Oct 192011

Do you love animals? Think they get the short end of the stick?

Ready to cast your vote for the underdog – literally?

Then please VOTE HERE for Animal-Kind International (AKI).

It takes less than a minute.

AKI is a small but established non-profit that does amazing work helping animals world-wide.

100% of its donations go to the causes it supports. NONE to administrative costs!

If it wins, it will be one of 3 charities that people can donate their purchase funds to when they buy from One Million for Good. (One Million for Good is the brain-child of the inspired Courtney Carver and is the site where you vote.)

AKI Offers Hope and Solutions

I know Karen Menczer, the founder of Animal-Kind International personally. In fact, I’m proud to call her a friend.

I can assure you of her integrity and the legitimacy of AKI. It’s a labor of love and she’s extremely dedicated.

But it’s not just a heart thing.

She’s an efficient organizer with the requisite connections and a great track record.

I’m especially impressed with the fact that AKI is not a huge, impersonal organization, but instead is intimate with the day-to-day activities of their partner organizations and even the individual animals they help.

Their careful attention to detail is apparent on all of their partner pages, like this one for Jamaica, or the Honduras page here. They’re heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time.

As explained on their site,  “AKI’s partner organizations were chosen because AKI is familiar with their programs, their staff, and their use of funds, and because we are able to get regular updates about their programs and how AKI funds are used—and we know this information is important for our donors, so they can feel secure in the knowledge that their donations are being put to good use.”

You Can Help – No Strings Attached

Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

– Albert Einstein

Your vote will help AKI get exposure and allow more people to easily donate — at no cost to you.

Please VOTE NOW – there’s tough competition! And voting ends on October 31st.

With a few more clicks you can easily multiply your contribution. Just share this with your friends (email, tweet, FB share, or like) using the buttons below. Thank you!

Has the voting deadline come and gone? Or do you want to do even more?

You can go to the AKI site and become an advocate by joining their social network. Or make a donation. AKI is an excellent place to put your dollars, and any amount is greatly appreciated!

And thank you, from me, for reading, voting, and sharing, and most of all for your compassionate action on behalf of animals everywhere. They have a special place in my heart — as do you, for your help. Namasté.

[Images courtesy of Animal-Kind International]

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    I have learned some much over my life because of animals. They love unconditionally, they give 2nd and 3rd and more chances when you make a mistake, they are there in your solitude being your best support and listener when you aren’t even saying anything out loud.


      Hi Jt,
      Nice to see you here, and thanks for your vote!
      I’m with you on the impact of animals on one’s life. I experienced the same with my first pet once I was an adult. Opened my heart wide for all living things, more than any other experience, even having a child. Why is that, I wonder? (Ha ha, when I had my son I was up to my elbows in diapers, maybe that has something to do with it ;-).) I don’t know, but they sure are something special.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.


    Thank you Patti for telling us about this great charity to help animals. I just voted.


      Thank you, Angela! I have a feeling every vote counts in this one. I think this is the only animal charity on the list, though … whew.

      Thank you for helping give them a voice and AKI more visibility.

      I sure appreciate you! ♥


    Hi Patti,
    I voted for the animals. My granddaughter had her senior photo taken with her black lab. It’s absolutely adorable. He looks like he’s more proud of her than her mom and I! xo


      Hi Tess,

      That’s so funny — her senior class photo? With her dog? Sounds like boldness runs in the family! 😉

      THANK YOU so much for your vote!! I saw that The Girl Effect was one of the nominated charities and I know you’ve written about that on your blog (haven’t you?), so I’m especially grateful for your vote. Another “for the animals” — Lord knows they can use it.

      BIG hug!


    Patti, thank you for the beautiful article, and everyone else, thank you for your votes, support, passing the info on, and your kindness to animals.
    karen, director, animal-kind international


      Thank YOU, Karen, you are THE inspiration for all of this, after all!

      And I second your thanks to everyone who voted and all the shares — bunches of Tweets (by peeps w/way more followers than me) and lots of exposure on Facebook with likes and shares there too (again, by those of you with lots more “friends” than me. So appreciated!!!).

      Paws crossed!

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