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Are you itching to be intuitive but that secret ON switch just keeps eluding you?

Let’s get to the bottom of this so your intuition can guide you like it’s meant to.

Our Senses

In order to survive as humans, we’ve developed very sophisticated senses.

We’ve needed them so we could keep our attention on what’s “out there” lest we be hurt by something or miss something helpful.

It’s natural for us to continually scan our environment, take it in, and decide what’s relevant.

Our Subtle Senses

Just like our 5 senses that everyone acknowledges, we’ve also developed other senses, and for similar reasons.

They’re much more subtle and we tend to experience what they perceive as being “in here”.

But make no mistake. You do have them. They’re natural. We see them at work in the animal kingdom all the time.

They’re sometimes called your “sixth” sense, or your “extra” sensory perception (ESP).

And they’re also known as “intuition”.

The word “intuition” has a root that means to “perceive directly without reasoning”. Do you ever do that? Of course you do!

And you couldn’t turn it off if you tried.

The BIG Secret About the Switch

So the biggest secret is that there is no switch.

You don’t need a switch.

Your intuition’s already ON, and you’re already intuitive!

I know, I tricked you with that headline. Sorry. But really, there must be some doubts lurking around in there, a part of you that sorta-kinda thinks maybe you’re missing something, or else you wouldn’t have been so eager to find out how to turn your intuition on.

Am I right?

If that’s the case, then stick with me. 😉

I know, I know. Lots of you do acknowledge that you’re intuitive, and your curiosity got the best of you. Well, I’m still glad you’re here because I think you’ll like this next section a lot.

We’re Intuitive In Spite of Ourselves

Here’s a remarkable example of our intuition at play, even when we’re not paying it the least bit of attention.

Many years back, a long-distance friend and I played a weekly intuitive game.

Each of us would choose an image, place it in a silver frame, and focus on it. At the same time, we would email a photo of the framed image to the other, but the recipient wouldn’t look at the email right away.

During the week, we would see if we could sense intuitively what was in the other’s frame. We would jot notes or sketch images. When we were ready, we would look at the email of the image and see if we intuited it correctly. Simple.

The image I drew & tossed

One week, I decided to draw the image to put in my frame. I had a vague idea in my head and sat down and played with getting it on paper. In the end, I didn’t like it at all. So I crumpled it up and threw it away, and then I made something else and framed that instead.

While I was doing that, I wasn’t even thinking about what was in my friend’s frame. That wasn’t the point, after all.

Her email had arrived that morning but I still hadn’t looked at it.

I didn’t know until later what a remarkable thing just happened.

“Accidental” Intuition

It was days later when I finally looked in my email and I could not believe my eyes.

Her framed image was almost exactly like what I had originally drawn for my frame soon after she had emailed hers.

I dug through my wastebasket and found the crumpled drawing. Sure enough. Almost a spittin’ image! And I certainly was going for that same feeling of joy.

Framed image by my dear friend, Linda Rae. (Used with permission.)

This is a perfect illustration of us being intuitive even when we’re not trying to.

When I was drawing what I planned to send her, I wasn’t trying to intuit what she sent me yet. (And the fact that we were preparing to play an intuitive game is beside the point, too.)

I was, however, relaxed, in a slightly playful mood, and apparently receptive even without knowing it. (I’ve since noticed that the creative state is much akin to the intuitive state. And both involve alpha and sometimes theta brain waves.)

This fluid state left me naturally open to a mixture of the subtle senses of telepathy (reading her thoughts) and/or clairvoyance (seeing the image).

And by accident!

Or more to the point: Naturally and effortlessly. All on its own.

Just like with our more obvious senses, our subtle senses are continually scanning and receiving, whether we pay attention to that or not.

Claim Your Magic

So acknowledge that you’re intuitive. And if you still doubt it, there are stories like this everywhere. Allow them to convince you.

If things like this happen by accident, surely you can also tune-in intentionally.

Once you claim your natural subtle senses, it’s just a matter of strengthening and refining your skills. A wine-taster may have such a well-developed palate that s/he can describe all kinds of nuances that might escape you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t taste.

Same with your intuition.

Do you have some examples to share of “accidental” intuition?

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    Love it, Patti!

    I am always amazed when people reply to me or we’re responding to each other’s blog posts and they complete my thought. Kind of like the thought I had was not fully formed, and they just put in the missing piece of the puzzle that I didn’t even know was incomplete, and they assume I saw it all from the beginning. It’s as if they were with me following along the whole time. Maybe they were 🙂


      Hi Julie,
      I know… You say you’re “always amazed…”, and I realize that I am too. Even though I know this stuff happens all the time and I even expect it. I wonder why that is? In some ways, maybe it’s more the element of excitement and awe than the element of surprise (sorry, I guess I’m being too literal with the “amazement” thing) that I feel. But I guess what we’re saying is it sure is cool, hey?! 😉

      Besides all that, sounds like you have some pretty great connections for you to get such resonance with so many people. Also cool!

      Thanks for your comment, AND for coming by, of course!


    That’s so cool, Patti! I wanna play that game with a friend now and see how it works!


      Hi Lindsay,
      Ya, it was pretty fun. Even when we weren’t synching up on the images so well, we always, without fail, synched up on a bunch of other things. The fact that we were watching for that helped us learn, I think.
      Thank you!


    How. Absolutely. Fascinating. What I got from this and what I ‘intuit’ all the time is that it happens when you are not trying to control it. It’s a natural, animal, spiritual, intrinsic thing, that to control it would be like trying to control the weather.

    However there may be people who can genuinely control it as there are people who can control their own heartbeat by some innate knowledge that the rest of us cannot acquire. Very, very interesting.


      Hi Pea,

      Welcome! Thanks for coming by.

      I love your statement “It’s a natural, animal, spiritual, intrinsic thing, that to control it would be like trying to control the weather.” So true! Interesting way to think about it.

      I do think we can learn to pay attention to it very carefully, though, and that’s when things get really interesting!

      Thanks so much for your comment.


    Hi Patty,
    I had always been aware of intuition even as a child but it seems to be getting stronger and stronger these days. I like your example of the email exchange pictures between you and your friend.

    It seems that at least in my lifetime that logic has been trying to replace intuition. I will stick with my intuition though.


      Hi Justin,

      You know … My intuition continues to get stronger all the time too. I don’t know if it’s because I finally give it its due, or if there really is just more accessible to all of us (like we hear all time). I actually think it’s both.

      I also like using both logic and intuition. To me, that’s a great combo. And ya, like you, I wouldn’t let logic replace my intuition if I can help it. Intuition is too way cool. 😀

      Thanks so much. Always nice to see you.


    What a great game and story of how intuition works. I love seeing mine develop more and more. I notice it most strongly with my family and good friends when we pick up the phone to call each other at the same time. 🙂 And you are so right, it happens so much more easily when I am relaxed and in a playful frame of mind… Much love! Silke


      Hi Silke,

      Nice to see you here!

      So, do you think I’m preaching to the choir here? Most of my readers are intuitives themselves (at least I think so), already owning up to it. 😉 Like you — artist and intuitive, what a combo! I’m sure you can really get in that space. But then, I know you… You sort of live there, don’t you?

      Here’s to living in our playful, intuitive space — much of the time, anyway!

      Thanks for coming by. And bunches of love to you, too.


    Hi Patti,

    What a nice topic you have here. We all should use our intuition or what some call the sixth sense. If we look deeper into ourselves, following our intuition will become easier. I like the example you shared about the intuative game. Thanks for sharing Patti 🙂


      Hi Dia,
      Welcome! I’m glad you liked the topic. Just one example of many but I thought it was kind of fun.
      I think you’re right, often intuition seems to be found deep within.
      Thanks for sharing!


    Hi Patti,

    Your article here on us having intuition whether we like it or not is powerful. I think we all try to live on this world with too much focus on our physical senses and very little on our natural instincts. I never have a doubt that this intuition exist in us all and is always turned “ON’.

    Could you share a bit more on how we can better identify this intuition? Are there feelings, sensations or clues as to whether our intuition is at work? How do we hear our small still voice?



      Hi Jimmy,

      Welcome, nice to meet you! And thanks for the great comment. I think you’re right on that we don’t focus on our natural instincts. We’re actually taught to ignore them in lots of cases. Many of us have to unlearn bad habits before we can even start at neutral.

      Also, thanks for the request. It helps me to know what further info you’d like. I don’t think there’s any one thing in common to all intuitive experiences. This experience I wrote about is a good example of one just happening without any clues at all. But there are a few things that are often present when our intuition is active, and there are a few ways to tell if it’s intuition or something else. It’s a bit much for me to put in a comment reply, but these are great questions and I’ll do a more thorought post in response!

      In the meantime, to answer your 2nd and 3rd questions, I would say that it’s very subtle so you really do have to pay attention or you miss it. (Of course, sometimes it knocks us over the head if we ignore it too long.) You might check out this earlier post that I linked to toward the end of the article. Oh, and here’s another about how you can touch in intentionally throughout the day.

      And to identify it (your 1st question), I like to see if there’s a logical thought-trail that led to the experience. If so, it’s a thought. If not, it’s and it just popped in, then it’s much more likely to be an intuitive hit. I use this a lot, and it seems remarkably reliable. If you try that awhile, I’d love to hear if you think it’s helpful.

      Thanks again for coming by AND for contributing!

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