Mar 212012

This Friday I’m holding my first group Holographic Emergence Session, in the form of a Spring Activation teleconference.

And boy, do I keep wanting to control it!

I’m so trained. We all are. Trained to take charge, “make” it happen, be responsible. I want so badly for it to be beneficial for all the attendees that I keep feeling like I have to force it somehow. No unknowns. Not even “happy accidents”. I notice myself starting to worry that I need to be better prepared. That it ought to be structured.

But this new (cutting edge, truly) way of operating challenges all those old habits.

And it can be downright unnerving.

Trust vs. Control

The power of consciousness technology (such as Matrix Energetics, on which my Holographic Emergence sessions are based) is that you don’t need to “do” anything.

In fact, doing can be counterproductive.

In order to achieve success, first give up the idea that you are “the Doer.” Instead of constantly doing from the mere human or conscious level, become the “Open Door.”

– Dr. Richard Bartlett (founder of Matrix Energetics), The Physics of Miracles

Rather than “do” something, the main (and maybe only) skill involved is being able to access the state in which “it is done”. And even in this paradoxical statement, the word “done” is more an adjective than a verb.

The other main skill for some of us (as already mentioned) is to let go of being a control freak! Aach! Pant pant pant.

So how do I manage to step into this new way of operating? Or rather, NOT operating? This state of being, and allowing?

♦ I can only remind myself that a lot of people for whom I’ve done individual Holographic Emergence Sessions where I’ve let go of control have noticed positive results.

♦ I also remind myself that when this idea came to me just a few weeks ago, it already had a life of its own.

I was compelled and propelled to just do it.

It was kind of odd, actually.

It was as though I knew the doubts existed but I wasn’t able or inclined to even look at them. I often think it’s smart to examine doubts to see if they’re valid, but almost always I decide that they are — and then they are crippling.

And so, this time, I simply allowed myself to be moved.

Can it be that there is something, some force, some something (I know not what) that actually knows better than me?

Well, let’s hope so.

Choosing Trust

So, I’m letting this be a lesson to me to live as that door instead of just be that door when I do Holographic Emergence Sessions (or LOL when I absolutely have to let go and surrender because I have no other choice).

That means I won’t just be the door during the Activation session, but am also being a door that opens for this and possibly future Activation sessions to enter my life as they will.

The trust required to be an open door also opens you to receive inner guidance easily. I’m noticing that certain inspirations are appearing to me about the sessions. Things that may or may not be a part of it. That’s all fine and is a part of the process. It’s “showing up” on its own — through the open door.

I’m choosing it this time. To not do. To trust.

Because I’ve learned that that’s how magic happens.

Want to join us for the Spring Activation? There’s still time! You can find the registration link here. (And it’s free!)

And a big thanks to those of you who’ve already registered. We’ve already got a group of wonderful people; I’m so excited!

How about you? How do you know if it’s time to DO or time to be a DOOR … or don’t you? Have you seen the door lead to magical results? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Hi Patti,

    I am excited about the session 🙂

    Yes, you might as well paint me red, I am a Door lol. Many of my posts lately are nothing if not Doors. My ego is well and truly like a dog panting at the foot of the universe. Being a Doer doesn’t help, it hinders. Being a Door allows all things.


      You’re so funny, paint you red! Yay that you’re a Door (I have to get back over to your blog and see); I realize I admire Doors. I’ve been there now and then — and pretty consistently in my work — but keep springing back (oh! no spring pun intended) to my old, controlling ways.

      It sure feels better to be a Door when you can really do it. Ironically, I can’t be a Doer to make myself a Door. Too funny. But as you put so well “Being a Door allows all things”. So, we’ll see. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by, and so glad you’ll be there on Fri.! There’s lots of really good peeps signed up so far, making for a good group.


    Love this post, Patti. I’m definitely a doer, but I’m working toward becoming a door – and trusting more than controlling! Can’t wait for the Spring Activation 🙂


      Ah, yes, and I think I’ve seen glimpses of you as a Door, for sure! Reading this from such a beautiful sometimes-doer helps me appreciate that we’re all fine no matter where we are on the Doer to Door continuum. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and I’m so glad you’ll be there Friday with your lovely energy. See you then!

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