Mar 142012

One more week and it’s officially Spring!

Does all this fresh new energy have you sprouting new ideas?

Or a brilliant new twist on an old one?

Me too!

Want to help them thrive?

Me too!

Get a Spring Activation

Something I decided to do that’s new for me is to offer a FREE Spring Activation Session to boost your manifestation(s).

Actually, it’s more like a new twist to something I’ve already been doing, since it’s really a group version of my Holographic Emergence Sessions.

I’ve not done a group one yet, but it feels like time!

What Is a Spring Activation?

A Spring Activation Session is a group Holographic Emergence Session where I use my Matrix Energetics skills (primarily) to facilitate whatever it is you want to create or grow this spring.

It’s like a jump-start (if new), or a boost (if ongoing).

We’ll energize it, propel it … give it a new life!

And of course, because you are an integral part of giving it life, we’ll energize you, too.

It’s Quick

I know you’re busy and the good news is that consciousness technology (such as the Matrix Energetics that you’ll experience during the session) is often instantaneous.

So the session itself will only take about 30 min. With a little buffer before and after, you’ll want to allot about 45 min. total. (And maybe the rest of that hour to assimilate, but that’s optional.)

It’s Spontaneous

I can’t tell you a lot more about it because a part of the magic is that I don’t “control” it.

That way, I/we don’t accidentally limit what can manifest. Instead, we open the floodgates for the best possible results.

It’s Fun

What I can tell you is that I’ll use the skills I’ve developed over the past 5 years to invoke what’s needed to facilitate the very best outcome for all of us — then see what shows up.

It’s free-flowing and done in an light-hearted, playful manner.

I’ll also make available any of my other skills (intuitive and/or channeling) in the event they would enhance our experience or outcome.

How to Prepare

All you need to do is:

  1. Decide what project you want to activate
  2. Envision (or write down) your intentions for the project
  3. Show up (i.e. call in) for the live session

That’s it!

When and How

The session will be held via teleconference mid to late next week; exact date and time still TBD. I will pick an auspicious day and time (as per Jyotish) that’s also convenient.

If you haven’t already signed up for my quarterly newsletter, please do so.

That’s the list I’ll use to send the final details (and possibly a registration link).

It’s also a great way to find out about other freebies that I offer exclusively to newsletter subscribers. (For example, whenever I offer a new service or develop a class, subscribers can volunteer to try it for free in exchange for feedback.)

If you really really don’t want to subscribe to my newsletter, that’s okay. Just send me an email and ask me to send you just this next issue for details about the Spring Activation Session.

Share the News

If you have friends who might want to join us, please do share this post with them. The more the merrier. (Buttons below, or forward if you’re reading this in email.) Thank you!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Please ask (or simply add your 2 cents) in the comment section because I’d really love to “see” you at the Activation!

Learn to Channel Your Higher Self

FYI — Just last week, my multi-talented friend Angela Artemis interviewed me for her blog Powered by Intuition. She asked good questions about channeling and it includes a guided exercise to channel your Higher Self that several of the commenters had success with.

You can find both the audio and written interview here.

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    Hi Patti,
    What a lovely way to usher in Spring! Thank you:)


      Oh, you’re welcome — and I hope you’ll be there! (I know, I have to decide — or rather, “feel out” — when it is going to be). It’s funny because the session already has a life of its own and my process with IT will be reflected in the session. So fun already!

      BTW, I LOVED your interview you did with Angela! It gave me a whole new idea of what you are about and got me really excited about getting to your blog more often. Great job! 🙂

      Thanks for coming by.


    Yay, count me IN!


      Good! Your good energy (I just read your reply to my comment about your bathroom ghost :-)) will add nicely to the mix and benefit all of us. Thanks!


    Do you still do this??? Because I would Love to receive it!!! Thank you! (((Hugs)))



      Hi Barbara,

      Definitely I do! I would suggest you sign up for my newsletter so you get notified when I do them but I see that you already did – perfect!

      I’ve been doing one per season and didn’t for fall because I’m thinking I’ll do them more frequently but don’t want to start a “regular schedule” until I finalize my plans.

      In any case, welcome! And thanks for your note.
      L&L to you, too. 🙂

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