Aug 242012

Super-Charge Your Power to ManifestWhen I do

Holographic Emergence™,

I use a cutting-edge

Consciousness Technology

to super-charge our

power to manifest.

A few days ago, someone emailed and said “Can I ask you please – what is Consciousness Technology and can I read about it on your site? I don’t recall seeing that.”

Doesn’t recall seeing that?


Apparently, I’ve done a terrible job making it clear what this blog is about. Jeez!

This blog is primarily about what happens in one of my Holographic Emergence sessions (based on Consciousness Technology) and how you can do it too!

Here you learn:

  • Just what a “Consciousness Technology” is
  • How and why it’s so cutting edge
  • What makes it a whole new paradigm
  • How it transforms, shifts — and rocks ;-)
  • How it’s integrated with the zero point field (ZPF)
  • How it relates to words like quantum, holograph, and fractal
  • What it has to do with presence, awareness, and being
  • Why it’s not about doing, adding, or fixing
  • Why it’s not even about healing as it’s traditionally thought of

But most importantly, you learn:

  • How to apply it to manifest in a whole new powerful way
  • How to watch your world transform before your very eyes

It’s just the most powerful healing I’ve ever been through, Patti.  I’ve never experienced anything like this, it’s like a floodgate.

Manifest with Consciousness Technology

I’m struggling a little with how to present my main topic because most people don’t know this new paradigm of manifesting even exists!

What we do here is so new that it doesn’t even have a recognizable name. That’s because one hasn’t exactly been agreed upon by the various people playing and working in this field, but some have taken to calling it “Consciousness Technology”.

So it may take me some time to get it right, but to begin to make it more obvious what this blog offers, I’ve created a permanent area in my sidebar which I will update periodically.

Right now, it’s a subset of this:

The blog itself

An overview and birds-eye view of what this blog offers:
Overview (Start Here)

Sort of a Table of Contents for where things are (and will be) on this blog:
Blog Structure

For posts themselves, you can use the “Post Topics” section in the sidebar. It has links to posts that match your topic of interest.

Consciousness Technology

An overview of components and process:
Overview (Start Here) (this is the same as the blog overview, above)

What is a Consciousness Technology (CT)?
Activate Magic and Miracles With Me!
What Consciousness Technology Is Not

My version of a CT: Holographic Emergence

The basics and benefits:
Introducing My New Life-Shifting Service: Emergence

More about my unique adaptation of a CT:
Holographic Emergence™ Sessions

I’ll also write more about how I see things fitting together and unfolding, and how it is we are “emerging” holographically into our lives … naturally. Here’s a recent post that touches on that.
Empower Yourself by Illuminating Your Belief Patterns

Experience the benefits yourself

Free group Holographic Emergence sessions or “Activations”:

What are they? Here’s a good description.
Spring into Manifesting: Free Activation!

An example: What happened during the Creation Activation this summer?
Consciousness Tools for Manifesting

Subscribe to be notified

Believe it or not, participants are actually encouraging me to charge for these because they find them so valuable! You might want to join us for the next few while they’re still free.

I let you know about these when they happen but if you want to make sure you’re notified, then subscribe to my newsletter. Subscribers get lots of specials and freebies, and also opportunities to volunteer to try out services and products I have in development in exchange for just feedback.

Or get your own private, individualized, interactive session

Holographic Emergence™ Sessions

Book a Session

Do it yourself – instructional steps

These topics will be populated as time goes on. They can be organized like this.

1.  Expand your mind

Here I mostly recommend you check out some of the books I list in my Amazon Store. Some of them will blow your mind!

But here are a few sample posts about expanding, applying, and getting results.
What Box? (Or How to Be More Creative and Intuitive)
What If This Simple Question Could Change Your Life?

2.  Intend (& let go!)

A good example of this:
Are You a Door or a Doer?

3.  Plug into “The Field” consciously by entering “The State”

Here’s a step-by-step how-to:
What “The Field” Is – and Why You Care

But also, check out any of my posts about Consciousness.

4.  Play

These posts are too numerous to list here, but you can use the “Post Topics” panel in the sidebar. Most of these are currently listed under Intuition, Guidance, and Channeling topics.

Here’s a recent post that’s fun and effective:
Heal Your Paired Body Part :: The Magic Mirror Tool

5.  See what’s different!

So far I present the details of this idea mainly to clients via a Tipsheet they get to optimize the benefits of their session. (I see I need to do some posts about this!)

For now, here’s a recent comment from a client as she noticed what was different.

You can’t put a value on something like this. There’s just nothing that compares to the peace and the tranquility that I’m feeling right now. It’s not drug induced, it’s not alcohol, or anything. It’s pure God and energy that you’re able to plug into and … oh, it’s amazing. I can see endless potential for my life now that I didn’t feel before. It’s just amazing.

For a little more general info on all of the above:

About me, this blog, its topics, and my services:

So that should give you a better idea of what this blog is about and what you gain by visiting.

Thanks for your patience as I work toward making it so crystal clear that you won’t have to email anymore asking if I actually write about my main topic, LOL!

Til next time,




Questions? Requests? Please, if you have any, either leave them in the comments below or email me. It’s because of several recent emails that I saw the need to clarify these things. I’ve also been asked about classes and am beginning to develop some ideas for some. If you want them to address your needs and wants, then you need to let me know what they are! 😉

May 102012

Before we get too specific …

I’m going to give you something you need more than specifics.

As you know by now, the focus of this blog is Consciousness Technology in general and Holographic Emergence™ more specifically.

And most importantly, on how you can use it and benefit from it.

And as I live it and apply it in my own life I get excited about what I want to share with you.


I think you need some context and foundations first.


I’m a top-down analytical person, at least in how I approach learning and instruction. When I learn, it helps a lot to have a context for where certain information fits into the big picture.

Kind of like a birds-eye view, or an overview.

I can only assume you’d like that too.


I also notice that some of the ideas I want to share need for you to already have other ideas in place as a foundation, kind of like prerequisites.

Blog Content & Format

That leaves me struggling a little with the blog format.

Blogs were invented as a way to do online journaling, so there’s no built-in hierarchy.

Everything’s at the same level, and I can’t expect that you’ll have read any one post before another, even if I write them in order. That can get confusing if you read posts out of order and it doesn’t allow for building on previous ideas.

So rather than just jump in willy-nilly and talk about this or that, I’m going to structure this site and blog for you.

It will take some time to develop fully but I’ve got to start somewhere.

As I go along, I’ll make it obvious how you can easily use that structure and hierarchy.

Form will follow function, not the other way around. 😉

First: Context

Context is all-important so I’m providing that right now.

I’ve created a new menu item called Topics. Within that, there’s an Overview page.

That’s where you’ll find a birds-eye view of the Holographic Emergence process, including the main steps I use during a session.

They’re the only steps you need to create magic and miracles in your life. Click to Tweet

Over time, I’ll “fill in the blanks” with posts that expand on and get more specific with all of the individual topics. (And each topic will become a submenu.)

The outline itself will also change and grow with layers of hierarchy as needed to best help you grasp and apply all the ideas we’ll cover.

Sound good?


So now, I recommend you go take a look at the Topics > Overview page so you know what you have to look forward to. 😉

And in upcoming posts, I’ll start filling in some of the foundational topics first.

You’ll notice the Overview menu item has a sub-page (under Topics > Overview > Blog Structure) that lists what else I’ll be adding to this site in the near future. If you have comments or suggestions, please let me know. My whole intention is to make this site as useful to you as possible.

[Note: I realize this is more a post about this blog than it is about Consciousness Technology or Holographic Emergence™, but I know you’ll get more out of this site if I take a moment to “show you around”. (Can you tell I’m a former software engineer?)]

Any questions about the Holographic Emergence process? Other thoughts, suggestions, or preferences? Please let me know in the comments.

Thank you!

Jan 272012

What the heck do multidimensions have to do with pink hair? you may ask. Well … we’ll get there soon enough.

And let’s get right to the multidimensional part first.

Multidimensional Living

First, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about which topics you prefer to see here. (It’s not too late, you can put your druthers in here.) I appreciate it a lot!

Many of you want to hear more about my use of the term “multidimensional”.

And most of you responded to my question about videos too — mainly that you don’t watch them (and I don’t, either) — yet guess what this post is about? A video! (Plus multidimensional living. Plus pink hair living. And we’ll get to those in a minute. ;-))

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll be doing many videos. Probably just a short one on my “About” page so you can get a sense of who I am, and a few others here and there.

But! It just so happens that I’m currently in a fun and inspiring Bootcamp about making videos for blogs, and I just did my first ever headshot video as practice.

And in it, I talk about multidimensional living, so I want to share it with you!

This wasn’t an easy decision, but I find I’m feeling more free every day to let my real self shine, including on this blog.

It’s by no means perfect and it’s good for me to let go of that. For example, I actually say some things by accident that are incorrect (e.g. I use the word create once when I mean influence) and I skip a whole lot of relevant points I wanted to make.

But as long as you don’t hold me to every word, I think this practice video gives you a sense of what I mean by the word “multidimensional” in my blog topic. (Until I do the “real” one, which will be much better. ;-))

It’s 7 min. long but you’ll get the main idea in the first few minutes, then you can jump ship.

A most important point that I failed to make is that the whole stick/spectrum is you (me … us).

And an aspect of living multidimensionally is that we integrate all our various parts into who we are and how we express.

And we live freely as who we are, no matter what that looks like.

Even if it means we dye our hair pink!

Pink Hair Living

This post was inspired by the article Pink Hair Blogging by Sonia Simone. I read it about a year ago and it’s left a lasting impression. I bet you’ll love it too. (This post was also triggered by a funny bootcamp practice video by Courtney Carver of the wonderful blog Be More With Less. It was about letting our hair down and reminded me of the Pink Hair article.)

I’d even formatted the main points Sonia made and printed them on a card that I keep on my desk. (You can change the word “write” to the word “live” … or not!)

Maybe what I’m doing here is more like “Hair in Curlers” blogging (where I ought to be a little horrified, but I’m not). But what the hey.

How about you? Do you dare to let your pink tendrils unfurl with wild abandon? (Guys, this includes you!)

Or do you have comments about multidimensional living?

Are you integrated?

Would love to hear …

Jan 212012

I had to laugh this morning when I got an email from a good friend that said she liked my new blog format and the changes I’m making.

The reason I had to laugh is because I haven’t even had time to change anything yet!

But she’s a perceptive and intuitive artist and a soul sister who plays in the multidimensional just like I do. Maybe she’s sensing the different energy behind it, or even seeing into the future. I wouldn’t put either one past her. 😉

But what is going on is that I do have a new plan and direction but already am wondering if I can keep up with it!

Your input about what YOU want from me will help me prioritize. (Read on for some context, or jump directly to the options.)

A New Focus

Last year I discovered blogging and as I do with most things I get involved in, I jumped in with both feet. I let blogging be my main focus.

But as I already said, I discovered that it’s not exactly my thing, at least not how I was doing it. (Okay, okay, that’s an understatement. It chewed me up and spit me out.)

Around New Years, I did a lot of soul-searching (see option #3 below) and everything in me is ready for a new/different focus this year. Not only for this blog but for my life.

This year, my life is my main focus, and I’ll blog about that as it relates to my blog topic of multidimensional (M-D) living.

It’s a subtle but important twist.

Further, a top life focus this year is to improve and expand upon the skills I use as part of my M-D lifestyle and in my M-D services. (Actually, there’s not really a difference between my lifestyle and my services. They’re highly integrated because I apply my service skills to my life constantly and vice-versa.) This is exciting to me because I love learning and I love living in the M-D that my life and my services keep me involved in.

I know we’ll enjoy this new direction because it’s very much about playing — and playing even more effectively — in the various fields that are us. (I was going to say “that make us up”. Are we made up? Kind of!) And I enjoy and benefit from doing that all the time!

So for my blog, I’ll share as I go about whatever form of play my life is taking at the time. That means I’ll share about my services and techniques and what I’m learning to improve them, but mainly about how I apply them to everyday life so that you can, too.

The problem is that things I want to share come up way more quickly than I can blog. I would be writing all the time, and I discovered last year that I just can’t/won’t do that. (And I still need to update my “About” page to explain this new M-D blog focus I keep going on about.)

A Bunch of Options

So here’s a bunch of experiences I’ve had just this month already that I want to share with you soon … and some are going to have to fall by the wayside.

[Here’s a real-time example already. Part of my playing is being/staying open to my intuition and as I attempted to prioritize these topics today, I got the guidance (in the form of an uplifting idea) to ask YOU what you want to hear about! So … let’s see how this pans out, shall we? 😉

Update: Another real-time example! I wrote this post as a draft yesterday, and remember my post about getting your questions answered by writing them down? Well, that happened to me last night and this morning! I got 2 exciting answers to my questions about prioritizing these topics. As before, I didn’t realize a question was even being answered until after the fact. BUT: I still want your opinion!]

Here are the options:

1. I did a really great channeling for someone about knowing our purpose and our direction. I want to put some of it in notes for you and some as audio snippets of the actual channeling. (I’m “training my dragon” to transcribe for me but we’re not there yet. So sharing channelings is still time-consuming.)

2. I want to explain the epiphany I had about betrayal. It applies to any form of victim-hood, actually.

3. I can outline the process I used to soul-search over the holidays that resulted in a new and vibrant direction.

4. I’ve been reviewing some materials about intuition and recently ran across a talk with some really excellent points. I want to share them with you. This would be a series of posts.

5. There’s a situation in my life where I’m having trouble using my intuition to make decisions. I understand why, what to do about it, and alternative means of optimizing the situation. I can share these insights and techniques.

6. I’ve got a health issue going on and am constantly using various M-D techniques to improve the situation. I want to share these. This would be a series of posts.

7. My word for 2012 and the power of having it as a focus.

8. I had an emotional upset one night and a pivotal idea and practice made all the difference. I’d share it with you.

9. Explain more thoroughly what I mean by M-D living and what it can do for you. (IOW, I would focus on a new “About” page, plus a series of articles.)

10. I also wonder if you might like some videos and podcasts instead of all written posts. I’m considering podcasts especially because they’re so quick for me to create, but you may prefer to glance at a post rather than listen to a podcast even if it’s short. So …

Your Input Please

Will you help me prioritize these options?

I’d love to know what you want to hear about. I’ll use it as data to help me decide. This survey is about the short term, but if you have any additional requests or comments about what I share over time (or anything else), I’d like to hear them too.

I numbered the list so you can easily say which topics you want to hear about. And if you have more than one, you can put them in priority order, if you want.

Thank you!

The unfortunate thing is that even before I get your input, I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of other things I want to share with you. Eeeek!! Pant pant pant.

Ah, but oh well, such is life … such a lively thing. It certainly moves, doesn’t it? (Oh! I just had a deja-vu!)

Aug 072010

Hello! Welcome everyone!

For those of you who have been frequenting this site for awhile while it was still a simple website, thank you for your patience during the redesign.

"It's alive!"

"It's alive!" Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein

You are used to seeing a static home page describing the services I offer, with menu items that go into more detail. You can still access all that same information here, but the site is much more alive now with the addition of a blog element right here on the homepage where I will be making frequent posts and where you can easily comment. (And if you are here for my Jyotish downloads, access to those will be here shortly.)

I have also expanded greatly upon what I am sharing here, and I think you will like it!

I will be sending my monthly newsletter out next week to those of you on my list. It will include the latest Jyotish information for August, plus more! I will also post the information here ahead of time and create a link to the newsletter.

Stay tuned! (That means please check back — or subscribe — for frequent updates!)