Feb 172012

Calling all intuitives! (That’s you!)

I know that a lot of you are accomplished intuitives.

I also know from when we did some intuitive exercises on this blog that even if you think you’re not intuitive, you are! Every single person sensed some details correctly that you couldn’t have known without using your sixth-sense.

And I need your help!

I’ve looked all over for my camera and can’t find it anywhere.

I want to use one of the filters I packed with it.

If you can help me find it,

I’ll give you a free intuitive reading!


The Camera
It’s an SLR (non-digital), Pentax ME Super with a set of filters and a telephoto lens. Also packed with it are some accessories (including a flash), plus a small automatic Pentax (non-digital), and cases for both cameras. I boxed them up a few years ago to sell and haven’t seen them since.

The Packaging
As I recall, they’re all packed in a smallish box, about the size of a shoe-box; maybe a little bigger. I’m not sure of the shape.

The Environment
Here’s the layout of our two buildings. It could be in the house or the storage shed.

The Reward
If you leave me any tip at all that leads to my finding the camera, I’ll announce it here (or in the comments) and contact you for a free reading. It will be 1/2 hour intuitive reading, and we can either do it interactively or you can send me a few questions and I’ll send you an audio response.

As soon as your “clues” start coming in, I’ll start checking them out. Please give me as many impressions as you like until I let you know here that it’s found.

Tips for Novices

There are so many ways to get at information like this that my main suggestion is to get creative and do it in any way that occurs to you.

Here are a few ideas to help spark your own imagination.

First, believe in beginner’s luck. It definitely applies here!

Next, set your intention to find this camera, and open to get an answer.

You can use your imaginative skills to cycle through all your senses and see what you might get if you were the camera and sensing your location.

You can use your hands over a diagram of the 2 buildings to see if you feel anything anywhere. Or look at it with your mind’s eye and see if any areas catch your attention.

If you’re good with kinesiology or a pendulum, you can ask yes/no questions about where it is. Or use a pendulum over the diagram to see what that tells you.

You can use your audio sense to see if any words come to you.

You can imagine me finding it and see if I’m reaching up, down, moving things off the top of it, reaching into something, etc. Am I in a small, enclosed space like a closet, or in an open space like the storage shed?

You can browse this site for more tips, I’ve written quite a few articles about this. Here are a few I especially like:

The Indispensable Ingredient That Will Make You Psychic

The Secret to Finding Your Intuitive ON Switch

And oh my gosh, there are a zillion more ways. Just go for it. Play with it. Have fun! You have nothing to lose.

Hey, Lady, Why Can’t You Find It?

Well, maybe I can. I haven’t really applied myself to it fully except to physically look around for awhile. Frankly, I thought this might be a lot more fun than my trying to find it all by my lonesome. 🙂

Thanks for any help you can provide, you talented intuitive, you! I appreciate it!

Now, let the search begin!

Note: When you leave your impressions, it might be fun and educational if you say how you got the information. I know that can take more time, though, so that’s optional.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Just after scheduling this post for tomorrow morning, I decided to take a few moments and tune in. After a short search, I stopped and tuned in again. And guess what?

I found it!

I went right to it as though I knew exactly where it was all along.

But I still think it will be fun for you to find it too!

I’m putting it back where it was and I’ll hold the idea of where it was/is in my mind for a few days.

If you can give me some valid and specific impressions about where that is, you can still win a free reading!

AND, if you’d like, we can also do a short podcast interview to be posted on this site about how, exactly, you did it.

I’ll announce the location and the winner (if there is one) next week.

Sound good?

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Update: It’s a week later and most submissions are in. Someone did win a free reading!

I wrote a follow-up post announcing where the camera was and who found it. The winner agreed to do a podcast which is included in the post so if you want to hear how she found it, check it out, it’s interesting!

As far as my finding it, I did know at some level where it was since I had put it there. It hadn’t gotten moved without my knowledge. But taking a moment to be quiet and tune in (like I mentioned above) helped anyway, as did writing down the question “Where is my SLR?”.

The reason I had trouble finding it was I had combined two Pictonary games into one box and packed the camera into the empty one. Both boxes were stored right there in the corner on the top shelf of my office closet and after all these years, I forgot that they weren’t both Pictonary games!

Thanks if you played! Cheers.

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    I think it’s under a bed! ☺


      Hi Beth,
      Agh! Now that the comments are coming in, I realize I can’t say anything meaningful here or I might give it away. 🙁
      But I do appreciate your “playing” and I’ll announce the location and winner some time next week.
      Thank you! 🙂


    Hi Patti,
    This is fun! …sort of like hide and seek. After sitting with it for a moment with the picture of the camera in my mind I thought it might be on a top shelf in a closet. I also asked my pendulum who suggested that it might be the office closet. Let me know! Thanks for the brain exercise this morning. 🙂


      Hi Debbie,

      Like I just told Beth, it wasn’t until I saw comments coming in that I realized I can’t say anything meaningful here or I might give it away.

      I’ve now added to the post that I’ll announce the location and winner some time next week, so … I’ll let you know then!

      Thanks for playing!


    Hi Patti,

    Well now I just can’t wait to see where you found it! Can you take a picture for us?

    As I started reading, I saw a box on the floor under something, like a couch or a bed maybe (the material looked loose and floppy). But then I kept reading, saw shed, and that threw the whole thing off as I was imagining one of those pitchfork thingies (a hoe?). Anyway, no guess from me but can’t wait to hear where it was!


      Hi Julie,

      Funny … You’re seeing things around here (our bed has a comforter on top, the “loose and floppy” material, and there is one box under there — and we do have both a pitchfork and a hoe in the shed)! But of course I can’t comment on whether the camera location has anything to do with them, YET. 😉

      I could take a picture but don’t know if that would be helpful in this case. Stay tuned!

      Thanks for coming by and for your comment.


    Here’s my 2 cents…”felt” it in looking at your diagram as it is oriented in your diagram, in the most northwest corner of your house, whatever room is there. “Heard” bedsprings squeaking, so I’m thinking its under a bed, and also “heard” the sliding of the box across the floor, so I’m guessing it is. “Felt” the camera in the box under the bed, surrounded in white wrappings (tissue paper? white cloth?). “Smelled” dust motes, so I’m guessing it is a room that is not used much, like a guest room or storage room. “Tasted” iron, which I believe are the old bed springs (on an antique kind of bed – white wrought iron?). I believe the box was pushed far back under the bed almost against the wall.

    Anyways…I’ll be curious to see where it was….hoping I got some things right on!



      Hi Kara,

      I’m fascinated by all the impressions you got. I probably should have put the NSEW directions on my map of the layout; I didn’t even think of it. I kind of can’t wait to give you my comments, but as you might guess, I have to wait until I announce the location later this week.

      Thanks so much for playing!


    Hi, great fun…before I finished reading your post, I had a strong impression that your camera was in the kitchen near fruit, oranges are strong in my mind…Knowing me, I’ve probably got it totally wrong and it’s in the loo and you’ve got orange coloured paper… 🙂 look forward to checking back for the results…


      Hi Catherine,
      Oh, you’re too funny! And also right — sometimes that’s exactly how it works, LOL!
      Thanks for visiting and thanks so much for playing (I LOVE your blog and wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise)! As you know, I’ll announce the results later this week.


    Immediately upon reading your comment I got a message that it was in a closet, in a bag, possibly up on a shelf but more specifically in back corner behind some clothes or boxes of shoes, etc. I know this is old and I would have probably found the answer if I had read everyone’s posts, but I thought it would be fun to throw my 2 cents in.


      Hi Candy,
      THANKS! I’m glad you played and it’s not too late at all. Until I announce, the field is wide open!
      I’ll be letting the proverbial cat out of the bag later on this week. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!

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