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Do you ever get really strong hunches or intuitions, only to find out they’re “wrong”?

Or impressions that were so clear or extraordinary that you’re perplexed as to how you could have possibly made them up?

Well, there is a way to put those “wrong” impressions to good use, and if you’re smart (and I know you are), you’ll do it.

A Simple But Important Lesson

In the late ’70’s I took some psychic classes from the renowned psychic Kathlyn Rhea. Kay was so good she was often hired by the San Jose police department (in the San Francisco Bay Area) to help solve crimes and find missing people. In fact, she was officially deputized in two CA counties for her significant contributions.

She offered classes in her home in the Cupertino foothills and I was lucky enough to live close by and be able to attend. Needless to say, I learned a lot.

She taught us many things, much of which I still use to this day.

One of the most important things she taught was also one of the simplest.

It’s the idea that when you get impressions, you get them from somewhere.

You Got It From Somewhere

This may not seem important until you start applying it regularly.

Say you use your intuition to ask a verifiable question, but find out that what you “got” wasn’t the correct answer.

Well, it’s important to know that your impressions were still likely valid.

You didn’t make them up, and you’re not “wrong” just because they don’t match the answer to the question.

In other words, just because it isn’t the answer to a particular question doesn’t mean it isn’t so!

If I didn’t remind myself of this simple fact, I’d often miss useful information.

So rather than just dismiss it as wrong, it’s often helpful to take some time to see if the information might apply somewhere else, especially to important and current situations in your life.

It doesn’t always, or maybe it does but just not somewhere you think to look. Or maybe you won’t know where it applies until later.

But it’s always worth taking a look, because sometimes it’s obvious and relevant.

Investigate Where You Got It

Often Kay would invite her advanced students to work on cases with her.

One time, several of us saw something that looked like a blanket with a Native-American pattern. Even though Kay didn’t know what we were seeing, the next time she met with the officers involved in the case she questioned what it might have been.

It turned out that at the scene of the crime, the officers used a Native-American patterned rug to cover the body.

We weren’t asking what the body was covered with, but the information was still there and we were getting it. I’ve always remembered this as a perfect example of looking beyond the question to see where the impressions are coming from.

And that’s why, when I do intuitive exercises, I always try to stretch beyond the bounds of the question and see how else impressions might be applied to the situation.

For example, when we did an Animal Communication exercise on this site, a lot of you got specific impressions that didn’t answer the exact question but were still valid intuitive impressions. (Here’s the answer page with detailed feedback from me. The question was “What does Ollie get after dinner?”. There are lots of examples of what I’m referring to, but if you’re short on time, jump down to Angela’s section for a really good example.)

Another good example happened just last week, again with an intuitive exercise on this site. I asked if you could use your intuition to find my camera. (And one person DID find it, with so much specificity that I was utterly amazed!)

But just like with the Native-American patterned rug in my first example, several people —  while not finding the camerawere all picking up on a similar thing: a bed.

[By the way, that’s another time to pay close attention: a) When several people are getting the same “incorrect” impression, or b) if you get a similar impression repeatedly.]

You can find all the impressions here, but just to show you what a match the impressions about beds (and sheds) were, here’s some additional feedback to one in particular.

Kara (a skilled intuitive who writes the delightful blog Conduit of Joy!), said:

Here’s my 2 cents…”felt” it in looking at your diagram as it is oriented in your diagram, in the most northwest corner of your house, whatever room is there. “Heard” bedsprings squeaking, so I’m thinking its under a bed, and also “heard” the sliding of the box across the floor, so I’m guessing it is. “Felt” the camera in the box under the bed, surrounded in white wrappings (tissue paper? white cloth?). “Smelled” dust motes, so I’m guessing it is a room that is not used much, like a guest room or storage room. “Tasted” iron, which I believe are the old bed springs (on an antique kind of bed – white wrought iron?). I believe the box was pushed far back under the bed almost against the wall.

First, the northwest corner of the house just so happens to be the bedroom. The bed-springs she heard are significant because at the time, the bed we were using didn’t have springs but we were in the process of moving it out and a new one in — well, an old one from the shed that we hadn’t used in awhile — that does have box-springs. Not only that, but it’s a very springy mattress, I’ve since noticed! Under the bed is a box. It’s empty except for white tissue paper. She smelled dust and that could easily be the shed where the bed was or under the old bed, which had gathered a layer of dust. (We live in the desert and it’s very dusty here. How’s that for an excuse. ;-)) And she mentioned a storage room, perhaps relating at some level to the storage shed. The metal, antique bed she mentioned is interesting. We’re not using it but the bed we brought in from the shed has an antique brass head and foot!

Now, none of this had anything whatsoever to do with the camera. But as she tuned in, I’m certain Kara tapped into something that was much more important than the camera. The reason we’re moving beds around is because the old one was bothering my back and that’s a big deal. It affects my life and that of everyone close to me at a very basic level when my back is injured. Plus, I had already found the camera, and had moved on to the bed as an area of focus.

Julie was also picking up on this idea, even seeing the tools that were stored near the mattress in the shed.

Maybe they were just seeing all the activity. Or maybe it was guidance. There are ways to tell the difference but this is enough for one post. 🙂

So. All put together, the impressions of Kara, Julie, and Beth are encouraging me to believe that perhaps we’ve hit on the right mattress, finally! (It’s actually a wonderful, high-end McRoskey mattress, and was only stored because we used to have it in the guest room. I don’t know why we didn’t think to use it for ourselves instead of buying a new mattress a year ago.) In any case, I’m going to consider it a “yes” vote and expect the best for now. Thanks to one and all!

Stay Open to the Possibilities

So the point is that if you ask about one thing and keep getting information about something else: pay attention!

It just may be something even more important that’s trying to get your attention.

The impressions will sneak in whenever and however they get their chance.

Remember: Staying open minded is what often alerts you to situations you’re not even thinking to ask about, such as the well-being of loved ones in your life, upcoming events you ought to be aware of, or factors in decisions you’re making at the time.

So next time you think you’re wrong, think again! You just may be getting information that’s quite important, and if taken as valid, can make a positive difference in your life.

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    Great post, Patti! Glad to hear I picked up on something significant!


    This is such great advice, Patti! I think I mentioned to you that sometimes I wonder why I clearly get the “wrong” answers. Never thought to apply it to a different area of my life when I get these seemingly “wrong” feelings!


      Hi Lindsay,

      Ya, I think you said that when I wrote my post about writing our questions down.

      It’s funny tho … Often it can apply to something important, yet sometimes I’ll get an impression only to see the exact image (or phrase, etc.) on T.V. that night. Silly. At the same time, even that will sometimes reflect something going on in my life, and it’s just a part of a pattern trying to get my attention. I’m sure you know what I mean; more along the line of signs than specific messages. But still!

      Thanks for coming by! I’m going to try to find time to visit some blogs today, and yours is one of my faves. 🙂



    I really can’t express how thankful I am for this blog post! Every day I rely on my intuition, so when I get very strong “hits”, like I did for your situation, and they when I perceive those hits are “wrong”, before now it has kind of sent me into a tailspin of doubt. So thank you so much for sharing that the information coming through likely applies to some other question, or a different aspect of the question or the asker. This is so helpful to me, and I will definitely apply it always now!

    It renews my faith in my guides, Higher Self, and my abilities. It explains other experiences I have had when I got really strong hits, but they could not be verified one way or the other (usually as there was no one left alive who could confirm such details).

    I always find these exercises really fun, but I have been shy to participate as sometimes details I get I’ve considered “off”, and this deters me. No more! I will go forth and continue to be confident that the information coming through applies to someone, or something close to the original question being asked.

    Thanks so much again Patti. I’m really so grateful for this information you shared, and for this exercise. 🙂



      Oh, Kara! What a nice comment! It gives me warm fuzzies all over! 😉

      Seriously, I’m so glad I could help. I think it’s because I heard/learned this so long ago that in some ways it seems obvious, but this simple idea is one I return to again and again. Like I told Lindsay below, sometimes I find that what I got matches something but is totally irrelevant … but still … it shows that it’s just about directing and honing, not starting from scratch, right?

      And I’m also very glad you put your 2 cents in. Your response took my breath away, and it was fun to write about it and share that tidbit from Kay.

      Keep on keepin’ on! xoxox


    Oh Patti this is so funny!! I actually saw dust bunnies like the tumblin’ tumbleweeds but I didn’t mention mention it because it seemed rude! Lol.

    The most significant thing I got was the “energy” and the “feeling” that came from your place. It was like I was standing there at floor level staring under what turned out to be the bed. That is not commonly the way I get data in.

    I think I mentioned in the last comment I made how often what we get is not the answer to the question being asked, but it is “an answer” to something probably more important. I take it like “the answer the guides/angels want you to have, not always the question you asked.

    Sometimes when I am doing a reading for a doubter they will ask me a question out of the blue. Like, once I told someone that he didn’t “feel married,” and I saw a beautiful brunette as plain as day. It turned out he was married but emotionally he was very hung up on an old girlfriend who was the brunette (he said I described her exactly). But then his follow up question was,”Where does she live?” (he knew the answer, it was a challenge to me), and I got nothing accurate to tell him. And THAT cast his doubt on everything I said. To that I give the same answer as to this exercise you just did – it just proves that the information we receive is the RIGHT information for some IMPORTANT reason, but guides aren’t here to answer 20 questions and play guessing games – they’re here to tell us what they think we need to know. Simple as that.

    This was great fun! Thanks 🙂


      Hi Julie,

      How funny about the dust bunnies! And it’s fun hearing more about what you got, it’s kind of impossible to put all the details and nuances into a few short paragraphs. That’s why it’s fun to discuss, cuz then we see how relevant some of the details are that we might not have even thought to mention. (Or didn’t mention because we are polite, as the case may be. ;-))

      I love your story too — thanks for sharing that. I know it wasn’t your point but it got me thinking that exploring the relevance (and meaning) of what we get is sometimes half the challenge, and half the fun. Well, maybe not half, but part, anyway. It sometimes takes as much creativity and inspiration — and even intuition — as the original reception did.

      Thanks for coming by again, and for playing to begin with.


    My impressions are NEVER wrong.People who get innacurate impressions aren’t sharp enough to be good at intuition.Also I notice that a lot of people dont know how to tell the difference between a REAL impression & a FALSE impression.That takes a SHARP mind and the RIGHT kind of life experience.


      Hi Adrienne,
      Yes, I could have titled this “What to Do When You Think Your Intuition Is Wrong”, since what you say is similar to my point. Impressions are impressions — I’m not sure they can possibly be wrong. It’s in our interpretation where we can go awry, or miss what they are trying to tell us. As I say in the post: “It’s important to know that your impressions were still likely valid. You didn’t make them up, and you’re not “wrong” just because they don’t match the answer to the question. In other words, just because it isn’t the answer to a particular question doesn’t mean it isn’t so!”
      Thanks for your comment.

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