Jan 212012

I had to laugh this morning when I got an email from a good friend that said she liked my new blog format and the changes I’m making.

The reason I had to laugh is because I haven’t even had time to change anything yet!

But she’s a perceptive and intuitive artist and a soul sister who plays in the multidimensional just like I do. Maybe she’s sensing the different energy behind it, or even seeing into the future. I wouldn’t put either one past her. 😉

But what is going on is that I do have a new plan and direction but already am wondering if I can keep up with it!

Your input about what YOU want from me will help me prioritize. (Read on for some context, or jump directly to the options.)

A New Focus

Last year I discovered blogging and as I do with most things I get involved in, I jumped in with both feet. I let blogging be my main focus.

But as I already said, I discovered that it’s not exactly my thing, at least not how I was doing it. (Okay, okay, that’s an understatement. It chewed me up and spit me out.)

Around New Years, I did a lot of soul-searching (see option #3 below) and everything in me is ready for a new/different focus this year. Not only for this blog but for my life.

This year, my life is my main focus, and I’ll blog about that as it relates to my blog topic of multidimensional (M-D) living.

It’s a subtle but important twist.

Further, a top life focus this year is to improve and expand upon the skills I use as part of my M-D lifestyle and in my M-D services. (Actually, there’s not really a difference between my lifestyle and my services. They’re highly integrated because I apply my service skills to my life constantly and vice-versa.) This is exciting to me because I love learning and I love living in the M-D that my life and my services keep me involved in.

I know we’ll enjoy this new direction because it’s very much about playing — and playing even more effectively — in the various fields that are us. (I was going to say “that make us up”. Are we made up? Kind of!) And I enjoy and benefit from doing that all the time!

So for my blog, I’ll share as I go about whatever form of play my life is taking at the time. That means I’ll share about my services and techniques and what I’m learning to improve them, but mainly about how I apply them to everyday life so that you can, too.

The problem is that things I want to share come up way more quickly than I can blog. I would be writing all the time, and I discovered last year that I just can’t/won’t do that. (And I still need to update my “About” page to explain this new M-D blog focus I keep going on about.)

A Bunch of Options

So here’s a bunch of experiences I’ve had just this month already that I want to share with you soon … and some are going to have to fall by the wayside.

[Here’s a real-time example already. Part of my playing is being/staying open to my intuition and as I attempted to prioritize these topics today, I got the guidance (in the form of an uplifting idea) to ask YOU what you want to hear about! So … let’s see how this pans out, shall we? 😉

Update: Another real-time example! I wrote this post as a draft yesterday, and remember my post about getting your questions answered by writing them down? Well, that happened to me last night and this morning! I got 2 exciting answers to my questions about prioritizing these topics. As before, I didn’t realize a question was even being answered until after the fact. BUT: I still want your opinion!]

Here are the options:

1. I did a really great channeling for someone about knowing our purpose and our direction. I want to put some of it in notes for you and some as audio snippets of the actual channeling. (I’m “training my dragon” to transcribe for me but we’re not there yet. So sharing channelings is still time-consuming.)

2. I want to explain the epiphany I had about betrayal. It applies to any form of victim-hood, actually.

3. I can outline the process I used to soul-search over the holidays that resulted in a new and vibrant direction.

4. I’ve been reviewing some materials about intuition and recently ran across a talk with some really excellent points. I want to share them with you. This would be a series of posts.

5. There’s a situation in my life where I’m having trouble using my intuition to make decisions. I understand why, what to do about it, and alternative means of optimizing the situation. I can share these insights and techniques.

6. I’ve got a health issue going on and am constantly using various M-D techniques to improve the situation. I want to share these. This would be a series of posts.

7. My word for 2012 and the power of having it as a focus.

8. I had an emotional upset one night and a pivotal idea and practice made all the difference. I’d share it with you.

9. Explain more thoroughly what I mean by M-D living and what it can do for you. (IOW, I would focus on a new “About” page, plus a series of articles.)

10. I also wonder if you might like some videos and podcasts instead of all written posts. I’m considering podcasts especially because they’re so quick for me to create, but you may prefer to glance at a post rather than listen to a podcast even if it’s short. So …

Your Input Please

Will you help me prioritize these options?

I’d love to know what you want to hear about. I’ll use it as data to help me decide. This survey is about the short term, but if you have any additional requests or comments about what I share over time (or anything else), I’d like to hear them too.

I numbered the list so you can easily say which topics you want to hear about. And if you have more than one, you can put them in priority order, if you want.

Thank you!

The unfortunate thing is that even before I get your input, I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of other things I want to share with you. Eeeek!! Pant pant pant.

Ah, but oh well, such is life … such a lively thing. It certainly moves, doesn’t it? (Oh! I just had a deja-vu!)

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    I am probably not going to be much help, because I want to hear/read about ALL of them! To be honest, I don’t listen to podcasts or watch videos much, but I am not your typical Internet user these days, apparently. Most everyone seems to enjoy videos & podcasts. I’m the odd girl out.

    The ones I’m most interested in:

    * Emotional upset/pivotal idea
    * What you mean by M-D living
    * Intuition tips
    * Channeling about our purpose

    Oh gosh, see? I’m no help. I want to know everything!


      Oh, you are silly, girl! That was a LOT of really GREAT information! (And I’m still trying to make sense of why I want to do videos & podcasts so badly when I don’t watch or listen, either. :-b Actually, I do love podcasts, but rarely those that are presented on blog posts.)



    Hi Patti,
    I have been so busy that I have missed one or two of your blog posts.

    I prefer to read as well. There are some people who do love podcasts though….somewhere? I say try it! I do enjoy recording podcasts though. I think if I had the time – I would listen to more of them.
    Videos I found to be quite tedious. Also, I prefer not to be on camera so that means you have to do a slide show and that takes a lot of preparation.

    I’m most interested in #3, #4 & #5.


      Hi Angela,

      Yes, I know you’re busy — HUGE congrats on your book rocketing to the top of the Amazon lists!! And it’s partly cuz I know how busy you are that I especially appreciate your stopping by and giving me such useful feedback.

      I do listen to your podcasts (you give a good amount of written info about them, so I know they’re worth the time), but I usually put them on my little MP3 player and listen on my 1 hour drive to town, or when I walk, water outdoors, etc. You might want to try something like that. I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of great information and inspiration out of various types of audios over the years.

      And #3, 4, & 5. Got it. Hmm, why does that not surprise me? 😉

      Thanks so much. I’ll see you around. xoxo


    Patti, I’m enjoying your shifting perspectives here and would love to hear about all of it!

    I would encourage you to do a podcast if you’re drawn to that. I love doing them and people tell me that by listening to it, they get a better sense of who I am and what it would be like to work with me. That might be something fun for you! (I like shorter ones rather than longer ones but I usually listen in my car so length isn’t too much of an issue.)

    I’m hanging around to see what 2012 brings to Lightspirited Being!


      Oh, Lisa, thanks so much for your input and encouragement. I LOVE your podcasts! I’ve listened to maybe about half of them so far, and the rest are still queued-up. 😉 (But you’re hard to keep up with — so prolific!) In fact, you would be one of my role models where that’s concerned because you have such a nice blend of head and heart and you come across as a grounded, practical expert! And I agree, the shorter length is great.

      Thanks bunches for your support. It means a lot to me.


    Hi Patti,
    I want videos but only if you’re in them. It’s a huge personal touch and heart to heart connection. I’m taking the video bootcamp and determined to get over myself on camera. Wish me luck.


      Hey Tess!

      Ya, I saw your forum post that you are ON IT! Me too! I’m doing the bootcamp as well and decided to do a few drafts of a video for my About page, explaining what the heck multidimensional living is. 🙂

      Stay tuned in the forums, and eventually (if I can manage it), on my About page. And I’m looking forward to seeing you, literally!

      Thanks for the feedback!


    Wow..I would like to experience whatever it is you wish to share. What is the one thing that surfaces strongly for you right now in this moment? That is the thing I would wish to receive…
    As Lisa said, each option is awesome..it would be difficult to choose..kind of like a scrumptious buffet of all that is nourishing and delight filled…how to choose? What would the chef recommend this day…that is what I choose:)


      Ha ha, thanks, Joy! I love the way you made your point. I often operate like that, actually, but it’s a blessing and a curse. I get excited about sharing what feels relevant and interesting, but then I so often move on before I can get it out onto the page. I can’t keep up with myself! But you’re right — whatever it is has got to feel right in the moment. Thanks for that important reminder.

      And thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!


    Hi Patti, I’m so excited to watch the evolution of your blog! We are on such similar trajectories because I also reached a crisis about this blogging thing right around the end of last year. I’m still sorting it all out and figuring out which direction I want to take my blog(s) . Right now I’m enjoying my commitment to write 6 days a week on my Grown Up Mom blog and I’m staying open to ideas about how to integrate these two parts of myself.

    AS far as your direction, like a few other fans, I prefer reading over video – but I know that’s hot. And lots of people want it, so a few videos is probably a good plan. Sometimes podcasts work for me – because they’re portable and can listen while working out, or driving. So that’s probably a great plan for folks that commute to work etc. As far as content I love the idea of sharing personal stories about problems and how you solved them. And would love to have a breakdown about the M-D thing – maybe you could even have a primer on it as a special page on the blog. That way newcomers would have a place to learn about it and would understand your references.

    Best of luck with all your blogging aspirations. You are already doing such a great job!


      Hi Sarah,

      Oh! I didn’t know you had yet another blog — I’ll have to have a peek at it. I am totally enamoured by your wellness blog. It just “feels” so good. I love the aesthetic, the colors, the tone … everything. And you’re such a good writer. I’m glad you are pursuing that, whatever the content you settle on.

      Thanks so much for the paragraph with your comments/opinions about what I’m asking. It’s very helpful, and I love your idea about the primer. Wouldn’t you know, I spent today doing my very first (practice) video for A-List bootcamp (were you the Sarah at the MC on Sunday?) It took ALL DAY — tho much of that was learning curve. And that’s just for a “quick and dirty” practice! So I don’t know how much video I’ll be doing. 😉 But I’m like you with the podcasts and am sure I’ll at least play with that idea some.

      Thanks for coming by and for leaving such helpful thoughts. Hey … You may be hearing from me. I’m going to be in your neck of the redwoods in a few weeks. It might be fun to meet! 🙂


    Fun, fun, fun!!! I’d say just go with the flow and share whatever inspires you in the moment! All the topics are so interesting! Plus, you are so intuitive, you’ll know what to write about at the right time!

    I find that as soon as I make plans to blog about certain things, something else pops up and I’d rather blog about that. 🙂 But that’s just my style – blogging by the seat of my pants. You put so much more thought into your posts!! And it shows! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to write about… most definitely!


      Well, hello there, perceptive and intuitive artist! 😉

      Thanks for your wisdom. I hear ya. I rarely find time to blog about my latest hot topic before I’m on to the next! But over time, I’m finding that to be just a little frustrating! Yet, I’m not willing to sit at the computer as much as it would take for me to keep up. So … I’m thinking I ought to try to get the biggest bang for the buck … but then that’s not as fun. 🙁 Ah, such dilemmas.

      As it is tho, I almost can’t help but do what you’re suggesting. Did you see my new post with the video? That was fun to throw together.

      Thanks for coming by! xoxo


    Hi Patti

    All those subjects are pretty juicy. I’d add my vote to being less podcasty/videoey. Item 5 leaped out at me as addressing an immediate issue – how to get feedback/Information which isn’t just your own Stuff. But everything you listed looks delicious.

    On the blog generally:

    Above you wrote: “I get excited about sharing what feels relevant and interesting, but then I so often move on before I can get it out onto the page. I can’t keep up with myself! But you’re right — whatever it is has got to feel right in the moment.” in a reply to Joy.

    Blogging has only existed for about 15 years (okay – to you computery persons, perhaps a little longer) – it’s a very plastic form with no fixed rules. Why not develop over time the blog to reflect how you Are and function? And reinvent it? Hopefully the Pattiblog would be longer than 140 characters, and not in TXT (showing my age – ehem!) yet reflect your sparkly light leaping mind. You can always extrapolate on blog posts later, after all! Or have links to articles you might right about things.

    These are just modest suggestions – I keep an eye on your blog and enjoy everything you write, and look forward to doing so for a good long time! Thank you for being on the internet and being so generous with your information!



      Thank you SO MUCH for this great response. I’m not kidding when I say that half the time you write me (okay, maybe not quite half), I take notes. Your responses (and emails) are always so obviously thoughtful, and ever so helpful!

      In the meantime, you may see a little sample of what you’re suggesting in a day or two. (We’ll see.) I’m realizing lately I kind of like FB, too, but my habits are such that I forget about it. Pesky habits!

      Thanks for coming by, I always love hearing from you. ♥

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