Guidance on Any One Burning Issue


One of the most useful functions of Jyotish is its ability to answer virtually any specific question you may have. This is done by creating a “Prasna”, or question chart, for the moment the question is posed to the Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer). The answer is then available fairly quickly.

Prasnas are so useful that I will only be able to touch on some examples here. What do you have going on in your life right now into which you could use some insight or even guidance? Are you considering a job change, perhaps a choice between two options? Considering buying some property, or wondering if yours will sell by a certain date? Concerned about your health, or that of a loved one? Wondering if this relationship is “The One”? How about that lawsuit you’re involved with: wondering what the results will be? Should you buy that stock you’ve been considering? I could go on forever with examples, but I think you’ve got the idea.

Not only do you get a yes or no answer, but many of the influences and side issues are revealed as well, including how and when events are likely to unfold. I’ll give you a few more detailed examples.

One client wondered if the stock they were holding long term would actually hit one million dollars within 2 years. The Prasna revealed that it actually would, and relatively quickly. Indeed, the stock increased in value ten-fold and was worth over one million dollars within 21 months of the time the question was asked.

Someone was considering two job possibilities, sort of a “bird in the hand” situation. The first job had already been offered, but the second one was more what she was hoping for, although it wasn’t certain she would get it and she wouldn’t know for some time. She needed to make a decision whether to accept the first, or turn it down in hopes of getting the second. The Prasna revealed that the first would be a great job for her, better than she was anticipating. It looked like the second would not come through, and at the very least would have a lot of delay around it, including some “hidden” negatives. She took the first job and was very happy with it, and months later told me that the second job had never fully materialized (the promised position had still not been created). Not only that but there was a woman at the second job who had been sort of sabotaging her behind her back.

A personal experience I had with a Prasna was with Jazzie, our boxer. She suddenly began limping one day, and got progressively worse. We took her to one vet who diagnosed it as a sprain, and she wore a splint for two weeks. Upon removal, the injury was worse instead of better – she was now hopping instead of limping, and the knot which had been barely noticeable on her joint was now about the size of a ping-pong ball. Upon hearing this, the vet wanted us to begin using DMSO, an antibiotic which would soak into the joint. We were at a decision point. Do we proceed with this vet, whom we hadn’t used before (but was recommended and only 45 minutes away), or take her to our tried and true Petroglyph Animal Hospital and begin again? The Prasna revealed that yes, we should switch vets. We would get an excellent doctor (a “healer”), along with a prompt and correct diagnosis. It further revealed that she would recover but that the disease was aggressive and tenacious, and the recovery would be slow. It showed that it was not a tumor, but rather something connected with the bones and ligaments. There was also an indication of poisons/infection or something sharp, either a sharp foreign body or cutting/surgery. Aided by the Prasna, we decided to switch vets, and took her in the next day. She was anesthetized so they could do some tension x-rays, and the doctor also shaved her joint to see if he could find anything. Lo and behold, this savior of a doctor found a cactus needle sticking all the way into her joint, and was able to remove it! The weeks of irritation had caused osteomyelitis, a serious condition from which he was afraid she might not recover, and which might cause chronic lameness. He suspected infection, so put her on antibiotics, and I put her on all kinds of good minerals and vitamins to support her healing, and she eventually fully recovered – although it took about two months, and even a bit longer for the bump to go away. In retrospect, I found it interesting that the same indicator of the chronicity in the chart also means “the lame” or “the crooked”, and after having been lodged in her joint for 3 weeks causing lameness, that cactus needle was crooked!

I hope these examples give you some idea how useful and sometimes crucial these Prasna readings can be. Sometimes they can just help put your mind at ease, even if there’s no big decision to be made.

I’ve pretty much exhausted the topics I wanted to inform you of, and this is the last installment in my Jyotish series. My hope is that I have piqued your interest and maybe even your confidence that Jyotish can make a positive difference in your life, if you but give it a chance. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I wish you many blessings.

Patricia Foy is a practicing Jyotishi, certified by and a founding member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact her directly.