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If you have pets, you appreciate the value in being able to understand what’s going on with them.

And given the comments and emails I got after my recent animal communication post, it seems a lot of you wish you could hear what they’re saying to you.

Well I’ve got news for you: You can!

It’s a natural ability, and all it takes is a little coaching and for you to begin to experiment with it.

So I thought I’d give you a few pointers about how to receive messages and let you try your hand at it right now.

A Practice Session with Ollie

Our sweet yellow lab, Ollie, has agreed to talk with you today. (He’s not talked with strangers like this before and thinks it might be interesting.)

Believe it or not, it’s easier to get unbiased impressions of an animal you don’t know personally than one you do, so this is a good way to start out.

I’m going to give you one question to ask him; one that we can verify which is important when you’re learning.

You can leave your impressions in the comments (or email them to me if you prefer).

If you get any additional impressions, even if you don’t know how to interpret them, leave those too.

I’ll reply to each comment (or email) with individualized feedback on your impressions, much like I did for the example online practice sessions I showed you here.

So you’re essentially getting a free lab class. (Agh! Excuse the pun.)

[Note: My replies are on a special feedback page so you won’t inadvertently see the answer to the question before you do the exercise. Do NOT go to that page until after you’ve done your session and commented with your impressions. The link to it is toward the bottom of this post.]

Ready to have some fun? Good! Let’s get to it!

A Step-by-Step Animal Communication Session

Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed. You might want to have something to jot down some notes with, or have an audio recorder handy.

1. Calm yourself. Use any technique you normally use. This doesn’t have to be extreme; just so you can focus calmly.


2. Look at his photo. Look him in the eye and softly examine him — but not with your intellect; with your heart. You’ll likely get a few impressions right off the bat. Make a note of them.

3. Say hi. See if you can feel a connection.

4. See if he feels available to talk for a minute. Just like a person, if an animal is intently involved in something, he won’t be too communicative.

If yes, proceed. If no, try later.

5. Ask if he’ll talk to you.

If yes, proceed. If no, try later.

6. Ask the question.

Here’s the question for Ollie:

What do you get immediately after dinner every night?

If you want to make sure you’re getting through to him, you can ask with an image. Picture him just finishing whatever’s in his dog bowl (in the kitchen) and then looking at me.

You can prompt for details too if you’d like, e.g. Do you like it? How do you feel when you get it?

7. Pay attention to everything.

You probably already know that your first impression is important. Always note it. Often, that’s all you need.

If you don’t get an impression or if you get one that’s weak or “iffy”, you can specifically ask him to give you sensual information (e.g. What does it look like? What does it smell like? If it’s an activity, what do you see or how does your body feel?)

You can also probe for other details (e.g. Is it a thing? Something he plays with? Does he eat it? Is it an activity? Is it a job?)

And a simple yet effective technique that’s a good foundation for any intuitive work is to run through your senses one by one and see what you get.

a. Sound

You may “hear” a word or phrase describing the object or activity. This is common with animal communication.

Or you may hear him getting the thing or hear what someone in the vicinity would hear.

b. Sight

Watch for any visual impressions. You may sense a shape, a color, or maybe some thing(s) you recognize. You may see what he does once he gets the object or activity.

If you see something that’s unique to you, then it’s likely that it’s symbolic, so see if you can get a feel for what it might mean. If it’s something common or something new to you, then it’s probably a literal answer.

c. Smell or Taste

Physically breath in and see if there’s a scent in your “mind’s nose”.

Move your tongue around in your mouth while still in touch with him and see if any tastes come to mind.

Sometimes, you really will smell or taste things. It will seem like you’re experiencing it with your normal sense (vs. 6th-sense).

d. Touch

The best way to do this is ask him to relay how it feels to him. If an object, how does it feel in his mouth right after he takes it, or in his paws or near him afterward? If it’s an activity, what does it feel like as he does it?

You can also just see if you get a sense of how it would feel to you. If an object, imagine it in your hands. Soft? Fuzzy? Hard? If an activity, what does it feel like? A breeze? Is it wet?

It helps to run through questions like this, especially if you’re new.

Accept the impressions you get and make a note of all of them.

8. Now say thank-you and goodbye … and then disconnect. You can do this by seeing the connection between you as something visual, and then just watch it come apart as you both go your own way.

You’ve done it! So, how did it go for you? What answer(s) did you get?

Whenever you do this kind of thing, it’s helpful to tell someone what you got. It acts as an acknowledgement to your subconscious that you pay attention and value your subtle senses.

If nothing else, make a written note of the session for yourself. Keeping an “intuition journal” can be helpful for you to begin to see proof in black and white that you are indeed intuitive.

In this case, of course, give us the scoop!

So now, leave your impressions and notes about your conversation with Ollie today. I’m eager to hear what you got and to give you feedback. After you leave your comments below, you can go to this special feedback page for the answer and a little while later for your individualized feedback.

And if you like this kind of thing, we can do more in the future. Be sure to let me know.

Thanks for playing! (And Ollie says Woof! ;-))

+ + + + +

I almost forgot to say that I now offer animal communication services, and the low introductory rate is still in effect for a little while longer.

Thanks to Lindsay at The Daily Awe (and her sweet dog, Chester), who helped me experiment with how to structure the sessions. She wrote an article about the experience today. Do your session with Ollie, then go check it out!

And while I’m at it, thanks to Angela at Powered by Intuition too for suggesting a practice session here. I’ve modified her idea a bit but still: thanks, Angela! And go check out her blog too, she writes super-useful articles!

+ + + + +

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    I arrived here through the Daily Awe newsletter and glad I found you! I am totally new to this but sometimes I feel I “get” why my dog says to me, though I do know her mannerisms quite well by now (she’s 14.5 and I adopted her when she was 6). My crazy cat on the other hand…!! My first impression of trying this exercise with your sweet Ollie was that I was connecting with him as he was moving around, but he wasn’t quite in the middle of something that couldn’t be interrupted so he was open to talking. (He wasn’t playing or eating, perhaps he was on a walk.) Then I asked him the question but my mind wandered a bit. Then I got a bright white pinpoint of light for a millisecond, which was weird. Finally I refocused and got the colour red. I want to say the red thing was a toy, perhaps a bone-shaped chew toy, but I’m not sure if that’s my own imagination/assumptions jumping into it or not!


      Hi Judy,

      Nice to meet you! Welcome! And thank you for being such a good heart as to adopt a 6-year old dog. Not a lot of people are willing do that. Hooray!

      And I’m so glad you tried this out. I’m so excited to give you feedback but I realized that if I do, someone might inadvertently see my response before they do the exercise. Oops!

      So I considered emailing you my feedback … but instead I’m going to create an answer page that everyone can go to to get the answer (when they’re ready for it and not before), and I’ll put your session with detailed feedback there.

      Thanks for your patience, and especially for playing. It takes a little guts, I think ;-).
      I’ll try to get the page up by tomorrow at the latest.


    Hi Patti,

    Well, as usual I’m nervous to put myself out there with these practice exercises….but what the heck!!

    Thanks to Ollie for letting us practice with him. So, the first impressions I got when I was connecting with him, was that he had come through alot of physical pain earlier in his life. I also got that even though he is a very gentle guy, that he has an extremely ferocious side (wolf-like) that comes out sometimes. He was excited to tell me about what he gets after supper. The image that popped into my head was a bright pink Kong (chewy dog toy) with a rope threaded through the middle. The thick piece of rope has knots on both ends and is striped pink and white (or light green?).

    He loves chewing this, and I could feel the springy sensation (and also hear the small squeaking) he gets when he squishes the Kong in his teeth. I could feel his heart speed up with excitement when he was telling me about it.

    Anyways, I hope I’m correct, but of course must remain detached from the results. Heading over the other page. 🙂


      Hi Kara, how nice to see you!! It’s been too long and I’ve missed you while you’re “fishin'”.

      You know, I always feel the same way doing things like this especially on-line. But I’m so glad you did! Wow, you sure are visual! I’m hopping over to the “special page” now to give you some feedback.

      Thank you!


    Hi Patti

    My experience was very like Judy’s on the other page.

    This is what I wrote after asking him:

    “a bone/ a bone toy chew thing – cartoon outline of a bone, (image) patti (well, your legs in jeans) handing him a bone/chew toy/thing not like a real bone.

    A treat? Chewy.”

    I thought I’d got it wrong at first until I read Judy’s experience, where she had a similar experience.


    And what a sweet heart Ollie is. Very patient. I think he was curled up/sleepy? when I contacted him.



      Well hello Nanette! So nice to see you here. Thanks so much for coming by and especially for talking with Ollie. I’ll go ahead an pop over to the response page and say a little more.


    Hi Patti,
    I love Ollie. I immediately felt that he was very sweet and loving dog. He was shaking his head from side to side. I feel he’s good at communicating what he wants with you.

    I saw watching you and waiting for his usual routine to begin. He was kind of backing up excitedly – then lifting his head and letting out a few small “yips” like he was saying, “let’s go already.” I saw him going on a walk up a hill. There was a rock cliff in the background.

    I can’t wait to get your feedback!


    Hi Patti,

    Oh my goodness, is Ollie ever a sweetheart! Thank you for writing about this topic as I think a lot of people can gain value by knowing that there is an open communication channel between us and all of life. And I really like your point about connecting with the heart, rather than the intellect. I have had experience with people who claim they can talk to animals, but what they express on the animal’s part, is so logic driven. I don’t believe animals have conditional love, or are in any way petty the way we can be about life and basic needs. I feel they always are in the moment, fully present to life, and that makes them some of our greatest teachers.

    For me, Ollie gives off such a wise old energy. It is as if he knows that he is helping us learn, and for that and his incredible beauty, I appreciate him SO much! (And I told him myself too 😉


      Hi Evita,

      How nice to see you here, welcome! I “hang out at your place” a lot and it’s nice to see you in this neck of the woods. 😉

      And thanks for commenting because you make so many really good points here. That communication channel you mention is open wide, and I find that so many animals, even those we consider pests, are surprisingly responsive to our requests. You’re so right; a lot of people could gain value.

      And the heart connection is important, since what we get often seems illogical. If we need to interpret, we use our intellect to some degree and the real trick is being able to combine the two (head and heart) effectively. But you’re so right; that’s not where we “listen” from.

      I also thank you for appreciating Ollie and for telling him so. He had a hard life before he came to us and he can use all the love he can get. I found your gesture very touching. Lots of blessing to you.


    FINALLY got a chance to sit down and connect with Ollie. Ohhhh my lord he is so sweet! Love him!

    I asked him what he got every night after dinner and felt that it was a treat! I felt all excited and was anticipating “dessert” in a way. But then I thought, “Nahhhh, really?” But I’m convinced it’s a treat. Is it?

    I’ll go check out the feedback page!


      Hi, Lindsay,
      I’m so glad you got a chance to come by. I love how instant your hits were! I’m off to the other page to comment on your comments.
      OK, see you there!
      Thank you…


    I think that after dinner he gets bacon? Maybe “bacon bits” the dog food treat?


      Well to be more specific I imagined the dog sitting in front of you after eating and I imagined something red and with an orange strip in the middle and then thought of a bacon strip from the dog treat. I also didn’t really know what he was doing at the moment because I wasn’t focusing on it. But after I thought of the bacon strip I was imagining him playing fetch with a neon bright tennis ball. Maybe you were playing fetch with him?
      Also the first impression I got of Ollie was that he was a sweet dog that loves to play and run around. That was kind of all I got from him though. I hope I’m right :3


        Hi Syla,

        WOW, you did a great job! I don’t want to say much here in this comment so I don’t give it away for others who want to connect. But you can go to the feedback page and see the answers plus much more info. You’ll see why I think you sensed the answer. (Sorry, I’m not still updating the feedback page individually since we did the exercise almost a year ago.)

        I will say here tho that you are right, he is/was a real sweetheart (he passed away about 6 wks. ago, but as you see, you can still connect with his energy, as his life force still IS). Interestingly, bacon is one of the last foods I offered him, and you may have picked up on that too.

        Thanks so much for coming by and for “playing”. You’re good!


    Last wel for 2 days i made it an experiment to smile all day long.
    it made my energy levels MUCH better
    But the wierd thing is
    the family dog simba
    Came to me much more often and was happier around me, now that i stopped, he comes into my room less. I believe he could communicate with me!


    Hi there! well this is a shot in the dark but I’ll give it a go…
    My first impression of Ollie was that after dinner you gave him a drumstick.. but then i had a had a wee think then thought that he seemed to be on the move to the first thing that came into my head was him going for a walk after dinner..

    ollie looks very cuddley!!

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