Jul 222012

The “Creation Activation” last Thursday was extraordinary. The activation and all it entailed was truly uplifting, but I was especially impressed that we were given so many tools for manifesting our creations.

(For those unfamiliar, an “activation” is a group Holographic Emergence™ session.)

Sometimes during a Holographic Emergence™ session, you’re given some kind of tool to take away and use as you see fit.

Well, this time, there were 4 — count ’em, 4! — tools for manifesting that were offered.

I’m guessing The Field felt everyone was adequately curious and adventurous enough that they could and would make use of them.

We did have a group of extraordinary individuals gathered, I will say that. 😉 Thanks to all of you who participated! We had some great energy going there, didn’t we?

Four Powerful Tools for Manifesting

Here are the tools that “showed up” during our activation.

These are examples of the type of supportive “consciousness technology” tools that you learn to use here.

1. Spigot for Creative Flow

The first was a spigot, like a water spigot. Because participants’ creative energy was turned on full blast, it was so that we could turn it down if it got too intense, and turn it back up whenever we want too.

2. A Helper Self

Next came a “helper self”. This is another version of ourselves that we can send off to do tasks for us. In reality we all are much more far-reaching than we know, with abilities to access and interact with everything.

A “helper self” is a useful way to more deliberately interact with expanded realities and abilities. (I’ve gotten remarkable results with this in the past. More about this some day!)

3. Message from Our Future Self

The third tool that popped up was a means of interacting with a version of ourselves that is yet to be, or rather existing but in a different “time”. We were given a message by this wiser and more evolved self which we could either receive right then and there or take with us to hear some other time.

4. A Customized and Customizable Module

And last but not least, we each received a module made especially for us.

A module is a specialized set of various kinds of energies (more on these as time goes on; they’re a Matrix Energetics concept).

Sometimes one will show up that’s customized for that person and situation, and that’s what happened this time. But there was something even more special about this one. It was not only customized already but it also allowed customization by the recipient. This is the first time I’ve seen this happen.

I know some of these sound silly, but that’s the fun of it, after all, and being in a playful state actually helps facilitate results.

Also, I’ve learned to trust whatever shows up during a session as being useful.

Sometimes the silliest things have the most profound effect.

Enhanced Creativity as a Result

I’ve already gotten some great feedback from participants (thank you!), and some of it fairly detailed about meaningful effects of each of these tools.

Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes (often!) the session begins to enhance your life even before we get together and “do” it. One participant said he’s been noticing improvements in his creative flow ever since I announced the activation. (It’s feedback like this that makes me feel soooo good that what I have to offer can make such a difference!)

As for me, I get an activation right along with everyone else, and I do feel some changes, I’m sure of it. I could hardly wait the few minutes for my netbook to boot to start writing this post. That’s a big change since often my ideas goe onto a list and become yet another to-do in my huge bag of to-do’s that I schlep around with me.

This really is different.

I also got an email in my inbox the very next morning about a creativity e-course that’s starting soon! I’m going to take part in it since I don’t think that was a coincidence, do you? Besides … I want to! It will be fun and you can join us too! Click here or on the image for more info. (I’m an affiliate of Leonie’s offerings — they are wonderful!)

It’s a part of my own emergence, after all. 😉

Comments? Questions? I’d love to hear what you’re  thinking right now!

Ready to experience your very own
Holographic Emergence™ session?

I’m always available to do these with you; interactive or non-interactive, your choice. I’ve made it a point to keep the fee very affordable, and as always with me, you get caring and personalized service. 🙂

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    Patti, sorry I missed this one as I really enjoyed the last. This week was a nightmare and boy I could have used the session!


      Hi Julie,

      Aw, I’m sorry you missed it too, and thanks for saying you enjoyed the last. Good for me to know.

      So sorry about your nightmare week. Those are no fun at all. I haven’t had time to get around to blogs like I used to so I came over to see what this nightmare might be about. I’m not sure I got the scoop (really? you don’t publish everything on your blog? ;-)) but I sure enjoyed your latest post, and mostly I’m excited about the classes you’re developing. Yay!

      I look forward to seeing your new creations!

      Thanks for coming by!


    Hi Patti,
    I was able to listen in from 12:30 – 1:00 and heard three of the powerful tools of manifesting. I just love your matrix energetics and come away with a little mantra from them to keep with me. This time it was about how we come or our energy comes “from a place of miracles”. I love that thought! It helps me to feel so connected and powerful! Thanks for holding this event. I truly appreciate your wonderful gift of energy and holding the space for us all to come together. (I do think you should charge a small fee for your time though…just sayin’.)

    I also belong to Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle and am doing the Creativity E-course! Awesome! I’ll see you there!


      Hi Debbie,

      Oh, so that was you?! (I get a report afterward and saw that someone called in for that time slot.) Good to know.

      And wow, a little mantra? I like it! Thanks for sharing that! And I sooo appreciate your expressing your appreciation in general. I’m playing with format, etc. for now so feedback is important. The idea is that we are all working together to make these into a valuable use of our time and eventually I will offer these for a fee.

      But for now it’s just a win win for all of us, I think.

      And I didn’t know you were a Leonie Goddess! I should have known. 😉 I shall come find you in the circle of creativity!

      Thanks so much for all your ongoing support. You’re the best.

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