What is Jyotish?


Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with your life? In what vocation would you have the most aptitude and feel the most fulfilled? Have you ever wanted to know if and when you’ll ever be in a relationship? Or even what can be done about this failing one? Have you ever had any concerns about your family, or your finances, or your health? Have you wondered about your spiritual path, or what you can do to feel more joy in your life? Have you ever had a challenge you wanted insight or guidance about, or an opportunity or event you wanted to optimize? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Jyotish may be of interest to you. Virtually any concern, large or small, can be addressed by this rich and profound science. Following is a general introduction to what it is, and in subsequent articles of this series, I will elaborate on the many ways it can significantly enhance your life.

Jyotish, which means “Science of Light”, is an Eastern (Indian) form of astrology, also known as Vedic astrology. It is based on the ancient Vedic scriptures, and was begun by the holy Rishis about 6000 years ago. It was given to them by both inner realization and by practical observation of the heavens and their matching earthly effects. Today it continues to be validated by abundant empirical testing and research. Whether the planets cause events in our lives or whether they are merely indicators is for all practical purposes an academic distinction. What matters is that Jyotish is a powerful and practical system provided us to “read” the signs of the heavens and live in harmony with them. Anyone familiar with this sacred science is astounded by its accuracy, and it is to our great advantage to gratefully accept and apply it.

Whereas Western astrology focuses mainly on psychological indications, Vedic astrology is better known for its predictive accuracy. Philosophically, Jyotish reflects the law of karma, which includes both an aspect of fate and one of free will. It does not teach resignation, but instead offers various remedies to help us through challenges and enhance our opportunities. It reveals the over-all karmic pattern of our life by delineating our life cycles and future trends and by illuminating our motivations and tendencies. The profound insight often gained, along with practical guidance for optimizing our potential, promotes greater peace, fulfillment, joy, and prosperity in our lives.

Many are very surprised at just how practical and useful Jyotish can be in our everyday lives. It is not nearly so simple, vague, or impersonal as the sun sign columns that appear in various publications. On the contrary, it goes far beyond that, and when your birth data (representing you and only you) is given to a skilled Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer), Jyotish can be used in all sorts of specific ways to gain insight or understanding of virtually any area of your life. As such, it is an immense help in making even the most difficult decisions.

Patricia Foy is a practicing Jyotishi, certified by and a founding member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact her directly.