About Jyotish


Here is a series of previously published articles I wrote about the astonishing power and practical usefulness of my Vedic astrology (aka Jyotish) services.

Jyotish: What is it, and Why Should I Care?
This explains what Jyotish is and a little bit about applying it.

Jyotish: How Does It Differ From Western Astrology?
This lists 22 ways Jyotish is different and/or more powerful than Western astrology.

Jyotish: Charting Your Future
This is an introduction and tells you in general how Jyotish might be helpful to you.

Jyotish: Making Your Career Work for You
This is about the bounty of information available related to your vocation.

Jyotish: Can You Relate?
This one is about relationship analysis and what that means.

Jyotish: Where in the World?
This explains what locational astrology is and how it reveals the influence of place.

Jyotish: It was the Best of Times…
This article is about Muhurtha, or finding an auspicious date and time for an important event.

Jyotish: Questions, Anyone?
This one elaborates on Prasna Charts, a quick and handy chart done for any one question.