AC Practice Session With Ollie :: And the Answer Is …


Ollie gets a carrot … and then enjoys it!

Practice Sessions and Feedback

You can read the original instructions, the question for Ollie, and each others’ full comments at the original post.

Below I will put your statements about your session with Ollie, followed by my feedback and comments. (And you can comment on my comments here too if you want.)

Thanks for playing!


Judy: My first impression of trying this exercise with your sweet Ollie was that I was connecting with him as he was moving around, but he wasn’t quite in the middle of something that couldn’t be interrupted so he was open to talking. (He wasn’t playing or eating, perhaps he was on a walk.)

Feedback: That’s exactly right. He’s more active in the mornings when you connected. He had just gotten back from a walk as I was posting, and when you talked with him he was still outdoors since his paws were wet from the river. But he was not overly busy.

I suspected someone was talking with him because he was acting a little unsettled at a time when he’s usually not. It was interesting for me to hear that you’d done your session around then!

Judy: Then I asked him the question but my mind wandered a bit. Then I got a bright white pinpoint of light for a millisecond, which was weird.

Feedback: Hmm, I don’t know what the pinpoint of light was but it might be an indicator of something for you so make a note of that.

And our minds do wander. Sometimes we just need to develop our focus, or sometimes it’s an indication of something. For example, during a long session, it can be an indicator that the animal’s feeling done with the session.

Judy: Finally I refocused and got the colour red. I want to say the red thing was a toy, perhaps a bone-shaped chew toy, but I’m not sure if that’s my own imagination/assumptions jumping into it or not!

Feedback: Oh! This got me excited!

First, you’re extremely close to the color orange (they are pretty bright orange). Close enough I’d say you got it.

Also, you’re right on with the shape! A carrot is shaped very similarly to how we usually see bones, a stick with small balls at the ends.

And as to a chew-toy, you got that he does chew it and he loves it just like he would a toy. In other words, it’s not something he doesn’t like. Their preferences can play a big part when you read an animal so that’s a significant thing to pick up.

Just a note: You’ve got a good point about imagination & assumptions. We have to watch for the assumptions (and you get better at discriminating with practice) but as to imagination, that is one of the primary ways our intuition talks to us. Good that you didn’t dismiss it!

I think you did amazingly well. Pat yourself on the back. 😀


Kara: Thanks to Ollie for letting us practice with him.

Feedback: I just have to comment that again, I could tell someone was talking with him. He’s so super sensitive! I think he probably appreciates your thanks cuz I’m not sure he’s real comfortable with this. Very new!

Kara: So, the first impressions I got when I was connecting with him, was that he had come through alot of physical pain earlier in his life.

Feedback: Interesting. We got him from the pound when he was about 3 or 4. He had been picked up as a stray and was malnourished. His elbows and sides of his calves were worn bare and I think he was always just chained or penned. But to get to the chase: we don’t know his history when he was young. He does have a mysterious scar on his belly which is suspicious.

I can tell he went through a lot of emotional pain. Maybe you were picking up on that? But because you were so insightful when you did a complimentary reading for me once, I am guessing you are right on this one. I think you’re really good with the intangibles.

Kara: I also got that even though he is a very gentle guy, that he has an extremely ferocious side (wolf-like) that comes out sometimes.

Feedback: Yes, definitely. He can be scary! When we first got him, I was a little nervous of him until we all knew each other and he knew he could trust us. He and our other dog got into it once soon after they met (normal as they need to decide who’s alpha). He took a chunk out of her ear. And, when I’m alone and he sees something on the mesa behind us, his growl/bark sounds so vicious it almost scares me!

Kara: He was excited to tell me about what he gets after supper.

Feedback: You got the energy right, he does get kind of excited about it. Very eager.

Kara: The image that popped into my head was a bright pink Kong (chewy dog toy) with a rope threaded through the middle. The thick piece of rope has knots on both ends and is striped pink and white (or light green?).

He loves chewing this, and I could feel the springy sensation (and also hear the small squeaking) he gets when he squishes the Kong in his teeth. I could feel his heart speed up with excitement when he was telling me about it.

Feedback: Wow, this is interesting. You probably saw the answer and think you’re wrong, but guess what? We used to have something like this that he liked a lot, until a neighborhood dog stole it. (Yes, it was a pup and a well-known thief!)

It had something rubber and springy in the middle (maybe kongish or roundish shape) with knotted ropes at the ends! I can’t remember the color but yes, it was something very bright so we could easily see it outside. You may be exactly right with what you’re seeing.Very good!

And I don’t think it squeaked, but his “sister” had a little football at that time that she squeaked, and both of these were outdoor toys, so maybe he connects the sound with the toy.

Of course, it’s not what he gets after dinner, but that’s a detail. Really! For exercises like this, I consider this a hit. We fine-tune as we practice.

Kara: Anyways, I hope I’m correct, but of course must remain detached from the results.

Feedback: So true, we get our best impressions when we can chill out, don’t we? Well, thanks for having the nerve to push forward with this. I enjoyed it and I think Ollie did too. (Especially if he got to be excited! It’s pretty boring around here sometimes.)

Until next time! Take care.


Nanette: My experience was very like Judy’s on the other page.

This is what I wrote after asking him:

“a bone/ a bone toy chew thing – cartoon outline of a bone, (image) patti (well, your legs in jeans) handing him a bone/chew toy/thing not like a real bone.

A treat? Chewy.”

I thought I’d got it wrong at first until I read Judy’s experience, where she had a similar experience.


Feedback: Hmm, you may have gotten this more exactly than I might have thought. Did you get a color at all? Because this thing about bones … He sometimes (often) gets a rawhide retriever roll that I call a “bone” when I talk to him (it’s a whitish roll about 8″ – 10″ long) and right, it’s “not like a real bone”. And because he follows me to the cupboard to get it, he often gets it in the kitchen near his food bowl where I suggested you focus when you asked the question. AND it’s in the evening so it’s after dinner tho not immediately. And it keeps him busy chewing for quite awhile.

So I wonder if he’s telling you about that? It kind of makes sense!

And I am always the one to give it to him, so seeing my legs makes sense. I rarely wear jeans around the house but like I said in the post, sometimes we get images that are kind of symbolic to us and not literal, i.e. you got that to show you the context.

Nanette: And what a sweet heart Ollie is. Very patient. I think he was curled up/sleepy? when I contacted him.

Feedback: YES, he is sweet and he is patient. And sleepy sounds right too! He’s kind of lazy (always has been) and is getting older now too so he spends a lot of time lying around and sleeping.

I think you caught his energy just right!

Again, thanks, Nanette. So fun to see you here and I’m glad you “played”. 😀


Angela: I love Ollie. I immediately felt that he was very sweet and loving dog. He was shaking his head from side to side. I feel he’s good at communicating what he wants with you.

Feedback: Right on all counts!

Angela: I saw watching you and waiting for his usual routine to begin.

Feedback: Yes, he does keeps  good eye on me after eating. This is true after both breakfast and dinner (I feed him twice a day) because he gets something special after both. ( I didn’t realize that til seeing your session here.) In the morning he gets a walk, and at night he gets his carrot.

Angela: He was kind of backing up excitedly – then lifting his head and letting out a few small “yips” like he was saying, “let’s go already.”

Feedback: You are absolutely right. He gets a little excited about his carrot after dinner (tho no yipping), but he does sometimes yip in the mornings for his walk. He just can not contain his excitement, especially if I’m fussing too much once we’re out the door.

Angela: I saw him going on a walk up a hill. There was a rock cliff in the background.

Feedback: Oh, I wish I’d taken a photo today when we did our walk but I hadn’t seen this yet. We went up a hill, then down a rock cliff trail. And there’s another rock cliff (a mesa actually) in the background. You’re amazing! (Actually, I have an older photo of the mesa. I’ll put it into this post so you can see. It’s where we walk a few times a week.)

So, you got what goes on after his first meal rather than his second, but that’s just a detail, in my opinion.

This is a good example of someone who thinks they can’t do this being able to. We try it with our own animals and because we know them so well and are so interconnected, it’s harder to find that clarity. But with animals we don’t know, it’s right there!

Excellent, Angela!


Lindsay: FINALLY got a chance to sit down and connect with Ollie. Ohhhh my lord he is so sweet! Love him!

Feedback: Yes, he’s totally sweet!

Lindsay: I asked him what he got every night after dinner and felt that it was a treat! I felt all excited and was anticipating “dessert” in a way. But then I thought, “Nahhhh, really?” But I’m convinced it’s a treat. Is it?

Feedback: Yes! As you see, it’s a carrot. And YES, it’s definitely a treat to him. I used to grate carrot into his dinner but when I realized he likes them just as they are, I started giving them to him kind of like a bone to eat. He loves it! He waits eagerly for it once his bowl is empty, then he takes it and goes prancing over to eat it. Definitely a treat. And I guess it is dessert!

And you’re right, it doesn’t make logical sense that he’d get a treat right after eating, so you’re a great example of not letting your head talk you out of what you got.

Lindsay: Oh! Well, I guess a carrot is a treat to Ollie. :) I’m surprised I was able to get a quick connection with him. He has a heart that’s very big…full and happy. Almost typed “sweet boy” but I think Ollie is more of a sweet MAN. lol

Feedback: First, it’s always nice to hear our friends are happy. We suspect, but the the confirmation is nice. Thanks!

As to sweet boy vs. man, you hit exactly on what I often call him: “sweet boy”, or “you are such a sweet boy”! Ya, he’s about 11 or 12 (we think) and I get the same thoughts as you when I say it (hoping I’m not insulting him), but still the name sticks. Sweet boy.

Very good!

And I love how that just almost rolled off your fingers (well, it did, actually, because you let it) even when you weren’t focusing on that. Another great example.

I bet you’re really good at what you do! (Your intuitive services.)

Thanks so much, Lindsay.


Sue: First he said, “You’re a nice lady. It’s nice to talk to you.”

Feedback: Hmm, you must be a nice lady! Dogs are a good judge of character. 😉

Sue: Then, when I visualized the image of being in the kitchen right after dinner, I got several images. One was a dog bone-shaped treat, while another was a carrot with the stem still on the top, and the third was a red ball, which he loves to play with outside.

Feedback: Wow! He often gets what I call a “bone” in that same place in the kitchen (a rawhide retriever roll), sort of bone-shaped. And before bed he does get a big dog-bone shaped cookie. Like I told some others, we sometimes get impressions not exactly related to the question but they’re still intuitive impressions and I call them a success.

But YES YES YES, he gets a carrot! You are the first to see that so specifically. Excellent! They’re not fresh grown and don’t have the carrot tops but that could be your intuition’s way of showing a carrot to you so that there’s no doubt what it is.

As to the red ball, hmm. I can’t even stretch into what that might be. Except that he does often get his carrot outside and he trots off to eat it, so maybe that energy of glee (that many dogs might have with a ball) is what that was showing you.

Sue: Do you have sliding glass doors off your kitchen?

Feedback: Very good — It’s not a sliding glass door but we do have a row of 5 windows along the back wall giving a similar effect.

Sue: I saw that also, with a fenced yard or garden just outside the sliders.

Feedback: Very good! Our fence goes around our whole 6 acres and is not right outside the kitchen windows, but there is a little “back yard” we’ve made bordered by some stands of trees and some moss rocks. (I’m adding a photo taken right through our screened window so you can see.) And yes, that’s what the kitchen looks out onto.

Sue: I liked his energy – very friendly and playful.

Feedback: Yes, he is very friendly. Not as playful as he used to be when he was younger, but he has his moments for sure!

Thanks very much, you did great!


Emily: I didn’t try to focus on what Ollie was currently doing, just trying to imagine him in your kitchen, maybe getting sweet puppy kisses as i rub his ears. Just a moment after I asked the question, I “saw”something to do with flowers or herbs, like parsley. I asked him if he could give me some colors and saw yellow, green and some purple too. I asked for a taste sensation and got a sense of something earthy and grassy.

Pretty cool that it was a whole carrot. Didn’t see any carrot greens but it looked very natural rather than processed/cut up.

Feedback: That is so great that you actually went through your various senses as you sensed what he was telling you. The idea of earthy really fits because it is something that grows in the earth — a root even — and not something like a plastic toy or even a cookie or something. I think you were definitely on the right track.

Emily: As to whether I felt like we were actually talking in the present sense, I felt like she left that information there at the moment you asked the question and it became eternal,just like the picture. Very nice feeling and she’s a cunning, loving dog.

Feedback: You bring up a good point about time, since you’re visiting almost 2 months after this first posted. But of course you can still check in with Ollie now (he still gets a carrot after dinner). You can also check in with him then. Intuition isn’t limited by time, as you allude to when you say the information became “eternal”!

But since we’re practicing telepathy here, i.e. mind to mind communication, the exercise is designed to connect with him in the moment you are doing it to see what he says. But if you get to it some other way, more power to you. There are no rules here. 😉

Very good, thank you!

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    Thank you! That’s really interesting. I feel a bit bad about connecting with him and then dropping my focus for a bit. Please tell him thank you again for letting me talk to him! (Maybe I will try again.)


      Oh, that’s sweet! I told him (really!) and I get the impression he doesn’t mind at all. He’s already moved on — I could take a few lessons there. Thanks again for giving this a shot.


    Oh! Well, I guess a carrot is a treat to Ollie. 🙂 I’m surprised I was able to get a quick connection with him. He has a heart that’s very big…full and happy. Almost typed “sweet boy” but I think Ollie is more of a sweet MAN. lol


    Wow, I was surprised about getting the carrot. It was big and bright orange. It seemed odd but then I remembered that my friend gives her dog apples after dinner. Also, it’s a reminder to trust what you’re receiving even if it doesn’t make sense in the logical sense. Thanks for the opportunity to practice!


      Big and bright orange sounds like something that wanted to be paid attention to!

      And you’re right … Partly why I chose this as the question is because the answer is unexpected. You have to get past the rational mind. Or rather, you have to get outside the box and let rational have even more possibilities. And you did that beautifully!

      Thanks so much for playing!


    Hi Patti,
    I’m just now getting around to checking on the experiment. You know – agh – I did at first feel it was a “treat” but I felt I was “making it up” because it seemed to, I don’t know “easy or simple” so I dismissed it. Then I saw him and he showed me the walk routine so I went with that. Wow. I never thought I could communicate with animals. Thank you! xoxo, Angela


      Hi Angela,

      Well good, I’m glad you made it back. (There’s no rush here ;-).) That’s interesting to hear you “got” the treat right off but dismissed it. We can all learn from that!

      But even as you moved forward, you were right on that, too. Even tho it wasn’t what I was thinking of, it was still accurate. So all in all, this was a perfect example of just doing it a little differently.

      Thanks again for participating!


    Hi Patti,
    I didn’t try to focus on what Ollie was currently doing, just trying to imagine him in your kitchen, maybe getting sweet puppy kisses as i rub his ears. Just a moment after I asked the question, I “saw”something to do with flowers or herbs, like parsley. I asked him if he could give me some colors and saw yellow, green and some purple too. I asked for a taste sensation and got a sense of something earthy and grassy.
    Pretty cool that it was a whole carrot. [Editor’s note: Removed a sentence here that Emily wrote after seeing the answer. No spoilers here!] It looked very natural rather than processed/cut up.
    As to whether I felt like we were actually talking in the present sense, I felt like she left that information there at the moment you asked the question and it became eternal,just like the picture. Very nice feeling and she’s a cunning, loving dog. Thanks!


    I noticed that Ollie is very loving and sweet. He gets a treat after his dinner. I saw a small bite of something orangish brown in his mouth, kind of round and stick like. He said it was really chewy and he really loves it. He’s the kind of dog you just want to hug.



      Hi Fran,

      Thanks for “playing”! Wow, you did really good!! Impressive.

      And yes, I concur that he’s the kind of dog you just want to hug. He passed away recently (which shouldn’t affect your ability to connect with him) and I miss him terribly. 🙁

      Thanks for coming by.


      I GOT CARROT AND I CANT BELIEVE IT.Ive always thought this was an interesting subject since I read a story as a kid, and just stumbled on this page as I suddenly remembered it.Great site, Im definitely going to practice.I seriously thought I was wrong but carrot persisted and Im amazed.


    Thank you for the informative post! And the question was so fun! I’m sorry Ollie passed away. My 1st impression looking at his photo was a very loyal, sweet dog but also a very good guard dog. When i asked the question what I got was first a walk, then he showed me a rawhide bone on a yellow crocheted shawl/blanket. The walk didn’t feel like the right answer so that’s why I asked again, but I read that he gets a walk after breakfast! The bone felt good against his gums. I can’t figure out the yellow crocheted shawl … Did he have one?


      Hi, Amelia,

      Thanks for “playing”! Ollie was very sweet, and that’s why so surprising that he was also a very good guard dog – you’re right!

      You also saw the rawhide bone which — even tho it’s not what I was getting at — he did often get.

      I’m wracking my brain about he yellow crocheted shawl, and I don’t know what that might have been. None of his bedding etc. was yellow (or crocheted) BUT he was 3 or 4 years old when we got him from the pound, so it’s possible that he had something like that before then. I also thought maybe the color was coming to you since the carrots are orange — sort of close!

      Anyway, I think you did great. Thanks again.


    I got the answer carrot right away. He’s used to people asking- I didn’t even have to ask. He answered carrot right away. He is such a gentle and calm soul. He seemed to like the top of his head pat. You must live somewhere warm. We have snow right here. Has he ever seen snow? I got the impression no. We have tons here and that’s what I told him off the bat. He loves talking to people. That’s crazy! I started crying when I read the answer. I can’t believe I might be able to do this…


      Hi Michelle,
      Wow, that’s great; good job! And yes, he’s a sweetie. Yes, it’s warm to hot here, but we do have winter also so he has seen snow. And funny because you said he loves talking to people and he would do that – literally. He would make noises to communicate with us. 🙂
      Thanks for playing and sharing your impressions!


    Nice of you to continue to responding. I just stumbled onto this today in search of info on how to communicate with animals. My first sense was that Ollie may no longer be alive, but that we could talk anyway. I got the impression that he was a little weary of this exercise, but that he was willing to humor me. When I asked him what he got after eating, the first thing I saw was a hug around the neck, and I asked him if that was the treat, and he said no, but that was the best part. I saw him being handed something reddish/rust colored, and taking it off somewhere to chew on between his paws. I got a pungent smell and then the notion that it might be something like a Greenie to clean his teeth. We agreed that since Greenies aren’t red, I should just go look at the answer. I thanked him and sent him well wishes.


      Hi Colleen,
      Very good sensing he’s not still alive — not easy to do sometimes. I didn’t used to hug him right after eating, the carrot came first. You did a great job with that! And once he goes at it, I’ve noticed a pretty strong carrot scent so I think you picked up on that, too (as well as the color). Great job! Thanks!


    The only thing i was able to feel was a warm sensation in my hands that vanished quickly. That maybe because he was eating the carrot using his front paws.