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Downloads for August

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July/August  Summary Sheet (with Rahu/Ketu upayas for July & August)
This is a PDF that shows the Vedic chart for July, significant dates, some highlights for the month, and upayas for Rahu & Ketu to use all the way through August.

Note: These next two are the same downloads that were available in June. They remain here because they cover June through August.

Rahu/Ketu Supplement (for June, July, August) per Ascendant or Sun sign
This is a four-page PDF document that lists some of the effects you are likely to notice over the next three months due to Rahu/Ketu’s station. It is broken down according to your Vedic (sidereal) Ascendant. It lists the Vedic Sun sign birth dates which you can use as an alternative in case you don’t know your sidereal Ascendant.

Audio of full monthly forecast (live presentation on June 8 ) for June – August
This is my one-hour live presentation about the current indications and what they mean to us. It includes general highlights for June & July (including the upcoming eclipses), some of the mythology around Rahu & Ketu, what they are, how they affect us, and then concludes by looking ahead to July through September with regard to some of the big (and significant) changes we will likely experience individually and as a country. [This is a 13Mb MP3 file].