Relationship Guidance


Relationships. Along with career, this seems to be one of the biggest reasons that people consult Jyotish for insights and guidance. And with good reason, since Jyotish reveals a plethora of useful information regarding this area of life. Of course relationships are of all types, including familial, business, and friendships, but in this article I am going to focus on the big “R”, meaning your primary, committed, one-on-one relationship or spouse.

It is always important to first get a feel for the general context of any life area, including relationship. This means that we would first look at relationship indications in general. These would include such things as: Are you likely to even have a significant one-on-one relationship this life? What kind of relationship is this likely to be? Will there be more than one? What type of person are you looking for, and what is important to you in relationship? What type of person will this relationship be with? When is this likely to occur?

After that, we can get more specific. People often wonder about the relationship they are currently involved in, or whether they will be in one soon. Here we use timing indicators which highlight the relationships occurring within a particular time period. If your relationship is troubled, Jyotish can help get to the bottom of the difficulties. It can show whether you are likely to work through it or if it is likely to end, and whether it will be an amicable ending or an antagonistic one. For new or upcoming relationships, Jyotish can show not only the timing but how and where you are likely to meet this person, what type of person this is likely to be, and many attributes of the relationship itself.

A powerful feature of Jyotish for gaining insight into a current relationship is the ability to look at the compatibility and dynamics between you and this other person. Let’s call this other person “Sam”. For that, Sam’s chart is also used, and works well even without their birth time. (Note that these comparisons can be done with relationships of all kinds, including parents, children, siblings, and business relationships.) This probably deserves a whole column all its own since it is so revealing, but to highlight what this can tell us, I will mention a few things.

First, it shows whether Sam does indeed fulfill your needs regarding a partner, and whether you fulfill their needs. It shows in what areas you harmonize and in which areas you clash. It can reveal hidden or subconscious inclinations or attitudes on either side that can be causing problems or that need to be exercised, thus helping us bring these things to light and work through them consciously and deliberately. It shows in which areas of life you will most contribute to or hamper Sam, and vice versa.

A second use of another’s chart is this: If Jyotish indicates that a relationship is likely to begin soon, people often want to know if the person they are involved with, or want to be involved with, is “The One”. This can get a little tricky but all the tools are there for answering this. Your main chart indicates what type of person would come into your life as a partner at this particular time, and those indications can be compared with Sam’s chart, to see if they match. We can even look at the timing indicators of Sam’s chart to see if Sam is becoming involved in a committed relationship and with what type of person, i.e. does a partner in Sam’s chart match you? The charts can show if there will be continuity in the relationship, or if there may be a period of separation followed by a reunion. Along with this, a “prashna” or question chart is often used to get further insight into this, and I will go into more detail about these useful question charts in one of my next installments.

And let’s say you have found this wonderful, perfect partner. Jyotish can pinpoint a best time during your specified time-frame to get married; a date and even a time which will help optimize the potential of this sacred union.

As you can imagine, all of this information can be invaluable as a guide for how to proceed in order to enhance this most important area of your life.

Patricia Foy is a practicing Jyotishi, certified by and a founding member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact her directly.