May 012012

If you read my last post you know that I’m here to tell you all about a cutting-edge practice and  how you can apply it to create magic and miracles in your life.

But there’s so much to tell you that this morning I just didn’t know what to write about first.

So I took advantage of my training in this area and asked myself a powerful question.

It’s a question that’s powerful not just because it helps prompt new ideas (which it does, and is valuable in itself), but because in asking it you step into a slightly altered reality.

I asked myself:

What if … ?

What if I did know what to write about today?

The Power of “What if …”

The “What if …” question opens something that was previously closed.

It stretches something that previously was limited.

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Good questions don’t just stretch your mind, but the fabric of your reality. ~ Click to Tweet

It’s now an expanded reality with new probabilities.

This can play out in a few different ways.

The Creative Power of Imagination

The moment I asked myself the question, I automatically was imagining myself experiencing that new possibility.

And imagining it took me one step closer to it being a reality.

And then I forgot about it for awhile. 🙂

But as I relaxed in the jacuzzi, ideas started popping in faster than I could even keep track of. By the time I got into the house, so many ideas came flooding in that after about 1/2 hour of frantic note taking, I had to just STOP. And choose.

It had a life of its own and took no further effort on my part; in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it if I tried.

It’s like the idea that if I mention a pink monkey, can you not imagine a pink monkey? No!

So over the next half hour or so, it became reality.

I do know what to write about today!

You Often Get More Than You Expect

Not only did I get an answer to my question, but I got way more. And sometimes the effects can be far reaching.

  • I became enthused. Excited. Alive!
  • I got inspiration and ideas for about 5 more posts.
  • I made some fun discoveries while researching them.
  • I got ideas about how to best present the larger subject in future posts.
  • I’ve enjoyed my day immensely.
  • My upbeat energy was infectious to those in my life today.
  • If you take my suggestions, you’ll benefit too!

Asking Allows for Guidance

As I was outlining this post, I jotted down a few more “What if …” questions that I could apply in my life.

I asked:

What if my back was is perfectly healthy?

I happened to notice later that without even thinking about that question, I was preparing to try a different sitting position and location for writing today.

I had to pause and wonder if that idea came to me because I had fleetingly noted an open-ended question about my back being healthy. Maybe it was a suggestion from the part of me that knows better than my conscious mind what’s good for my back.

I think so.

This kind of thing happens a lot.

Instant Transformation Is Possible

Sometimes when you ask this question, no answers come to you, or at least not in a conscious way.

And that’s okay. The purpose isn’t to get answers, although it can be nice when you do.

The purpose is fulfilled simply by your asking the question. ~ Click to Tweet

During Holographic Emergence™ sessions, I’ve sometimes seen powerful, open-ended questions create an instant change in a condition or situation. I’ve experienced that myself, too.

Or they can create a noticeable shift in your perception of a situation, sometimes immediately and sometimes over time. (You’ll get some specific examples as we go deeper in future posts. You’ll also get some of the science behind it.)

What if you ask a question today that activates transformation in your life? ~ Click to Tweet

What if you knew what question that would be?

Your Turn to Ask “What if …”

What if you experiment with the “What if …” question?

If you open to the possibilities of even one thing, and even just a little, it’s a great start.

It can be like opening the floodgates.

You open your mind and step into a slightly different reality than before you asked the question.

5 suggestions for great results:

1. Ask something “positive”. It’s best to frame it as something you’d like, e.g. don’t ask “What if I fail (again)?” but rather “What if I’m outlandishly successful?”

• What if I’m already enlightened?
• What if I made a ton of money?

2. Ask followup questions if you’re inspired to. Use open-ended questions (i.e. not yes/no or with a specific answer.)

• What if I’m about to experience a wonderful change? How would that look?
• What if it’s something significant? What might it be?

3. Let your imagination go WiLd!

• What if everything I think I know is wrong?
• What if I can be instantly happy?
• What if my deceased pet isn’t really dead?

4. The sillier your questions, the better. Those can be the most powerful of all.

Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model. ~ Vincent van Gogh

• What if the question asked me?
• What if I lived like life was all questions and no answers?
• What if I could pop into my ideal reality instantly?
• What if this is my ideal reality?
• What’s the silliest question I could ask right now?

5. Watch what happens. Something will.

Notice what’s different. Something will be.

This is an important point because without it, the new reality can easily pass you by, leaving you exactly where you started.

• What if I don’t tell you what might happen?
• What if you get to discover it on your own?
• What if it’s pretty spectacular?

The more you notice and welcome the change, the more easily it will manifest. ~ Click to Tweet

Observable Results

So this morning I used just one “What if …” question, and was presented with some great gifts and a pretty good topic, don’t you think?

And OMG, I just realized: My back feels better right now than it has in weeks! This, even though I sat and wrote all day and I never made it to that new location and position. (Good thing I was handing out advice about making sure you notice what’s different or I might have missed it. ;-)) I truly cannot explain why this is except that I asked “What if …?”

Still … The question sounds so simple and ordinary that you might not believe it has the power it does.

So why don’t you see for yourself?

  • What if you do this exercise?
  • What if you hit on some powerful questions? What might they be?
  • What if you get some unmistakable results?
  • What if you come back and share them with us?
  • Or … what if you shared some “What if …” questions here?

(And I’m asking these questions of me as much as I am of you, i.e. what if my readers …)

I’m ready to see what happens, are you?

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  11 Responses to “What If This Simple Question Could Change Your Life?”

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    This is so simple, yet so powerful. You can guess who is asking herself a lot of “What if” questions today! I’m excited to see what comes of it.

    I especially like that you said your upbeat energy was infectious to those around you. That’s the kind of infectious energy we WANT around us!

    Gonna share this on FB 🙂


      Hi Lindsay,
      Glad you found this interesting enough to give it a try. I’ll be interested to hear what you notice.
      And thanks SO much for your support. You’re a blessing — and an infectious one at that, lol! 😉



    This is so funny because some “big stuff” has been happening the last couple of days, and it aint all good. So on my drive back from the schools this morning, all I was doing was thinking it through and asking about 100 questions into the air. Then I came back and saw this 🙂


      Hi Julie,
      That IS funny! Love it! Yes … as you know ANY open-ended imaginative question can do the job, not just “What if…?”. I bet you’ll experience some awesome openings from your questioning!
      Thanks for coming by. ♥


    Hi Patti
    Loved this!


    What a wonderful exercise! I’ve had so much fun with this – and from
    The silliest to the simplest …then when I went to run, around mile 4 I started – hearing answers?!
    Wow! I’ve tried doing this at different times of the day, too. The end if the day seems simpler than say lunch ‘what ifs’.
    Thanks for the opportunity to ‘slinky’ my mind!


      Hi Anne,

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. Although the point of this is not necessarily to get or hear answers, it’s sure fun when you do. I’m not surprised to hear they started popping in when you had those nice endorphines circulating in your brain. 😉

      Similar things might happen at different times of day like you mention, when your brain state is perhaps more relaxed and receptive than at other times.

      I’m glad you’re playing with it, and hope you continue to do so! Thanks again.

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