Dec 232011

Did you know that it’s more natural to be a sprinter than a marathon-er?

That breaks at relatively short intervals are critical for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being?

It’s true.

And if you want some inspiring and motivating reading that will help your productivity while at the same time give you permission — even encouragement — to make balance a priority, you’ll love digging into the bestselling guide The Power of Full Engagement by Loehr & Schwartz. It’s excellent. [I’ve only had it a few weeks and already I’m more productive — have you seen how many posts I’ve cranked out? — and I feel better at the same time.]

And perfect timing too. You’ll be all revved up for the new year, and ready to enjoy a nice, healthy break in the meantime.

♥ ♥ ♥

I’ll be absent from this blog from now until around Weds., Jan. 4.

I’m off for my own much-needed break where I will reinvigorate my love of all things subtle, intuitive and holographic. To commune with my soul.

The process has already begun and it feels maaa-velous!

Thanks to those of you who participated in my drawing for 2 free readings! I’ll announce the lucky winners sometime this weekend on my facebook page and am already looking forward to the readings. 😀

As to my regular (lately) Friday posts for Sonia Choquette’s weekly classes? Fugeddaboddit. Some of you said you wanted to do it with me online but with the exception of one (yes, one!) comment, I’ve not heard a peep. In fact, my blog has not been so quiet since I started it over a year ago, and I can only assume these class posts are a big, fat, flop.

So I’m discontinuing them. (Psst: I’m secretly glad because I really don’t want to have extra commitments over the holidays anyway. Down-time, ya know? I’m so ready.)

So, happy holidays to you, and I’ll see you in the new year.

Here’s wishing you many blessings in the meantime and after. Namasté.

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    Oh I needed, really NEEDED, to read this today. This past month has been so busy for me that I can’t stand it. I didn’t even have time to write my weekly blog post this past week, which is something I haven’t missed for over a year and a half!

    Thank you for the reminder to relax. And I would’ve been following the Sonia’s class…but I didn’t make the proper time for it! Enjoy your down time, Patti!

    Love to you & yours.


      Hi Lindsay,

      Wow, a year and a half! That’s amazing! But maybe that’s what you’re taking a break from? Funny, sometimes down-time doesn’t mean do-nothing, it means do something different, so maybe this change of pace has been good in its own way. But I do hear ya. Sounds like you could use some time for whatever the heck you want in the moment.

      As to the class, I actually enjoyed the few weeks I/we did, and really am perfectly fine with the lack of interest. Especially this time of year, who needs even more commitments and I completely understand people getting derailed. The ones I did were great reminders and fun for me to do.

      Peace to you over the holidays. And enjoy YOUR down-time which I know you’ll fit in there somewhere!

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