Auspicious Times for Important Events


As we all know, sometimes timing can be everything! Jyotish adds yet another dimension to this idea, and offers tools for optimizing the results of important actions or events in our lives. This is called “Muhurtha”, and entails choosing an auspicious moment within your given time frame for taking a particular action. The idea is that the chosen time is the “birth” of that activity, and we want to choose a good “birth chart” for that moment which enhances the elements which reflect your priorities for that action.

An example would be choosing a date and time for a wedding. We would want a chart for that time and place which would enhance the desirable attributes of such a sacred union. Other activities that can benefit greatly from a good Muhurtha are buying property, building a home, surgery, beginning a business, filing important documents or applications, or embarking on a significant trip.

An important Muhurtha will be analyzed using your birth chart as an important foundation, but for our typical, daily activities there are some general guidelines that we can use to help optimize harmony in our lives. The moon’s position is all important. It is best to begin activities while the moon is waxing, and to bring things to completion or tie up loose ends while the moon is waning. Eclipses (both lunar and solar) should be avoided for all auspicious activities. New and full moon days are also not auspicious for beginning outward activities but can be excellent for inner work such as meditation.

Weekdays ruled by benefic planets are good for most activities. These days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Mondays are especially good for healing work or interactions with the public at large. Wednesdays are excellent for any type of communication or study. Thursdays are good for just about anything, especially where you want smooth sailing, expansion, and permanence. Fridays are especially good for artistic pursuits or anything connected with beauty and love.

Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday are not so auspicious for beginning important activities, although they can be helpful for activities with a sharp “edge” to them. Specifically, Tuesdays, especially the afternoon, can be good for surgery, as well as certain mechanical activities. If you pay attention, you will probably notice that you have a lot of energy on Tuesdays. It can be a great day for physical activity, yet there is also a need to be careful since you can tend to be a bit reckless and accident-prone. Saturday is a good day for taking care of mundane responsibilities and chores, with Sunday being a good day for weekly planning.

Patricia Foy is a practicing Jyotishi, certified by and a founding member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact her directly.