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If you have pets, you already know that talking to them in a way they can easily understand would be an especially useful skill to have.

Here’s a basic technique in how to send a message and get confirmation that it got through.

No matter what the ultimate purpose or situation, this is the place to start.

Later, when you really need to communicate something important, you’ll already have a connection established. What’s more, you’ll have confidence in that connection, resulting in greater peace of mind.

There are more advanced ways to communicate complex messages for complicated situations, but this is a perfect exercise to begin with. It’s a basic skill that you’ll need to have in place.

You’ll also find that even as simple as it is, it’s a valuable ability to have in its own right. You’ll use it all the time in all kinds of situations.

You’re Already a Team

In some ways, communicating with your own pet can be trickier than with an animal you don’t know. But that’s more true when you’re listening to them.

When you’re talking to them, you’re already connected and they are naturals at telepathic listening, so you’ve got an advantage right away.

That’s why learning to talk to them first is not only easier, but it’s also a fundamental skill to master if you want to advance to two-way communication.

A Strong Foundation

For the most peace of mind on both your parts, you want to practice together and develop your skill well before you actually need it. You want to know you’ve got it down.

Here’s how you can do this and get undeniable confirmation that they hear you and understand.

7 Easy Steps to a Basic Skill

Do this exercise when all is calm and nothing is at stake.

Choose something to tell them ahead of time; something very simple. It should be something positive and something that they would react to, such as a special treat or activity.

Make sure it’s something you’re able and willing to follow through on right after they get the message.

1. Be in the same room as your pet (or near them if you’re outdoors) when they’re relaxed and not involved in anything.

2. Relax and be still. Make sure you’re not giving any explicit or subtle subliminal messages about what you’re thinking.

3. Say their name to yourself, as if you’re calling them. This is to get their attention. Don’t worry if there’s no response … there usually isn’t at this point.

4. Give them the message you’ve already decided on. Do this primarily by imagining it in pictures. But don’t stop there. Use all your senses that can apply to conjure up the full experience. And feel it emotionally too. The more energy you can put into this step, the more chance of success you’ll have.

(It can help to visualize from your pet’s point of view rather than yours, but this isn’t always necessary. Experiment.)

5. Pay attention to your pet, and watch for any change at all. You want to get familiar with how they respond when they get the message. They’ll respond to different messages differently, but often they’ll at least turn and look at you. If it’s something they want, they’ll sometimes get up and come to you.

6. If you don’t see a response yet, you can form all the conjuring you just did into a “ball” and mentally toss it to them.

7. If you do get a response, or even if you suspect that maybe they got your message, then follow through on your promise right away! It’s very important not just to build trust but to confirm to them that you really were talking to them.

Don’t be disappointed if nothing happens yet. Repeat a few times. If still nothing after about 10 min. or so, then try again some other time. Maybe you weren’t really relaxed, or were preoccupied, or some other factor wasn’t in place. Sometimes it takes a few sessions before it all comes together.

When I experimented with these steps in preparation for writing this article, I was able to get confirmation from our lab, Ollie, that he had heard me within 5 to 10 min.

I didn’t get a response with one treat, so the second time through I envisioned a different one. (Oddly, the first is his favorite.) But even though he was snoozing and facing away from me, he just suddenly lifted his head, turned it toward me, and stared at me. It was as if I’d just called his name out loud.

Keep the Lines Open

You can also tell them that you want this to be a regular thing you do with them. Some animals are enthusiastic practice partners and you’ll notice a difference in them when you begin to practice regularly. They love the attention.

Since going through these steps with Ollie, I’ve noticed him reading my thoughts more. I was typing here at my computer and thought about taking him for a walk. He came over right then, sat by me, and just looked at me. This happened a few times. And then, just a few minutes ago as I was typing about the treats, it happened again! (That means he needs a treat now, right? Right!) We’re building a stronger rapport very quickly.

Practice Makes Perfect

So try this out as often as you have time for. Try to remember to do it for little, unimportant things that you would be doing anyway … Before you pick up the leash or the car keys. Before you reach for that special treat.

Once you’ve had success with this, branch out to things that aren’t necessarily positive or exciting for them, such as before you leave the house for awhile. Show them that they’ll be home alone. Notice that their response is different than if they’re going to go for a walk. Make a mental note of it and learn how to recognize their various responses.

Please come back and give me a report. Were the steps clear? Any questions? What happened? I’d love to hear.

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  10 Responses to “The Very First Step in Communicating With Your Pet”

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    First try with Chester: he was sleeping next to me and he “jerked” his muscles as I was talking to him. Then he woke up about 30 seconds later and I delivered the treat as promised. I am not sure if this was just a coincidence but I’ll keep this up and keep you posted!

    I hope you’re feeling better!


      Hi Lindsay,

      That’s good! And thanks for the report! It seems like a sign that he was getting “something”! Sometimes you get an indication that they know you’re connecting with them but you can’t always tell if they know what you’re saying. Or sometimes it’s really obvious that they do.

      It’s a continuum from huh/maybe to wow/definitely!

      I think you’re doing great to give it the benefit of the doubt and if you keep doing it you’ll move up the coninuum toward wow! 😉

      And thanks, YES, I’m doing better. Last visit to the dentist yesterday … for awhile, anyway.


    Hi Patti,
    I don’t have any pets but I have a backyard full of wild life. I talk to the squirrels and chipmunks to let them know that I am a friend and will not bother them. They do not take off and run as much as they used to.

    When I first bought my country home I hardly ever saw any animals but after some time I began seeing more and more of them.


      Hi Justin,
      How wonderful, a backyard full of wildlife! Me too … I love being connected to nature like that. And I always feel kind of honored when a wild animal seems to trust me, even a little. Cool you’ve got those interactions going like you do.
      Thanks for coming by!


    Ok, this is too funny. I’m trying to read this with Winslow licking my ear. And I know exactly what he’s saying… “Close your laptop and play with me!!” and that’s what I’ll be doing now. Much love, Silke


      Ha ha, yes, Winslow apparently already knows the very first step in communicating with his person! Or is it the very first slurp? One of those …
      Thanks for coming by and hi to Winslow too.


    This is wonderful! I’m going to try it right now on my boy.


    Thank you so much for this. I am reinvesting and realigning to the core essentialism of my animal companions, never concepts far from me, but having just done Tellington TTouch workshop etc and this is the first place I have come (dog-like in instinct) for practicing telepathy with them and feel the strength, truth and graciousness here.


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