Nov 222011

What do a breath-taking sunset, the smell of ocean fog and the feel of it on your face, the flavor of strong black tea on a chilly morning, and bright golden fall leaves back-lit by the sun all have in common?

Don’t they make you stop for a moment and beam inside? Make you feel like you could soar right out of your body?

Do they put you back in touch with who you are at your core? With spirit … and beauty … and joy?

Well, I’m going to be getting back in touch every week and I’d love it if you’d join me.

An Uplifting Opportunity

Sonia Choquette is an acclaimed psychic/intuitive whose how-to books and courses are straight-forward and practical, interesting and fun. She always speaks enthusiastically about being in touch with our own spirits, and speaking of that

Sonia just offered a generous Thanksgiving gift to everyone — free, no strings attached — of one of her online classes. It’s called The Answer is Simple.

It’s based on her NY Times bestselling book The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, and Sonia says “It will allow you to make that connection to your authentic Spirit and experience your truth as it should be.”

Want to do it with me? (With us?)

It’s a 10-week course and each week consists of 2 short (~5 min.) videos; one is a lesson for the week, the second is a related practice.

You can easily integrate them into your life as you go though your week with no extra time required. (At least that’s my impression.)

I’m going to see what comes up each week and do a short post about it on Fridays.

And it would be fantastic if you did the same course week with me, then come over and join in the conversation.

Will you? Pretty-please? (With sugar on top?) It’s a unique opportunity to do it as a group since the course is available free to all of us. (Thanks to Sonia, of course, who supports and  encourages this, BTW.)

But mostly, it will be fun! And doing it together will multiply its effectiveness.

Now’s A Great Time

The holiday season is a perfect time to be in more constant, conscious touch with our spirits, don’t you think?

I do … so I started the course this morning.

It was lovely! (And that’s not even a word I use!) It set my day off just perfectly.

This coming Friday is the only Friday I’ll skip because we’re already well into this week (and a holiday week at that), and I want to give you time to hear about this and join us.

So I’ll write about Week 1 on next Friday the 2nd.

And I hope to see you back here then!

If you’re going to do it with us, will you leave a comment and let me/us know? And if not … well … I’ll miss you, but I hope you enjoy it if you do it on your own.

Or maybe you just need to check it out first. You can get it here. Oh, and Sonia invites you to share it with your friends too!

Best plan yet? Join me/us and share this post besides. It’ll be one big party!

[I dedicate this post and our certain enjoyment of the course to Sonia Choquette, for her generous and inspiring spirit. Thank you, Sonia!]


> > > Special GIVEAWAY Announcement < < <

I’m finding that a lot of people who like my services hang out on facebook instead of blogs. I’m trying to spread my wings there and would appreciate your help. 🙂

To that end, I’m giving away 2 readings, YOUR CHOICE of 3 types! You can choose a:

All I ask is that you:
1) “LIKE” Lightspirited Being on facebook (button to the right) AND
2) Write on Lightspirited Being’s facebook wall that you want to be in the “Solstice Drawing”

That’s it!

I’ll draw 2 qualifying recipients on the Solstice (Dec. 21 here in NM). Please feel free to spread the word until then.

Thanks so much — and good luck!

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    You can count me in! I’ll be participating in her class/course!


    Thank you Patti. I’m going to check it out!


    Hi Patti
    Count me in!



    Hi Patti,
    I started the course already but would love to join the group you created. What a great idea, thanks!


      Oh good, Heather, welcome! Even knowing there’s a group has me being more attentive to the lessons and I know I’ll get more out of it this way. Hope that’s true for all of us. We’ll see, won’t we? 😉

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