Aug 252011

Don’t you just love it when a chronic physical issue just goes away?

Me too.

So today I want to share a little *magic* with you that can increase the chances of that happening in your life. Auto-magically.

I hurt my shoulder a few months ago. My chiropractor says it’s my rotator cuff, and that I need to baby it so it can heal. So I’ve been doing that … But I don’t see much improvement. If anything, I keep re-injuring it.

The other day, I decided it’s time I work a little magic with it. That can mean a lot of things to me (as you may know), but in this case I mean that I’m going to practice some Holographic Emergence with it. (And I just finished an astonishing session. Very fun.)

A Little Magic Does the Job

I have every confidence doing this will make a big difference.

Years back I developed bothersome TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorder; quite the mouthful). It was painful and had become chronic. After I’d had it for years it was recommended to me that I have surgery. Yikes. No way. I decided to get to work.

I used a combination of Matrix Energetics and Reiki on myself. Amazingly, I didn’t even have to do too many sessions (I did regular Reiki for awhile, maybe about 10 treatments, and about 3 or 4 Matrix sessions, all over about a 4 month period) before I simply forgot about it and later realized that the TMJ was gone. Completely gone! This was a few years ago and it’s never returned.

And so, it’s foolish of me not to do a similar thing with my shoulder.

Synchronicity as Confirmation

But here’s the cool thing. The morning I decided to do this–and to perhaps blog about the process–I was walking Ollie (our sweet old lab) and decided to listen to some Deepak Chopra on my MP3 player.

OMG! Talk about synchronicity! Everything he said was such an affirmation of what I’ve experienced ever since beginning my practice of Matrix Energetics. And to me it said “Do it!” It also said to share it.

It’s one thing to be familiar with the ideas, but when you live them, that’s when the real magic happens.

Some Magical Ideas from Deepak Chopra

So, without further ado, I want to share some of Deepak’s statements with you. They’re from his 5 CD audio set “Magical Mind, Magical Body“, and I’m only 1/2 hr. into it but I can already recommend it. (And I love that he sounds so excited as he talks about these things. It makes for an involved listening experience.)

• Health is not just the absence of a disease, it’s a joyfulness that should be inside us all the time. It’s a state of positive well-being, which is not only physical but emotional and ultimately even psychological and spiritual.

[Note: You can use that simple idea with great effect. Every time you feel frumpy, repeat the idea to yourself that you are well and express well-being and you’ll feel an instant shift.]

The body is not a frozen sculpture, it’s a river of energy and information. … You can not step into the same flesh and bones twice.

• You replace 98% of all the items of your body in less than one year.

• There is a deeper reality to the body and that deeper reality is what we want to see because from that deeper reality comes both the mind and the body. Both come from that deeper level of existence.

• A physicist would say: “Our atoms are particles that are moving at lightening speeds around huge empty spaces, they emerge from something which is just a field of pure potentiality, just a field of pure energy, and from that field these particles emerge. They’re fluctuations of energy and information. They emerge from a void. They rebound, collide, and then disintegrate into the void.”

• We have a thinking body. And you can’t imprison the mind in the brain. That’s an old notion, that the mind is confined to the brain. The mind is in every cell of our body.

You can’t even confine the mind to your physical body because it extends beyond your physical body into the whole universe. We are part of a thinking conscious universe that is basically a non-local field of information. We can call the universe a non-local field of information and energy with which this local expression (which we call the physical body) is exchanging energy and information.

• It’s estimated that the average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts a day … and 95% of the thoughts you have today are the ones that you had yesterday. So you keep creating the same patterns that give rise to the same physical expression of the body. If you go to a deeper level, witness the whole process, become conscious of it, then you’d realize that in fact there are choices here.

What we do is we take that chaos of energy soup, we ingest it through our 5 senses, and then we convert that into a physical reality in our own awareness, in our own consciousness. And we do it unconsciously most of the time that results in certain interpretations that are part of a cultural indoctrination.

There’s one part of you that doesn’t change. If you find that part of you that doesn’t change then you’ll be able to cause transformations in that part of you that does change.

[Note: Deepak uses the word “you” but then goes on to complicate it. You can discover that part of you that doesn’t change easily and simply. Just visit  John Sherman’s website and take advantage of what he so generously offers.]

• Now if I said the mind is omniscient it would sound sort of mystical. That it knows everything, it’s omnipotent, it’s omnipresent, it would sound almost like I’m talking in mystical terms. But in fact, in scientific terms, that’s an accurate statement.

Now once we recognize that — even to have the insight — is to begin to cause transformations in your body. A person’s body is nothing but an expression of all the ideas they have about it.

• If there’s a fluctuation that changes at deeper levels of energy and information then it causes, spontaneously without having to do anything, you don’t have to brainwash yourself about this. You just have to have the insight. And the insight itself causes the changes.

Patterns of Light and Information

So, these are some of the ideas I use — that have become a part of me — as I work with my shoulder. Or more accurately, this pattern of light and information that I perceive as a shoulder. 😉

Like Deepak says, recognizing this reality helps create a transformation all by itself. It’s what gives us a lot more power than we think we have otherwise.

And therein lies your magic.

So this is the world I get to play in every day.

Want to join me? Or have you already?

(Need some extra magic in your life? Consider booking a Holographic Emergence session.)

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  18 Responses to “Your Magical Mind, Magical Body”


    Hi Patti,
    I am a huge fan of Deepak Chopra. I have been listening and reading to him for over ten years now. Our body is conscious energy that is always in motion.

    Doing energy healing like Reiki is a great way to keep the the energy healthy and flowing.


      Hi Justin,

      Ya, I always enjoy him too. I was introduced to him in the early 80’s when I impulsively (aka intuitively) went to a talk he was giving. That’s when I discovered Ayurveda and then all its sister-sciences including my Jyotish.

      And I agree about the Reiki too, it’s always helpful. I want to point out, though, that the Matrix Energetics and in some ways what Deepak is talking about here is a different animal altogether. It’s something that’s starting to be called “consciousness technology” and does not involve “running energy” like a lot of the energy healing modalities. It’s more about slipping into an alternate reality, actually. Sounds a little nutty but it’s based on sound quantum principles, even if they’re not fully understood yet even by the physicists.

      Thanks so much for coming by. Always great to see you.


        Hey Patti,
        It’s more about slipping into an alternate reality, actually. Sounds a little nutty but it’s based on sound quantum principles, even if they’re not fully understood yet even by the physicists.

        If it sounds nutty it is most likely true in my experience. The nuttier the better in my opinion. 🙂


    Hi Patti,
    I used to be a Deepak fan and stopped when he kept repeating the same things in all of his books. I heard now he doesn’t even write his own books. Is that true?

    I do still believe and use a lot of what I learned along the way. I’m pretty sure he has a book by the same name of our CDs. I’ll send light and love to your shoulder.

    A person’s body is nothing but an expression of all the ideas they have about it.~Oh dear you don’t want to know the ideas I have about my body;)


      Hi Tess,

      I have no idea if Deepak still writes his own books or not. I don’t read everything he writes, and even though this particular CD set (and yes, I did see it’s also a book but this is a Nightingale Conant audio and sounds very conversational; I think it may be different than the book) is older and not new information, I think it’s fun to hear these things again. I get all inspired and popped back into the space where that’s my reality again. Sometimes I live there but sometimes I don’t.

      Thanks for the light and love to my shoulder. Hmm, I think it feels better already. At least I do! ♥


    Very happy to spend some time at your blog Patti. I love your fresh, intrepid, loving and imaginative spirit. And I love the way in which you don’t skate on the surface of awareness but insist on going deeper.

    I also especially appreciate your mention of John Sherman. You had mentioned him one time in a comment at my blog and I have found him a true treasure. Just want you to know I’m with you in your journey. Love and blessings.


      Hi Christopher!

      Even though I’ve been a lifelong bookworm, I had to look up the word intrepid. Usually it’s in a context where it fits, lol! I sure don’t think of myself that way but I do have to admit I’m getting there more and more every day. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and figure what the hell — I mean, now’s the time — or if it is partly because of “the looking” a la John Sherman.

      And speaking of, I’m so glad you are still appreciating him! I’m not sure why except that it tells me perhaps he really will catch on. I think it would do the world good.

      So nice to see you here, Christopher. Thanks so much.


    This was fantastic! I love, love Deepak. I think he’s awesome. I read an earlier book by him about health in the late 1990s. (Don’t remember the name of it). Anyway, I so believe in what he writes. Thank you for sharing. I need a session with you! My left shoulder rotater cuff is killing me and my right arm has “tennis elbow!”


      Hi Angela,

      Hmm, was the book Quantum Healing by any chance? I actually picked it up used because the title appealed to me and was too cheap to resist, but I haven’t even read it yet lol. Have you read his The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire? I love that one and bet you might too. It’s all about synchronicity.

      Hey, every day (okay, it’s been twice now and I have good intentions of it being regular) I’ll be doing a session on my shoulder (mine’s the left too) and I’ll include yours, how’s that? And I have to say: Scary thinking how much writing you’d be doing if your arms were both in tip-top shape. Yowza, look out, world!!

      Thanks for coming by. I love seeing you.


    Hi Patti,

    Thank you for your post. Indeed we are what we think we are. We manifest ourselves all the time. Incidentally, I had a very similar shoulder injury as you are talking about.

    In my case, I suffered for 4 months, just waiting for it to get better on it’s own. I then saw a doctor who gave me a shot of Prednisone and instructed me do very painful localized exercises…

    It was not until I resumed yoga stretches and asanas for my whole body that my shoulder condition miraculously improved. It sure felt great!

    Be well! Vlad


      Hi Vlad,

      Oh, I think you’re heaven sent! Not only do I have a toothache tonight but my shoulder problem persists, and you’re a shining ray of hope and encouragement. Thank you! And I’m so glad for you that your shoulder improveed.

      I did begin regular Matrix/Emergence sessions with mine around the time I wrote this post, along with Reiki and something Eckhart Tolle suggests which is simply being “present” in/with my shoulder area/pattern/whatever. 😉 And that did help. I was feeling definite improvement. But I’ve been slacking. Thanks for the nudge.

      And thanks for visiting and leaving this great comment. I really appreciate it. My best to you.


    Love, love, love this!! Of course you knew I would!! I’ve been playing so much with this kind of magic lately and having a ball!! More and more I am realizing that I create it all – everything around me and that it can all be created new and differently in the blink of an eye. It just awes me!! Must have to check out that book/audio by Deepak.

    And, again, I cannot get over how much work and detail you put into your blog posts!! Makes mine seem like little notes sketched on a yellow pad… 🙂

    Love & Magic, Silke


      Hi Silke,

      Yes of course you would love it, you’re my Matrix bud! I think you’d like the audio. Nothing really “new” but fun to listen to as it reminds our conscious minds of the possibilities.

      And your little “notes” are beautiful, and apparently your bunches of followers agree.

      Love & Magic to you, too (oh, I might steal that, is that okay?)

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