?
A: She had to be cut out.
*** YES. Caesarean.

Q: Has she ever had a litter?
A: No and she does not feel like she missed out on anything. No need for her to be a mother this life. There has been plenty for her to do without getting pinned down with a brood of pups, more than enough or her to keep her eye on.
*** RIGHT. And I’m glad to hear she’s happy with that.

Q: Can she tell you about her family (i.e. who she lives with) and comment briefly on each of us?
A: You are her Mommy, you are kind and loving and most of all fun. Not always predictable and a little magical even.
*** That’s funny. I’m very gentle and loving with the dogs (firm when needed, of course). And definitely magical!!! ;-b

A: (cont) She shows me herself with a purple cape and a top hat – I don’t really know exactly what that means, but I guess she is magical too.
*** No doubt! And oh ya, once she did dress up with her siblings to pose for a postcard — I can’t remember what she wore, but maybe that!

A: (cont) She likes that and gives me a toothy smile. Anyone else Jazzy? A nice man, busy but kind, gentle calm energy – another dog and the !$$@$@ cat.
*** RIGHT. My husband and her seem to have a special bond. There is another dog, and there was a cat (whom she aptly described!) altho the cat has passed on.

Q: Can she describe my appearance (or personality or activities) for you?
A: You have wild hair and an exciting personality – I feel excitement from Jazzy about you. You were meant to be together!
*** I do have wild hair (ooo I love that description) and exciting? Well, I do speak in a very happy and enthused voice to her when we are doing anything even mildly interesting or if I am directing her somehow. I love having her in my life.

Q: What does she think of Ollie?
A: He is a bit of pain, but he will grow out of it. She loves him but at times could do without him. He is a great in small doses.
*** YES, This sounds exactly like what I would imagine she’d say. He’s younger than her (and came into our home after her) and is a bit goofy. More enthusiastic and inconsiderate than she’d like which can be bothersome when he’s a 75# lab! They are definitely good partners when exploring and guarding tho.

Q: Any thoughts or comments about Zach (or Zakkie)?
A: Aww she misses him, big love, lots of fun – her chest ached when she lost Zakkie and it is still tender.
*** YES, I so believe that. Zach is/was a dog — a yellow lab cross that we got as a pup from the Humane Association. He was about a year old when Jasmine came to live with us. They were very close, and he’s since passed away of cancer. He was always very sweet and gentle with her (except for when he was reprimanding her — for her own good, of course! 😉 . We let her see his body after he’d gone and I imagine that scene as you mention her chest aching. I think it was good for her to see him but I know it was a shock. (I had no idea then that I could forewarn her. Poor thing.)

Q: How is she with other dogs she is meeting for the first time?
A: She lets them know who is the boss and frankly they needn’t try any $$$!! on with her. (Assuming you know Jaz swears. Not really bad words – it could be to make me laugh, she is a great character)
If they give even a hint of a challenge, she will take them down. This is part of her no nonsense personality.
*** You put it perfectly well; even at her age she does not hesitate to let even the big dogs know she won’t take any — well, you know what word she would use. I’m delighted to know that sweeeet Jaz swears. Maybe she hides it from “mom” as we all learned to do…. ha.

A: (cont) Funnily enough I had a dog named Jasmine who was exactly the same! But she loved people, as does your Jasmine – again I tell her she is a cool dog and she agrees that she is!
*** Yes, she does love people. And yay for Jasmines!

Q: What are her thoughts on cats, specifically Schatzchen (or Schatzie)?
A: Yewww and a turned up crinkled nose! She lets her stay because you love it, but really would prefer it gone. The cat is rude to Jaz.
*** OMG, you’re right. Rude is the word. That cat was rude to everyone, actually.

Q: She’s had some special outdoor training related to a type of animal. What are the specifics?
A: She lets you know where snakes are? It’s her job to keep you aware.
*** VERY GOOD, she’s been trained to avoid them as we’ve got lots of rattlers around. (But she rarely lets me know about them as usually the dogs don’t even notice them and prance right by them. They let me practically step on them myself!) However, YES, she does keep us aware of other things, including other animals.

Q: Can she tell you about her relationship with her chewbones?
A: Omg Omg excited over chewbones!! She LOVES them with a passion and no other dog better try and take them if they know what’s good for them. She feels like a general over chew bones!! I see her in a uniform!!
*** RIGHT. And what’s especially funny is that if there is no other dog around, she couldn’t care less about them. It’s all about competition. But if there IS another dog, she will prance around with it and wag it in their face and lie down two inches from them to chew on it.

Q: What is one of her favorite things to do?
A: When she was younger she loved to run – she says she had loads of freedom and could run for miles.
*** YES. She ran like the wind and has always had lots of freedom. And we used to take many-mile-long walks with her frequently.

A: (cont) Now she still likes to walk but hangs closer to home, she likes hanging around the house – naps where she can dream lots of cool dreams. Again I see an eagle!
*** YES, she loves to be indoors with us even on gorgeous days and now that she’s older, well, we let her. She sleeps a lot — good to know she’s enjoying her dreams.

Q: What is her favorite thing to eat?
A: Beef – the smell of beef makes her back teeth water. I am almost drooling feeling her.
*** Good to know. I had a sense of that and trust your confirmation.

Q: In general, what are some things she likes? Dislikes?
A: She does not like baths or the cat trying to be superior. Well any animal trying to be superior she feels she is the animal boss at home and deserves respect.
*** Good, those are easy for us to avoid! I don’t think she’s ever had a bath. (Really. She’s never needed one.) She and Ollie seem to trade off the alpha thing and both seem comfortable enough with that.

Q: She’s had one chronic health condition most of her life. Can she tell you about it?
A: Stiffness in her back – but it didn’t hold her back, she could run REALLY fast she tells me! It has been an inconvenience – but not a disaster or anything.
*** EXACTLY RIGHT. It never held her back at all and she was really REALLY fast! I knew she loved that. At just about one or two years old she was diagnosed with a spinal condition called ankylosing spodylitis where some of her vertebrae are fused together with something similar to scar tissue due to inflammation. The area affected is near her tail and thus affects her left leg sometimes, causing that slight limp you saw as she warms up. It can be painful and is treated somewhat like arthritis.

Q: How does she feel physically these days? Are there any aches and pains?
A: Just the usual no big deal she says. I ask her to be specific – her neck is stiff, right shoulder , stiff back and right leg …Im not complaining she says. Her eyesight is not as good as it was and she misses clearer vision.
*** Great info. The back and back leg we’ve covered, so that’s definitely right on. I suspect that about her eyesight too — have seen signs of it, actually. I’ll make sure she gets more neck rubs and a few people have mentioned her right front leg.

Q: How does she feel emotionally? What does she “need”, if anything?
A: Glasses!! She is a great dog, great sense of humor! You have given her a great life, she is very content!
*** Wonderful to hear!

Q: There’s something that scares her; what is it?
A: Thunder, I feel her shaking – its something that she has become more afraid of over the years. Freaks her out because she doesn’t know what direction it is coming from or how to avoid it.
*** RIGHT. And YES, she does tremble sometimes if it’s especially booming and vibrating.

Q: Does she like her name (Jasmine or Jazzie or Jazz)? Comments about anything else I/we call her?
A: She loves her name, especially when she is called – “Jazzy Girl!” I ask why Jazzy Girl and it makes her feel soft and loved. Sometimes she gets tired of being big and strong and wants to be babied.
*** Good! And we, especially I, use the term “girl” with her a lot (sweet girl, good girl, beautiful girl) so good to know AND believable. And ya, she certainly loves to be babied.

These I can’t confirm but would love any impressions:

Q: Does she have a job/responsibility/purpose?
A: Yes she is the General, keeping everything in check, keeping you all and the home safe.
*** That she does, and I/we do feel safe because of her.

Q: Is there anything she’d like changed or improved?
A: She would like to walk or sit with you at night under the stars more? Or maybe you do this – I just see the picture and a feeling of peace.
*** Our jacuzzi is out back under the stars and we use it every night. She usually goes out with us and keeps an eye on things. It is very peaceful.

Q: Does she have anything else to say, either to you or me/us?
A: Thank you, I have a wonderful life – I could not of been happier than my life with you. She feels very emotional and she loves you very deeply, sincere gratitude for her life with you. She loves the location and the room to roam.
*** Wonderful, and as already mentioned, the location description is a match.

A: (cont) I thank Jaz for her time and ask if I can give her a cuddle and she accepts the invite – big sloppy kiss on my chin and she laughs and says “ I know you don’t let all dogs do that to you” I say nope but any dog called Jazzy is special to me! Thanks for the chat Jazzy Girl! love and blessings to you .
*** Thank you so much. I had such fun reading this and feel I can benefit too from what you were able to pass on to me. Best of luck in your further exploration of this. You are really good!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and would love to hear any comments, or questions you might have about online groups.

* * * * * * * * * *

Want to practice right now? Hop over to my mini-workshop. I give you 8 simple steps for making the connection and one question to ask our dog, Ollie. You tell me your impressions in the comments, and I give you feedback. Ready? I’ll see you there!

* * * * * * * * * *

And if you or anyone you know is in need of animal communication services, check out my new offering here!

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    What a sweet post! That interview with Jazzy made me all teary. So sweet!! And I love that photo of her!! Hope you are doing great! Love, Silke


      Hi Silke,
      Ya, doesn’t that just capture her spirit so well?! And finding out she swears was quite the funny surprise. :-b
      We’re all doing great … I’ll be in touch.
      Love back atcha.


    As you know, I am REALLY interested in this sort of thing, Patti. I read this word for word and am so, so fascinated by it! I’d love to work with an animal communicator to hear what my dog Chester has to say.

    I think I’m going to join one of those groups this Fall when I have a little more time. This is incredible and I’m wondering if I can translate my human intuitive skills over to communicating with animals!

    How much was your session with that communicator? I’d love to find one if I can’t do it myself. 🙂


      Hi Lindsay,

      YES, your intuitive abilities definitely translate to connecting with animals if you want to do that. I’ve seen people go both directions, where they start off only talking with animals and then expand their intuitive abilities, or the other way around. It’s a matter of tuning into the subtle, which you already do. I have another few posts in mind about it, including one where I will recommend some great books for learning yourself. There are local groups/classes scattered around as well.

      Involvement in a group can be time-consuming but mainly it’s because of the typing up of your practice session. The session itself goes pretty quickly. But ya, you want to do it when you have time for it. I bet you’ll like it — yay! And you can host Chester at some point and get all kinds of interesting tidbits.

      As to your question, I guess I didn’t make it clear: the Q&A session with Jaz was one of the practice sessions with one of my fellow online group members. I don’t think s/he did it professionally. But if you want, I have an email from him (or her … the name was Max) a few years ago and can check for you. Otherwise, it’s easy to find communicators. I sort of spontaneously hung out my shingle when I wrote this article. And Angela Artemis had a guest post or interview by/with one a little while back too.

      Oddly, it’s almost harder to get an objective impression of our own animals than of those we don’t know. But it is possible … kind of different in my experience.

      Oh, I could go on and on, I’ll have to write more posts! 😉

      Thanks bunches for your comment!

      Thanks for your interest and I hope this info helps.


    Thanks for your great sharing here Patti. A fellow animal lover:-)

    I live in a townhome complex that has a trail at the back and both within the complex and on the trail I meet many dogs and enjoy very much communicating with them to whatever degree possible.

    The other day I was returning home from my walk and I hear a dog barking behind me. It seems to be keeping pace with me and I am curious, so I turn to look. There is this charming labrapoodle I think it’s called, straining at its leash, barking at me and wanting to attract my attention. We have met a few times and I have petted it and it evidently knew who I was and wanted to say hello.

    Had a very pleasant little conversation with the dog and its owner and then carried on home. It’s good for the animals and it’s good for us too isn’t it to “converse” with them.


      Hi Christopher,

      Yes, it’s a great thing for all involved, I agree!

      I love this little story because it shows how we communicate with animals whenever we interact at all. They, especially, are very tuned in to our energy. But very cool that you also “heard” the dog, and knew it wanted to connect more directly with you. That’s the tricky part. Not that it’s tricky to get the message (well, sometimes it can be), but so often we don’t trust that we’re getting a message. Love that you do.

      Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful spirit here!


    Hi Patti,
    I’ve never owned pets. We had barn cats when I was growing up. Then after four daughters it was too much to even thing about. It wouldn’t have been good for the pet! I do find this interesting and observing my daughters dog and how smart she is blows me away. Can you tell me why pets are always drawn to me???
    What is the message. Usually I want to get away! Hey I have to be honest;)


      Hi Tess,

      Ya, we didn’t exactly have “real” pets when I was growing up, either. I didn’t know what I was missing ’til I got my first as an adult. The experience has opened my heart wide, and now I’m hooked!

      I think the reason pets must be drawn to you is there’s something in your energy that attracts them. They naturally can sense tons about you. The communication goes both ways, but they are masters at reading us since they haven’t been taught that their gut feelings are “just their imagination” like we have. (It’s the other way around that we usually need training in if we want to do AC). So, I always feel flattered when animals are drawn to me, and you probably should too. They see all your goodness, Tess! Especially when you’re in a good mood.

      Thanks for coming by, nice to see you. I’ll pop over to “your place” soon…


    This is fantastic. I’d love to know what my little guy is thinking. I’ve never felt I had that “gift” though.
    I bet a lot of people would love to learn how to do this. If you love your pet wouldn’t you want to know what they’re thinking and feeling?


      Hi Angela,

      (Hmm, I don’t know why this took a day to show up in my comments section… Sorry for the belated response!)

      I totally agree, most pet owners & animal lovers would love a great way to “talk” with their animals. What I’ve found in my practice is that there are several ways to connect. Often pet communicators use telepathy, but our other intuitive skills–whichever are most natural or developed for each of us–can be used as well. I bet you do know what your guy is thinking in large part!

      Still, like I mentioned to Lindsay above, interpreting our intuition with our own pets can be tricky since we have to get past our “own stuff”, just like getting intuitive answers for our own issues has its own challenges.

      But we can all get there, I think, with practice practice practice!

      Thanks for coming by and for your comment!


    Hi Patti,
    That’s an awesome concept. I have always had the ability to communicate with animals since I was a kid. Animals are never afraid of me, they can sense the energy of a person rather easily.

    There have been a lot of toads around my home once it get’s dark outside. They are usually hanging around the outside of my house and I let them know that it is ok for them to be there.


      Hi Justin,

      Aww, that’s sweet! Smart toads! 😉

      I think it’s so nice that you’re living with them and not moving into their “territory” and then banishing them like a lot of people do. Still, when certain animals do become problematic, I’ve been amazed at how cooperative some can be about boundaries once we really make a respectful connection and have a discussion.

      Thanks for that!

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