Feb 242012

A week ago I offered you a free reading if you could use your intuition to find my lost camera.

Thanks everyone for your impressions!

Even some of you who didn’t find the camera were definitely picking up on things going on around our home — especially those of you who spoke of beds and sheds. There were some matches that I found fascinating and I’ll share the details with you in an upcoming post.

But now … Drum-roll please!

Congratulations go to Debbie Jensen-Grubb for zeroing in on my camera so exactly that it took my breath away!

This is fun! …sort of like hide and seek. After sitting with it for a moment with the picture of the camera in my mind I thought it might be on a top shelf in a closet. I also asked my pendulum who suggested that it might be the office closet. Let me know! Thanks for the brain exercise this morning. 🙂

And that’s exactly where it was: On the top shelf of my office closet!

So Debbie got her free reading for finding the camera, and she kindly agreed to do a podcast with me about how she did it.

Inner Voices and Magic Pendulums

Here’s the podcast for you to listen to if you want to hear how Debbie approached and successfully met this challenge.

It’s about 13 min. total.

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And I’m so glad she shared because I learned a few new things about pendulums.

I especially love her sense of lightness and fun as she approached this, which I’m convinced played a big role in her finding it. In my experience, this, combined with the fact that she trusted what she got is pivotal.

Also: note that Debbie is not a professional intuitive! She says she “tries to listen to her inner voice”, and in many ways, that’s all it takes.

This is a great example of the fact that we all have intuition and we can all use it successfully!

Yoga Nidra

The first 9 min. of the podcast is about how Debbie found the camera.

And then there was a nice surprise!

I got to learn a few more new things about the profound effects of yoga nidra!

I had asked Debbie what she did for a living and she talked a bit about her career as a yoga teacher.

She’s created 2 yoga nidra CDs so of course I asked her to explain what yoga nidra is.

“Nidra” is the Sanskrit word for sleep, and in short, yoga nidra is a specific type of guided meditation where just 1 hour of it equals about 4 hours of sleep. (I’m there! I’ve ordered one and can’t wait ’til it arrives!)

If you ever feel sleep deprived or even just want to dive into your “golden egg” (Debbie explains on the podcast what this is), you might want to check them out.

You can find Debbie at TheYogaTeacher.net and her yoga nidra CDs are available at her shop there: Essential Relaxation and Yoga Nidra Cat Naps.

Debbie specializes in gentle, therapeutic yoga and in a few weeks will also offer her new DVD called Gentle Yoga for Strengthening. (UPDATE: It’s available now, just click on the link!)

Thanks again to Debbie and all who participated! I’ll have to do this again sometime. 😉

(And stay tuned for the related post where I’ll discuss some of your other impressions.)


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    Thanks, Patti, for the wonderful blog post and podcast. I so enjoyed talking to you. Your jyotish astrology reading made my day. I left the reading with such a happy, positive outlook towards what the future will bring. I am grateful to your light hearted, spirit-filled energy in all that you do. I’ll have to schedule another Matrix Energetics with you soon as they truly shift my life in a positive way. One at the start of every season to set me off in the right direction and Spring is just around the corner! I wish you all the best. Namaste. Debbie


      Oh, Debbie, you’re just wonderful! I so much enjoyed doing the podcast (my first interview on this blog) and the reading too. It’s always a pleasure interacting with you.

      Thank you also for all the kind words. It does my heart good to know I can be of some help.

      All the best to you, too.



    Now I am dying to know about the bed and the shed! Do post soon, won’t you? I am also curious if those things were actually more important than the finding of the camera itself? Many times I notice we don’t get answers to our question until the answers to “more important” questions get answered, and in this case you had already found the camera, so…

    I have horrible insomnia so I will check this out, too!


      Hi Julie,

      Yes, I know! I just keep dangling carrots, don’t I? I’m going to try to get it out by Monday but have been having trouble physically being at the computer for very long (you don’t want to know). But there is so much I want to be writing here I’m doing my best to keep it flowing. 😉

      YES, interesting and good point. The stuff with beds and sheds is MUCH more important than the camera. I agree — I often find intuition kicks in much better when there’s a reason for it. Thanks for bringing that up!

      And thanks for coming by. Always great to hear your input.

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