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Do you ever notice certain patterns in your life, where something annoying — or even seriously effed up — just keeps happening but you have no idea why?

Well, it’s likely related to your underlying belief patterns.

Really? you say. How does that make sense?

Or better yet, Right! So how do I find those buggers and “fix” them?

Well, here’s something that’s worked for me and is a powerful agent for change.

Over the weekend I started reading an interesting little book called This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes.

In it, he quotes Jesus as having said:

“It is done unto you as you believe.”

And as I considered this, I found myself thinking about how a belief is a type of pattern in the “emergence” sense. (Emergence is my form of consciousness technology.)

From Consciousness to Manifestation

A pattern in consciousness will unfold in your life.

When I/we do a Holographic Emergence™ session, we often see and work with these patterns.

They may show up as an archetype or as something more abstract or completely unrecognizable. There may be one or several.

During a session, there’s no need to be consciously aware of all the details of a pattern nor of its logical connection to your life.

We can make effective change regardless.

But here’s a powerful way to modify your own patterns even without doing an Emergence session.

Belief Patterns

A belief is a type of pattern.

Anything you think you know is a belief.

Likewise, groups of related beliefs form larger patterns. And so do sets of beliefs that are formed by drawing multiple conclusions from one existing belief.

Shine a Light on Your Belief Patterns

Here is a way to empower yourself using the light of awareness.

1. Examine what it is you think you know. (Just one thing for the sake of this exercise.)

2. Then see if it’s positive or negative. Is it something that makes you feel good? Is it something you want to see manifesting in your life? Because if you believe it, it will.

If it feels bad or you don’t want to see it manifest in your life for any reason, make a note of it.

Know that you don’t have to be at its mercy.

You can also do this exercise the other way around.

1. Think about if there is some area of your life where you have frequent or ongoing issues.

2. Then consider what your beliefs are in relation to that area. (And it helps here to list beliefs that even might be related.)

Probably you’ll find that you do, indeed, have some related beliefs lurking around that are somehow limiting or otherwise problematic.

Again, make a note of it and know that you don’t have to be at its mercy.

What this does is bring some of your unconscious beliefs to light. Not all of them, but those that are lurking around in the nearby shadows.

So now you are aware of one or more patterns in your consciousness.

This is important because as long as they’re in your consciousness, they’re in your energy field, and because of that they continue to manifest in your life.

Yes, as self-fulfilling prophecies.

Empower Yourself with Deliberate Choice

Awareness alone is helpful, because it brings your pattens out to the light of day for you to examine.

But as good as that is, followup with a deliberate choice is even better.

You can choose to let any unhelpful beliefs fall away. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the effort.

We usually think we know something because it’s been proven to us somehow. Either we’ve seen and experienced it, or someone we consider reliable or an authority swears by it.

But you can decide to open to other possibilities!

Maybe your belief is true sometimes but not always. Maybe things have changed or are changing. Maybe a new factor is about to come into play that changes things. Maybe just about anything!

Stay alert to the appearance of thoughts that are related to those beliefs. When they come up, remind yourself that there are other possibilities and that you’ve made a choice to let them go. And then put your attention elsewhere.

See if you can allow yourself to start fresh. Right now.

The Now stands on its own. The past does not exist. You create your apparent future.

You might as well do it as consciously as possible.

Choose anew.



As always, I love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as well as any experiences or suggestions of your own.

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  5 Responses to “Empower Yourself by Illuminating Your Belief Patterns”


    Hi Patti,
    I love this “Start fresh. Right now.” That’s freedom isn’t it. That the choice is in the moment. I’m going to get some bodywork done. I think that will shake up some old patterns and beliefs;) Thanks for listening to Tom. Amazing, he is just amazing.


      Hi Tess,
      Nice to see you! I’m with you, body work can be great for shaking things up. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, shake up or not! And thank YOU for hosting Tom and interviewing him. What a gift.
      xoxo, Patti

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