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Dr. Richard Bartlett tells in his seminars of people who’ve tried Matrix Energetics even without taking one of his seminars, and had immediate results. To their own surprise, they were soon facilitating remarkable transformations.

You can do this too, and it may take as little as 4 to 16 minutes.

How They Did It

In most of the cases, they were people who’d read Richard’s first book “Matrix Energetics”. It has a chapter teaching how to do a two-point, one of the basic techniques of opening to the field where magic and miracles can happen.

Or some had gone to the Matrix Energetics website, watched some of his videos, tried it, and succeeded.

The funny thing is that the more seminars I’ve taken and the more I’ve practiced Matrix Energetics, the more simple it’s gotten. I’m now to the point where I don’t even need to do a “technique” for things to happen.

Richard is right. It’s not about being a do-er, it’s about being a door.

So if you’d like to begin playing around with Matrix on your own, I highly recommend it and Richard encourages it too.

There’s a good chance you’ll get some happy surprises!

How You Can Do It

Here are a few simple ways you can begin:

• Listen to or download this audio snippet of Richard teaching the two-point technique.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s from Music of Your Mind with Maureen Caudill. It’s a 16 min. segment of Richard teaching her do a two-point right on the spot. It’s excellent, and is all you need to begin practicing on your own. I recommend you listen frequently and allow your experience to be different each time.

(The interview took place on May 3, 2007, and I can’t find it on the original site anymore or I would link you directly to it. Here is a link to the interview in its entirety.)

• Watch the videos on the Matrix Energetics videos page.

In this first video you can see Richard explain and demonstrate a two-point. At only 4 min. long, it’s still long enough to give you an idea what a two-point is and begin playing with it.

It looks like he’s trying to change a physical feature, and he is … and he isn’t. He comments on this idea toward the end of this video.

At my first seminar I got up on stage with Richard while he did some work with my mild scoliosis. It was a trip. One of the results was that my scoliosis was noticeably improved, instantly! But besides that, I changed. I didn’t think about it much until a few weeks later when a friend of mine told me I’d changed since the seminar. That I was less rigid. I had to agree that was true, and isn’t it interesting that Richard had worked with my in/flexible skeletal system? I think it is!

The point is that things change at many levels.

• Read Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett.

Just reading it will put you into a magical space. But if you practice doing a two-point (chapter 6, complete with illustrations) you’re even more likely to notice results. If you’re like me (and a lot of people) you will make this more difficult than it needs to be. It’s sort of a paradox but you don’t even need to do it “right”. Allow it to be effortless if you can.

Please let me know in the comments if you tried any of these suggestions. What’s different?

Note: Matrix Energetics is a complete system of transformation. If you want more information, this page on the Matrix Energetics site is informative, or read about my Holographic Emergence™ services which are primarily based on my training in Matrix Energetics.

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    I listened to the audio and watched the video and I kinda don’t get it! How was he able to make that girl all loosy-goosey and laugh like that at the end? And here I thought I was a fairly intelligent person! 😉

    It sort of puts me in mind of EFT (or something along those lines) but since I don’t quite “get” it yet, I’m going to do some reading! Will definitely pick up the book. Thanks, Patti!


      Hi Lindsay,

      The whole thing about ME is that you are stepping outside the left brain so it’s not at all about intelligence. In fact, the fun thing about the seminars is they create a special right-brained world for us where things are “allowed” to happen. It’s wild. So don’t worry that you don’t “get it”. That’s good!

      Just do what he says on the audio … try it along with the interviewer … and see if you can notice anything changing. Anything at all. Or see if you get any sensations. That would be a good sign that something outside your field of awareness is changing.

      I’m so glad you tried it and I appreciate hearing your experience of it. Thanks!


    Hi Patti,
    I have never heard of Matrix Energetics before but it sounds very appealing to me.I truly love to hear about healing modalities that deal directly with working on the energy of the person instead of pills and surgery.


      Hi Justin,
      Cool, I’m glad to be able to introduce you to it. I bet you’d like trying it out and would love to hear about it if you do.

      And it’s much more than a healing modality but as such it does a great job. I had a tooth pulled yesterday and as conventional a procedure as that is, I know it went as smoothly as it did in part because of the matrix I did with the whole situation. So it works great on its own but also as an adjunct to traditional western medicine.

      Thanks for coming by!


    I listened to the 16 min audio and was able to feel dramatic results, right then and ever since often as easily visualizing and lightly releasing with dramatic results! (I know BUT the results ARE dramatic!)


    Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom about Matrix Energetics so generously.
    I have recently returned to Richard’s work as initially it was seemed simply way too whacko when I watched him the first time several years ago… much has changed since then both in myself but also in our global understanding of Consciousness and the Cosmic laws…what was once so way out is now almost mainstream LOL

    I’ve been reading The Physics of Magic which of course is messing with my beliefs exactly as it should but would love more info about the Two Point. Can I really do it on myself?
    Where can I find more info without at this stage attending one of his seminars?

    Many thanks Patty


      Hi Sandhan,

      Gee, for some reason there’s no email alerting me that you made this comment. Sorry for the delayed response! I was happy to see you connect on FB earlier and now even happier to see your comment. Thank you!

      I totally agree about both things you said about Richard and ME. Whacko — yes! (And yay for that! ;-)) And now almost mainstream — yes again. Amazing how quickly things are changing. On the other hand, I find my circles are just more likely now to include open-minded people who will discover the amazing usefulness of this kind of thing. So maybe it’s a mixture?

      I think you mean The Physics of Miracles, right? (Not Magic.) That and his first book Matrix Energetics are the best sources of info I know of as to the Two-Point and ME in general. I’ve heard tell people can do ME just from using the book and watching Richard’s YouTube videos.

      And yes, of course you can do the Two-Point on yourself! The post you’re commenting on: How You Can Do Matrix Energetics Yourself Right Now has that audio that’s pretty excellent if you want to learn the Two-Point. Even after knowing ME for years, I still thought it was one of the best instructional bits I’d come across.

      And of course, I’m sharing my own adaptation of ME and other CT’s (or Consciousness Technologies) here on this blog too, so do check in now and then (or subscribe to my RSS feed). It’s recently become my main focus so there will constantly be more. It’s tricky knowing where to start but I’m giving it a shot. I’m also accessible (as you see) for when you have questions, etc.

      Hope that was helpful. Thanks so much for coming by! Nice to meet you and I hope to see you again. 🙂


    Happy I came back here to show a friend the link… isn’t Life wonderful how it creates exactly what we need at exactly the time we need it! (Even when we’re not so crash hot on the idea sometime LOL)?

    I never got an email notification to say you had commented on my comment so might have missed this long, concise and generous response.

    Thanks so much


      Hi again,

      Well I’m glad you “happened” to come back too! (And thanks for sharing w/your friend!)

      I also appreciate your telling me you didn’t get an email about my reply. Getting one is not the default here, you have to check the box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. I don’t see you listed as having done that. If you did, and you still didn’t get an email, please let me know so I can look into it (that is, if you ever even see this comment, lol)!

      Thank you!


    I’m new to Matrix Energetics and I sure could use all the help I can get, I ordered the book The Science and Art of Transformation, do you have any advice on what I can do now before I get the book? I’m hoping to get some help with my life now because it’s been a crazy year due do the death of Billy my bf on February 1st and I’m hoping for a better future, it’s so hectic right now it aint even funny. Thank you for listening and hopefully helping me. (((Hugs)))



      Oh my gosh, Barbara, my apologies! For some reason, this comment didn’t show up (or else I missed it) until now. I’m so sorry! I usually get back to people right away.

      First, I’m so sorry about your friend Billy. That can really have a profound effect in so many ways.

      You probably already have the book by now (I’m so embarrassed!) but here’s what I recommend. In all my Matrix training, they never got real clear about “The State”. At least not then, when I took it. But what I’ve discovered on my own is that for me it’s very much like that state of stillness, of Presence, that Eckhart Tolle (and indeed all the Eastern masters) talks about. You could do well to work with that. It will not only help you with your Matrix, but it will help you find some peace after your huge loss and all that entails. I just lost my dog recently (with whom I was extremely close) and being more in touch with my Divine Presence – whose peace is not contingent on outside events or situations – has made all the difference.

      I hope that helps. Let me know. And I wish you peace.
      Thanks for coming by and writing.


    Thank you for your response. I did get the book on Wednesday but now i’m in the process of moving and I haven’t had time to respond. I read most of the book and I have really enjoyed it, I just wish somebody would do to me what Richard did to Mark on page 82 Then I growled at him, “See your hands glowing purple and be able to do this now!” Because I understand some but not all of it and it’s very frustrating!!! Thank you again.(((Hugs))



      Hi Barbara,

      Wow, you are going through some changes, aren’t you?

      Glad you’ve gotten into the book and are enjoying it. Maybe it will help you not be so frustrated if I tell you that you don’t have to understand it. Just let yourself play with opening your mind to the possibilities, and all else will follow.

      All my best.


    Well I’m at my new apartment with my daughter and grandson. I saw something on the internet and was hoping maybe you can help me? I saw it somewhere that you can ask for somethings and they answer you with a “Okay, I am plugging you into those right now and creating a space for you to have them.” I was wondering how do you plug into it or accept it??? Thank you for helping me!!! (((Hugs)))



      Hi Barbara,

      Congrats on your new home – I wish you many blessings there!

      I don’t know anything about that idea you read about, but it sounds like a simple way for our rational minds to conceptualize a shift, to make you as a personality more receptive to allowing what you want to manifest. I would recommend you play around with it on your own. YES, just PLAY! Try it different ways at different times. You just might surprise youreself!

      You might want to do some of my exercises to enter the “state” first, and then while you’re feeling that, do your plugging in. It’s not strictly required but might help.

      Have fun, good luck, and do let me know what happens!
      Thanks for coming by.


    Hi. I’m very interessted in energy healing methods like matrix energetics. I’ve tried Reiki before. But I have always the same problem. I never feel the energy flow or any change. And now the same problem with matrix energetics. I did some of the examples which are described in the book and I feel NOTHING. People are able to learn it in 10 minutes. Whats wrong with me? 🙂


      Hi Dida,

      This is an excellent question! The short answer is there is nothing wrong with you! The main thing to understand is that Matrix Energetics is NOT an “energy healing method”.

      It sounds like you have the book and if that distinction isn’t made clear there, then take a look around their site. Matrix is based on something so cutting edge it doesn’t have a well-known name, but like some others, I’m calling it a “consciousness technology”.

      The “state” you enter when you practice takes you to such a subtle place in consciousness that any changes that occur then or as a result are not necessarily felt in the way energy work can be felt.

      I encourage you to continue to practice, and rather than worry about what you feel during, see if anything’s different during or afterward.

      Does that help?

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts!


    Hi Patti

    Thanks for your response! I didn’t read the whole book for now. I was so excited when I heard about matrix energetics and I decided to read the “Two-point technique” chapter first. 🙂



      Oh, good! It sounds like the more you get into it (the book AND the practicing), the more you’ll get what I’m saying and be able to relax into the results.

      Good luck, and have fun!


    HI Patti!

    I truly appreciate this article and the others on Matrix Energetics. I’m a new-bie, eventhough, I’ve had the book in my library for YEARS, something recently has brought my attention to actually reading it!! I LOVE this article on getting into the State. I haven’t finished reading and digesting the book fully yet. I understand that being in the State is the core of who this technology can be used. Do you have any tips or insight as to what we can do after we have become confident in getting to the State? I guess this question is a coaching and training question lol, so no worries if you can’t really answer it entirely. I just appreciate this article and it’s clarity and I am open to whatever you can share!

    Thank you!! 🙂 🙂


      Hi James,

      Thanks so much for your comments, I’m so glad you like my posts on this topic! I came toward Matrix Energetics slowly, too. All in it’s own time … 🙂 Funny about the book because I’ve read it a few times and each time it seems completely different. I’m sure that when you get around to it, it will be just what you need.

      You’re right, at least from my perspective, being in the state is fundamental to any Quantum Consciousness technology. And as to what you do after getting into the state, that’s completely up for grabs! First, you don’t have to “do” anything. If you want to make use of the power of the technology, tho, you’ll at least want to offer an intention (tho you can do that before getting into the state as well). But really, like I say in the article, you’re a door, not a do-er. It can take awhile for that to really sink in.

      The other thing, which is what I do, is to play and interact with “the field” once you’re there. I find that in the Open State (as I call it), I am very open to intuitive impressions, guidance, various healing modalities, etc. But each of us will have our own way of proceeding. Just watch some of the videos (mentioned in the article) to see how Richard does it. He can be pretty inspiring and at the same time encourages each individual to explore on their own.

      Not exact instructions, but playing and discovering on your own is half the fun, and eventually you’ll begin to trust the power in that.

      All my best, and thanks for stopping by! Let me know how it goes, k?

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