Jan 042012

Yes, there are new leaves right smack dab in the middle of winter. I know because I found one! Just as my holiday break began.

And I’m still in awe of the amount of energy a new leaf can bring with it.

It’s exhilarating!

What It Means to Me

I have felt for awhile that something was off.

My work days had become a struggle. I was trying to build a successful blog as part of my livelihood and not doing a good job at it.

I realized I didn’t like it. I hated it, in fact. It was consuming me and not in a good way.

And that’s because I was looking outside myself for the how-to’s. And not that there’s anything wrong with that (wink wink to other Seinfeld fans), but what I wasn’t doing very well was taking what I learned “out there” and making sure it resonated with my insides before applying it.

Some of it I knew didn’t resonate so I didn’t do it.

Some of it did resonate somewhat so I tweaked it a little to fit.

But most of it I just blundered ahead and sort of half-assed did it without even taking the time to really consider if or how it fit with my own system at all. (Yes, I’m talking energy system. All-encompassing.)

As a result, my heart wasn’t really in it, and it turned into a big, icky, dreadful obligation.

I’m not doing that anymore. I’m going to break all the rules now.

It’s time to do it my way.

I’m going to do the stuff that “doesn’t work”, and I don’t care about the results. I really don’t.

I care that I feel really alive while I’m writing this. And that’s got to count for something, right? Besides that it feels *perfectly* on target for me, maybe you (or someone who’s yet to find this blog) resonate with what will express through me naturally, without all the rules and guidelines, the do’s and the don’t’s … right?

What It Means to You

That means this blog is going to be way different.

1. Intuitively Guided

First, my main, #1 commitment to myself is to stay tuned in this year. No longer am I just going to do that when it’s convenient and use rationality otherwise. I’m going to check in with my heart, my gut, my inner wisdom, my intuition (all of those mean the same thing to me) with everything. Everything!

And mostly, I’m going to do it where my business and blog are concerned.

Whenever I do this, all kinds of exciting things start to happen!

So that’s the first thing.

2. The Magic of a Multi-Dimensional You

Second, because I’ve been doing that over my break, I’ve gotten more clear on how to define my passion in one short tagline.

I live a multi-dimensional life. Full spectrum, both poles, of multiple axes, and everything in-between.

I love living like this and besides being fun and fascinating, there are tons of advantages to it.

So that’s the topic you’ll hear about on this blog. What that means, how I do it, and of course, what it might mean to you.

3. Vibrantly Relevant

I’m also going to be writing more from my heart than from my head, which was not the case in the past.

This is how I LOVE to write.

You’ll see that it’s more stream of consciousness, more alive, more spontaneous, and — something tells me — more relevant to all of us. (That remains to be seen, but I’m forging ahead anyway. Because I have to, plain and simple.)


So, welcome to my new world. Our new world. I hope you’ll come visit often and participate with me.

I want to hear what you think, how you feel, and how you do this thing called life.

Starting with … Do you follow your heart when it contradicts your head? Do you have a good example? How did it turn out?

Thank you!

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    YAY! I find the posts I write from my heart – rather than my head – are the most popular on the blog. No doubt you have found the same for you. I look forward to reading what’s in your heart and life, Patti!

    Blessings in 2012!


      Hey, Lindsay,
      Thanks for your encouragement. It’s especially valued coming from you because you’ve got such a good vibe going over at your place. 😉 Fact is, my guidance is so strong on this that I have practically no choice, ya know? But it feels soooo right.
      Best to you in 2012 as well. Thanks for being a great blogging bud.


    I love this post. Love that you are letting go of the heavy “how to’s”, “shoulds” and are following your enthusiasm, inspiration and intuition and are writing from your heart. Trust that your words and posts will attract and resonate with the right people. I too an feeling the desire to just let go and write freely about what feels timely, inspiring and relevant to me. Lesson in trusting myself and my intuition.


      Hi Christy,

      Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement and love your energy! And look, it’s already paying off because now I’ve discovered YOUR blog as a result! Feed Your Chakras?! Love it! I’m going to subscribe and look forward to reading the posts you write as you also “let go”.

      Thanks for visiting and for leaving your comment. 🙂


    Yaaaaay! I’ve been wondering about all those “how tos” and “shoulds” since I’m pretty sure those who came up with them aren’t nearly as bright and interesting as you are. The multi-dimensionality of the way you live has been of interest – but I haven’t been able to articulate it in the great way you just have.

    I’m eager to read what happens next!



      Awwww, shucks, Nanette, you give me too much credit! But ya, I find this way of living interesting too — after all, it’s what connects me to fascinating people like you! 🙂 (And speaking of bright, yowza!)

      Anyway, I thank you for your coaching sessions (whether or not you knew that’s what they were) as I whined about what I now recognize as growing pains.

      Thanks for being in my life. xoxo


        Bless you Patti!

        Blogs are a very new art form – I’m really looking forward to your variations on the theme! Go for it! I want to see what happens next…..



    How wonder-FULL! And just in time, too. I also look forward to hearing what’s coming from your heart. Dollars to donuts it will be “resonating about” with what the rest of us are writing about, too 🙂

    I actually look at blogging in the opposite way. I don’t care about “the rules.” Other than the fact that someone else created an easy to use structure (WordPress, etc) for me to jump right into, which I am thankful for, I wish I was even LESS like other bloggers. I want to fully express me, for the purpose of others, and I trust in the universe to bring us together.


      Dollars, and donuts!? You’re right, we’re already resonating!! 😉

      But yes, I know you’re right. Even since writing this post I’ve gotten tremendous support. When I first considered blogging it was more an online journal, then I joined a club, and allowed it to become more of an article depository. I think what I’m coming to is a cross between the two, with the former being primary.

      And people like you, who “fully express me” like you said, are a big part of my inspiration. Thank you for that!

      Here’s to trusting and expressing. Much gratitude, Julie! 🙂


    Bravo, Patt! I was so excited to read this post and will be looking forward to what comes next. You are always such an inspiration to me. Happy New Year!


      Oh, thank you! Your words mean a lot to me! ♥
      Happy New Year to you, too! If I’m lucky, our paths will continue to cross.
      Lots of blessings.


        Oh, Patti, I will definitely be back for more sessions in 2012! I wish I could put you on my payroll so our paths would cross on a monthly basis 🙂


          Ya, well, if I do it right, our paths will cross anyway, not just when you’re crossing my palm with $$! 😀 You add something to my life every time and besides the excellent copyrighting info you share that I’ve benefitted from, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you personally.


    Hi Patti,

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!! 🙂

    I am glad to read that you are more in tune with your inner being on how to run your blog. I know it can be hard to find the right approach with so much advice out there on how things should be and should not be.

    I would love to see you writing from the heart. That is when we get to see the wisdom that really matters. 🙂

    I personally try to align my heart and my head. I might want to do something in my heart and then I would use my head to find the best way to get it done. This is what has always worked for me. I need to align my heart and head to make things happen.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier


      Hi Irving! So nice to see you again. I guess I know where I can come visit — I just got kind of bogged down, like I said, and wasn’t “getting around”. But I’ve missed you!

      Thanks for your encouragement. It makes me smile. As I say this I’m reminded that “coeur” (as in encourage) means heart and I am appreciating your heart right now even as it shines through your wisdom that you always share so generously.

      Thanks so much for coming by, and Happy New Year to you and yours, too!


    I’m inspired! I can’t wait to read your next post already!
    I went through this same thing last year. I was fed up with blogging. I found it to be a huge chore that exhausted me. What kept me going was that I reminded myself of why I started a blog in the first place. Once I had my “raison d’etre” in the forefront of my mind it “pulled” me forward throughout the year.
    I too have found that the posts that are the most read are the ones that I’ve written from my heart. You can never go wrong doing that. If you can’t please yourself you will never please the reader either. First and foremost be true to yourself. This is what I’m doing in 2012, following my bliss.
    Your joy from doing this is already making your flame burn brighter this year!
    Big hugs to you dear friend,


      Oh, thanks, Angela! And thanks for sharing your own story here. It inspires me, as you always seem to have just the perfect balance on your blog, and the way you share and really touch peoples’ lives is something I can only aspire to. It helps to know that even really popular bloggers like you have their ups and downs. And thanks for sharing what worked (as always).

      And Angela? As you follow your bliss throughout 2012, here’s hoping you catch up with it at some point! :-b

      Much love to you. ♥


    Patti, it seems like we have been on the same trajectory for 2012! I too am ready for a new leaf (love your photo!) I love blogging, but I was becoming frustrated and stuck by all the directives and expectations. I’m ready to cut loose and let my true self out. What will it mean? I’m not sure yet. Maybe a completely new blog… I’m just ready to tune into my heart! It’s time.

    Thanks so much for the validation! I look forward to following your heart-centered journey!


      Oh, Sarah! This just lifts my spirits to know I have someone else to walk with on this journey of discovering and uncovering what we’re all about at this new — and quite powerful, it seems to me — point in time. Very cool!!

      I’m excited to see what you’ll be doing, as well as what I’ll be doing! 😉

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your bright spirit.


    Wow Patti! That sounds awesome! I look forward to your new approach, and I also choose to be inspired by you, as that sounds very much in alignment with my approach to life right now as well.

    All the power to you! 🙂



      Hi Kara,

      Nice to see you! Happy New Year!

      Funny, I’m hearing a similar thing from many of the commenters; we all seem to be on the same page or at least in similar chapters. 😉 Here’s to our alignment!

      Thanks for coming by, and especially for sharing your thoughts.


    So much to *love* about this! I lead a heart-based life, and when doubts surface it is because I live in a mainstream world where in general ‘thinking’ is prized, recognized and rewarded…and loving is kind of pushed to the side. So, doubt or weight is my clue to re-center.
    In the midst of releasing much to embrace alignment, I stopped creating through my old site and created a new one “Facets of Joy” celebrating each facet that we all have..I am not “just” a “feeler” or a “mom” or any other label…we are each a vibrant ball of energy, label free…we are each *everything* even as we are nothing.
    So, I celebrate all that you are feeling..and I am glad that you are allowing it to guide you to whatever creative expression surfaces:)

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