Location Guidance


In our fast-moving world, it is common for people to live somewhere other than their birthplace – sometimes half a dozen or more different locations. It’s reassuring to know that Jyotish can provide some early insight into how living in a particular location can affect the different areas of our lives. Of course, you first need to do your own homework and consider what you are looking for; researching which areas offer the best options. Jyotish can then be used to provide important additional data for your decision making process.

There are several ways to apply Jyotish concerning locations. If you have a general idea where you want to live (e.g. USA), it can be used to pinpoint a few best areas or cities within that specified area. Or, if you are trying to make a choice between several places, it can be used to compare those places with one another to see which would be the most beneficial. Another helpful use of this is to simply look at the influences for your current location. In this case it can be invaluable toward understanding certain difficulties or pointing out special opportunities, ultimately offering insight and ideas for enhancing your experience there. You can also benefit from it when you’re not physically relocating. It can show where you might find the best business relationships (e.g. where can I get this book published?), or even pleasant places to vacation where you will experience the most harmony and relaxation. Remember, all of this is specific to you and your unique Vedic chart. If someone else is joining you in this, their locational influences can be looked at along with yours to help ensure it’s a good location for you as a unit.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are probably few places, if any, which will enhance ALL areas of your life. Typically, there are a few areas which are most important, such as career and relationship, or health and family, or study and learning, etc. – whatever is most important to you at this stage in your life or the foreseeable future. A locational analysis would first focus on the best location(s) for that life area and narrow it down from there, considering which things are necessary and which things are just nice, so you can weigh the locations accordingly. For example, say your primary focus is to find a place that is best for a fulfilling career. First we find the promising career locations, then we look at them in more detail. We may find that one of them is excellent for earning, but might not be too good for your health The other may be just okay for money but especially good for relationship. You are given all this information so you can think about any trade-offs or advantages and thus make a better, more informed decision.

It’s only fair to mention that the concept of locational astrology was initially developed as part of Western astrology. In ancient India, when Jyotish was first developing, people stayed put and family cohesion was of utmost importance. Moving to distant places was not an ordinary occurrence, and locational astrology is not something which is a traditional part of Jyotish. Yet as with any system which strives to be of practical use in our current society, Jyotishis (Vedic astrologers) have experimented with using locational concepts within the framework of traditional Jyotish, and have found that this adaptation works beautifully. Now we can have the full advantage of the unique tools of Jyotish combined with location-specific insights.

Patricia Foy is a practicing Jyotishi, certified by and a founding member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, please contact her directly.