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Did you catch a glimpse of your elusive spirit this week? The one that sometimes hides out when you’re looking the other way?

This is the end of Week 1 of the 10 week online course “The Answer is Simple”. And week 1 was precisely about how to recognize that spirit of yours!

(The entire course is offered free by Sonia Choquette, and some of us are working it together here with a discussion at the end of each week. Join us!)

This Week’s Concept

Here are a few notes I jotted down as I watched the first Week 1 video:

• Who you are is not your story, ego, history, accomplishments, family, personality, community, etc.

• You are a spirit. You are unlimited! All those other things have limits, but you don’t. So change your identity. Say I am a divine, glorious, unlimited spirit!

• Spirit has personality. There are different kinds of spirits, e.g. Sonia says she is fiery. Some are calm, soothing, grounded. What kind are you?

• The key is to know that you are divine.

• Recognize and enjoy spirit. It’s beautiful and perfect. It is so powerful it gives you life.

• We’re here to grow. Life is school.

• Understanding your spirit makes life and lessons easier to navigate. It makes ups and downs more pleasurable to engage in. You’re immune.

• Notice Spirit frequency vs. Ego frequency

• Ego is insecure, etc. When you’re in ego frequency, you feel separate and pull away. You’re fearful, judgemental, etc.

• Spirit frequency is always peace, love, etc. You want to connect and participate.

• Practice and concentrate on recognizing your spirit.

• What do you love? What do you enjoy? What leaves you feeling inspired? Notice how your energy opens up.

My Comments

OK, yes, I’m going to do it. I’m going to disagree with Sonia on a few nuances. 🙂

1. I think our spirits are a part of us (a more subtle version of our physical bodies), but I don’t think we are our spirits.

I think that our essential nature is even more basic than our spirits.

She says our spirits are all different (i.e. hers is fiery, some are calm, etc.) and as I understand it, she is speaking of something that is manifesting at some level. If it weren’t it wouldn’t have characteristics, even subtle ones. (Then during the practice video, she says that our spirits are all the same spirit, which sounds a little like a contradiction to me. I do agree we are all one, but our spirits exist as subtle energy bodies and are not the same spirit any more than our left thumbs are the same thumb.)

I think that at our core, we are pure consciousness. That might not even be the right word for it, but it’s a beingness that doesn’t have any “qualities” that we can perceive. It doesn’t change at all that I can tell. It’s always the same.

And I said I “think” that, but I’ve come to that idea through experience. It’s not just something I read or heard.

The best I can do to describe what I’m talking about is to refer you to John Sherman’s conversations so you can see for yourself.

2. I’ve been playing with getting the word “unbound” (or something similar) into my tagline. I take all her talk about us being unlimited as an encouraging nudge.

3. Another slight disagreement. I used to agree that life is a school, but now I’m not so sure.

I think we’re here to simply participate and enjoy (I like the Sanskrit word “lila” for this, the divine play) even more than we are here to learn and grow. We automatically grow and evolve just by being.

4. I agree that at our core, we’re immune. I don’t know that I believe our “spirits” are totally immune. Our spirits are still energy patterns (albeit subtle ones) and still subject to impermanence. Our basic selves are not; they are — or it is — immortal.

So, all that said, sometimes I “look at me”, or sometimes to my spirit. It depends on the application.

What do you think about the concepts she talked about?

This Week’s Practice

Here are a few more notes I jotted down when I watched the second Week 1 video:

Breathing brings you into spirit frequency. When in ego, you hold your breath.

  1. Breathe
  2. Share a breath with several different people (or pets). There’s only one spirit. (Here’s where I saw that contradiction I mentioned above.)
  3. Notice how doing this lifts your vibration and opens your heart.
  4. Energize yourself with breath when you’re in ego.

My Experiences this Week

First, I did pay more attention than I would have if I were just doing this on my own, so thanks to all of you who jumped in to do this with me! 😀 I do think I got more from it as a result.

I made it a point to revisit the idea that I am not this personality; I am much more essential and basic than that. And more than just revisiting an idea, I actually did more of the “Looking” this week.

Monday I found myself in a total funk. Total. Funk. (On Weds. before Thanksgiving I impulsively decided to take Monday off. Now I know why! I knew at a deeper level than my conscious mind did that I was going to need it!)

I felt really pissy but at some level was still compelled to examine what was going on. I also did some Emergence which included some Channeling about it, and the results of that session were marvelous. Within the next few hours I just kept feeling better and better.

I took some time to do the breathing like Sonia suggested. I did notice that when I was upset in some way, my breathing was shallow … and I was in ego frequency like she said. When I focused on my breathing, and on breathing deeply, I was able to easily get in touch with my spirit as she described it. It felt good.

Your Turn

What do you have to say about the concept? What were your experiences? Can you make any suggestions or have some ideas for others?

Anything goes!

Please feel free to reply to each other, and maybe we can get a discussion going. (If it’s especially substantial, I’ll make a post out of it.)

If you’re not working the course, you can still jump in with your thoughts. And next week you might want to join us!

Also, since this is the first week, I’m playing around with the format of this weekly discussion/report post. Fellow-ettes: Let me know if you want to see something different. 😉

Thanks for joining in! 😀

And now: On to week 2! See you next Friday!

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    It was my pleasure to nominate you – I think you’re fantastic and so is this website! Thank you to you for nominating me! It felt good to see my name up there. 🙂

    I’m going to be brief so as not to turn this comment into a blog post of its own. I do agree that there is a difference between ego vibration & spirit vibration/freuqency. Very noticeable. And once we’re able to distinguish between the two, there’s no turning back in terms of our OWN self awareness and recognizing which frequency we’re operating from.

    Like you, I used to think life was a school. Maybe it is – some of it’s so painful that I think there has GOT to be a lesson learned and a reason why our soul chose it. But a lot of the time, I think it’s an honor to be here – it’s more like a playground, where our spirit can live in 3D and experience all of the pleasures of being in physical form.

    I agree that doing this together makes us get more value out of it – YAY! Thanks for doing this, Patti!


      Hi there, Lindsay!

      Thanks for your addition. Where you say “It’s more like a playground, where our spirit can live in 3D and experience all of the pleasures of being in physical form.”, I’d add that even the things that are not pleasing, such as pain, turmoil, tough emotions, etc. are a gift. I used to be so quick to judge things as good or bad. But it’s kind of like a rollercoaster … It wouldn’t be nearly so interesting if it were all ups or all downs! It takes all of it to make is so rich as it is.

      Thanks for checking in! I hope you’re off to do next week’s because I love hearing your thoughts.


    It’s so cute that you’ve been nominated, Patti!
    I would’ve certainly voted for you, but I’ve not been nominated myself, but I’m cheering on you from my heart!

    Well, for me, life has never been a school. And I don’t agree with people saying we are here to learn. We’re here to have an experience. We’re here to experience contrast, as to better appreciate the good we have in our life.

    I, like many others, go from ego frequency to spirit frequency. It varies and I appreciate both frequencies for what they offer.

    Last but not least, I have a FB page now, Patti! I’d be honoured if you could ‘Like’ it – even if you can’t read the blog very often :). You can find the link on my blog. Shameless self – promotion, I know.

    At any rate, I find this Sonia Choquette intriguing. She has something to offer, that’s for sure.


      Hi Sol,
      Congrats on your nomination! (It looks like Steve added you to the list. The more the merrier!)
      I like where you say: “I appreciate both frequencies for what they offer.” I agree. In fact, I think the ideal is not an either-or thing, but truly integrating all levels of our being so they work together, not against each other.
      Thanks for coming by and participating!


    Thanks, Patti!
    Did you nominate me?? If so, I am grateful! If you didn’t, then oh well, thanks for the congratulations anyway!

    Yup, everything needs to work together. It’s like a machine in a way.


      I’ve noticed that if a blogger “A” nominates blogger “B” (like you did), Steve adds blogger “A” to the list as well. I think that’s how you got there. A little good karma, me thinks! 😉

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