Jan 272012

What the heck do multidimensions have to do with pink hair? you may ask. Well … we’ll get there soon enough.

And let’s get right to the multidimensional part first.

Multidimensional Living

First, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about which topics you prefer to see here. (It’s not too late, you can put your druthers in here.) I appreciate it a lot!

Many of you want to hear more about my use of the term “multidimensional”.

And most of you responded to my question about videos too — mainly that you don’t watch them (and I don’t, either) — yet guess what this post is about? A video! (Plus multidimensional living. Plus pink hair living. And we’ll get to those in a minute. ;-))

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll be doing many videos. Probably just a short one on my “About” page so you can get a sense of who I am, and a few others here and there.

But! It just so happens that I’m currently in a fun and inspiring Bootcamp about making videos for blogs, and I just did my first ever headshot video as practice.

And in it, I talk about multidimensional living, so I want to share it with you!

This wasn’t an easy decision, but I find I’m feeling more free every day to let my real self shine, including on this blog.

It’s by no means perfect and it’s good for me to let go of that. For example, I actually say some things by accident that are incorrect (e.g. I use the word create once when I mean influence) and I skip a whole lot of relevant points I wanted to make.

But as long as you don’t hold me to every word, I think this practice video gives you a sense of what I mean by the word “multidimensional” in my blog topic. (Until I do the “real” one, which will be much better. ;-))

It’s 7 min. long but you’ll get the main idea in the first few minutes, then you can jump ship.

A most important point that I failed to make is that the whole stick/spectrum is you (me … us).

And an aspect of living multidimensionally is that we integrate all our various parts into who we are and how we express.

And we live freely as who we are, no matter what that looks like.

Even if it means we dye our hair pink!

Pink Hair Living

This post was inspired by the article Pink Hair Blogging by Sonia Simone. I read it about a year ago and it’s left a lasting impression. I bet you’ll love it too. (This post was also triggered by a funny bootcamp practice video by Courtney Carver of the wonderful blog Be More With Less. It was about letting our hair down and reminded me of the Pink Hair article.)

I’d even formatted the main points Sonia made and printed them on a card that I keep on my desk. (You can change the word “write” to the word “live” … or not!)

Maybe what I’m doing here is more like “Hair in Curlers” blogging (where I ought to be a little horrified, but I’m not). But what the hey.

How about you? Do you dare to let your pink tendrils unfurl with wild abandon? (Guys, this includes you!)

Or do you have comments about multidimensional living?

Are you integrated?

Would love to hear …

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    Awesome!! I loved you video it was beautiful, like you, and well done.


      Oh, THANKS, Angela!

      It’s been an interesting experience doing videos alongside others who are just learning. I truly do feel like I’m getting to know them in a more personal way than most forum interactions. There really is something to this thing about seeing someone in action. You get a more multidimensional (ha ha) feel for who they are.

      I’m sorry you’re not doing it. I like your new photo and would love to see a bit more of you, if you know what I mean. 😉

      Thanks for coming by!



    Great video! Love seeing you “at work”. I don’t mind opeing up videos, it helps me connect more with the person who I normally read.


      Hi Julie,

      So funny, I thought about you about an hour ago, thinking I meant to get to your blog yesterday, and look, you were commenting here at the time. Oh aren’t we just having too much fun.

      But I agree, now that you mention it. If it’s a video OF someone whose blog I frequent, I’ll usually check it out. But there are lots of other videos people post that they’re not in; they just think they’re inspiring or something, and those I usually (not always) skip.

      Anyway, glad you liked it. I thought it was kind of fun even though not a final or “real” version by any means. Thanks for coming by! (I’ll get over your way soon. :-))


    Hi Patti
    I loved the video. You’re really strong when you’re explaining things.


      Thank you! Given this was my first headshot video ever and I didn’t prepare at all (obviously), it came out okay. It was certainly fun to do. Thank you for your support. (And your email about it — my gosh! So helpful! But I’ll reply to that there …)


    I *love* the video because I can feel your energy…very radiant!
    And the concept of multi-dimensional living is wonderful! I highlight a similar concept in my work because I believe in “facets”…loving and accepting and creating with each part of our self and rather than hiding our vulnerabilities, transparently connecting through them.
    I let my pink tendrils unfurl..sometimes literally–I love to play with color and have fun while creating (this moment, my life!).
    I’m excited to see where all of this newness guides you in your own creations:)


      Oops, I thought I replied to this earlier right after reading it. Thank you!

      I really “get” what you’re saying. In fact, I think we’re kind of similar in quite a few ways, from what I can tell from your comments and your blog. I plan to get over there more often and really dig in (once I get back from a trip I’ve been busy preparing for). And I’m looking forward to getting to know you better there!

      Thanks for coming by and for commenting\. I like hearing your thoughts.

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