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Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True HealingDying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani is one of my favorite books of all time, and believe me, I’ve read a lot of books.

There is so much more value here than you might expect from a book about a near-death experience (NDE). You will find it not only comforting with regard to death (your own or those you love) but it’s an affirmation of life, and inspiring in general.

Just as important, you’ll find it helpful in many practical ways.

Is This Book for You?

You can benefit from this book if:

  • You or someone you know is facing death
  • You’re grieving the death of a loved one, including a pet
  • You’re facing illness of any kind, serious or otherwise
  • You’re experiencing challenging emotions such as depression or lack of interest in life
  • You want to feel more whole, healthy, and vibrant
  • You simply want to feel better in general … happier, more at peace, more purposeful, etc.
  • You would like an enlightened way to understand or experience life and your place in it

As you can see, I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. And it’s a book that I envision myself reviewing periodically for my own benefit.

How It Unfolds

Anita begins by setting the stage with a brief biography of relevant parts of her life. She describes the experience of becoming incapacitated with terminal cancer, and I love that she describes its unfolding not only on the outside but from “the inside” as well.

But fairly quickly, she jumps right into the NDE. This is the part I want everyone to read who has ever lost anyone to death, or is facing it themselves. The way she describes it is breath-taking and eye-opening. It’s beautiful, actually, and you’ll never forget it.

And just as extraordinary is the explanation of how she then “came back” and proceeded to completely heal. Yes, completely! And how she learned to allow for this “unfolding of miracles” as she puts it.

Life Even Through Death

So it’s not just a book about death and what happens at that moment.

It’s even more a book about life; about who and what you are; about healing and wholeness … and about allowing your whole world to transform.

It’s fascinating to read how you — as your essence — live even through death. And much more freely than you probably are now!

So what does that mean?

How can you live with that same freedom even as you live your life?

Insights and Practices

In her quest to help others through her experience, she shares her thoughts about how you can apply what she’s come to know.

From her expanded understanding of reality, she shares in a way that you can apply in everyday life:

  • Why she got sick and how she healed
  • How to connect with the soul of your magnificence
  • Experiencing profound freedom in your life
  • Trusting the wisdom of the infinite self
  • What it means to Be (allow) vs. Do — and thus experience vast inner peace and a beautiful flow in your life

You’ve really got to read it yourself since there’s so much more to it than I could even put words to; pretty apropos given its expansive nature.

And I’m sure you’ll find your own gems within it, probably new and different insights and practices each time you read it, depending on your perspectives at that time.

It’s got a richness and depth to it that I enjoy applying and know I will for years to come.

Also Recommended …

Soon after reading the book, I came upon her audio Deep Meditation for Healing. Just like the book, I love it. Anita does a beautiful job of taking you into a relaxed, receptive state and reminding you of your magnificence, freedom, and power. You’ll actually feel it and come away more whole and with a new perspective.

It doesn’t replace the book, but it’s an awesome adjunct to it, or it could even stand on its own.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes, and true to form, they encourage complete honesty in our reviews. Still — no matter what — you can always rest assured that any reviews on this site reflect my honest evaluation.

Until next time, thanks for reading!




Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Would love to hear in the comments. 🙂

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    Hi Patti,
    Yes I have read Anita’s book and it has had a profound impact on my outlook on life and death. It resonated so deeply with me… it confirmed so many things that I had come to believe. It was like a giant bow that tied everything together for me.

    I wish that everyone would take the time and read this book… the message is so simple yet so profound. It is not only about her healing and her near death experience…. it is about living. Fearlessly, recognizing our own magnificence and what we came here to do… to be… our authentic self.

    Thank you for your beautiful article. You expressed it much better than I ever could. I am so grateful that Wayne Dyer ran across Anita’s story and encouraged Hay House to publish it. I am grateful that I happened to watch Wayne’s special, Wishes Fulfulled, and heard about Anita and her experience. I am grateful that I read her book which led me to her Facebook author page which led me to her wonderful group on Facebook, Dying to Be Me where I have encountered so many loving and magnificent souls.

    Blessings on the Journey,
    Sandy Shriver


      Hi Sandy,

      Wow, what a comment! It’s almost a review in itself. Like you, I found it a perfect confirmation. And you put it so well.

      I also appreciate your taking the time to mention the other specials, pages, etc. where readers can find more about and from Anita who shares so generously.

      Thanks so much for coming by … and commenting!
      Lots of blessings to you.


    Beautiful review and book message! I have seen interviews but hadn’t read the book. Sounds amazing! Just reading the review is a wonderful affirmation of the celebration of life 🙂


      Oh, thanks, Joy! I know you would love it. And I could only hope the review itself is the affirmation you say. 😉
      Thanks for coming by and leaving your 2 cents.

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